Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 62 Two bugs that appeared early!

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Standing at the door of the Cake Shop is a middle-aged couple.

The male had a thin face with a sharp pointed mouth and a big nose. The female is a sinister looking woman who had small sharp eyes and fat face.

As soon as Qiu Wanxi opened the door and the couple force their way in, their eyes lit up.

“Wow! The store is so big! There are so many cakes! Wanxi is very rich now. Your life has improved!” The middle-aged man said with his eyes looking around, his face full of surprise.

“Yeah! Wanxi, you are really rich now.” The middle-aged woman exclaimed while touching everywhere.

Looking at the middle-aged couple, Qiu Wanxi bit her thin lip lightly and said with an unpleasant expression: “Aunt, Uncle, what are you doing here?”

Hearing Qiu Wanxi’s words, the middle-aged woman sneered: “What’s wrong? Are Aunt and uncle not welcome? If you become successful, you should not forget where you came from.”

The middle-aged man grabbed a piece of cake and stuffed it into his mouth. He also mocked, “Yes, that is right, As a human being, the most important thing is to not forget about your roots. If you say you are human, you did not even tell Aunt and Uncle about you opening a cake shop. We haven’t eaten much cake in our lives.”

The middle-aged woman also snatched a piece of cake, and while gulping it, she said: “How can you be like that to your only relatives in the world? We used to take care of you so much. But now that you are successful, you forgot about us.”

Looking at the two, Qiu Wanxi’s willow eyebrows almost got twisted together.

The middle-aged couple are her Aunt Li Si and Uncle Zhang Shan.

Indeed, as they said, they are her only relatives in the world.

But her relationship with them is not good.

After the death of her parents, she went to live with her aunt and uncle.

They received the money left by her parents as her guardian.

But the two spent the money just a few days after the receipt. They only feed her steamed buns. She ate meat and vegetables very rarely.

After learning that she was ill, they drove her out of the house and let her support herself.

If it weren’t for Qiu Wanxi’s own strength and with the help of some kindhearted people, she wouldn’t survived that winter.

Qiu Wanxi didn’t want to have any contact with these two selfish people.

But now, she does not know how, but the two have found her again.

“The cake from this cake shop is not free. You ate two pieces, and that adds up to one hundred and twenty yuan! Besides, what is the reason behind you coming here?” Qiu Wanxi was a little lacking confidence to face these two people.

Thinking that Lin Yuan helped her open this cake shop, Qiu Wanxi became angry.

She directly reprimanded Li Si and Zhang Shan.

Uncle Zhang Shan sneered: “Oh! Wanxi has grown up, she is promising! How dare you ask your uncle for money!”

Li Si also said in a strange way: “We haven’t seen you for so long, what’s wrong with eating your cakes? What? We are not worthy of your cakes?”

With that, Li Si took another piece of cake.

Xiao He came over and stopped her at once: “Stop! You have to pay before you can eat!”

Li Si pushed her away and mocked: “Your cake shop owner is my niece, look what happened to the cake.”

Although angry, Qiu Wanxi tried to calm down.

She thought of Lin Yuan, Master Lin Yuan is always so calm, she wants to be like him too.

Otherwise she would never be able to help Master Lin Yuan.

Qiu Wanxi said in a cold tone: “You came here not just to eat cake, right? What do you want?”

Li Si and Zhang Shan looked at each other, both a little surprised.

Then they stopped pretending. Li Si directly dropped the cake on the ground and threw out bundles of money.

The aunt said straight away, “This is 20,000 yuan. I want to buy this cake shop. Take out all the documents and hand them over now.”

“We are also doing this for your own good. Your disease must have not been cured, right? How tired you must have been doing business until now. With 20,000 yuan, you can go directly to the hospital for treatment.”

Li Si and Zhang Shan said together.

Listening to the words of the two, Qiu Wanxi smiled directly.

You must know that this cake shop is in China World Trade Center, which is worth millions of dollars.

But his aunt and uncle said they would buy it for 20,000 yuan?

Are they treating her like a child?

Don’t say 20,000.

Two million, twenty million! Two billion!

She would not sell this shop that Lin Yuan gave her.

“I’m not selling this shop, you can go.” Qiu Wanxi didn’t even look at the 20,000 yuan.

Li Si and Zhang Shan looked at each other, and they realized that Qiu Wanxi didn’t seem to be easily fooled like before.

Their coming here today was unplanned but had a reason.

They accidentally picked up scraps at China World Trade Center that day.

Then, beside a trash can at the entrance of Hope Cake Shop, they heard a boss surnamed Zhang saying that he wanted to buy this cake shop for two million.

Hearing two million, they glanced at the cake shop curiously and found that the owner was strangely familiar.

Looking at the owner referred to again, isn’t this the niece Qiu Wanxi they haven’t seen for years?

The boss said that he is having a hard time trying to buy the shop.

They immediately recommended themselves, saying that they knew personally the owner Qiu Wanxi.

They said they can help Boss Zhang buy the shop.

So, the two parties signed a contract, a gambling contract.

Boss Zhang gave two million to Li Si and Zhang Shan. If they will be able to buy the cake shop, no matter how much money was spent, the extra would belong to them.

And Li Si and Zhang Shan still regarded Qiu Wanxi as that weak little girl back then.

They thought they can earn 1.98 million Yuan in an instant.

But unexpectedly, Qiu Wanxi had become smart and dared to challenge the two.

Currently, Boss Zhang was also in the store, looking at Li Si and Zhang Shan.

Seeing Boss Zhang’s wink, Li Si and Zhang Shan acted like scalawags and began to insist on buying the store.

But for the opportunity that Lin Yuan gave to her, Qiu Wanxi’s guarding attitude was also very firm.

After parking the Lamborghini at the door, Lin Yuan felt the vibration of his phone. Lin Yuan looked at Xiao Lian who was standing at the door calling him with urgency making him curious.

“What’s the matter, Xiao Lian?” Lin Yuan walked over and asked. He looked at Xiao Lian with an anxious expression.

When she saw Lin Yuan, Xiao Lian breathed a sigh of relief, and then quickly grabbed Lin Yuan hand and told him what had happened.

Standing at the door at this time, Lin Yuan also heard the commotion inside.

At the same time, after listening, Lin Yuan quickly understood what was happening.

Li Si and Zhang Shan also appeared in the original novel.

These two people are really disgusting, selfish, and show no sympathy.

When Qiu Wanxi was a child, they extorted the money left by her parents and then kicked her out of the house without consideration.

According to the original plot, it should take a few months for the two to find Qiu Wanxi whose life is gradually improving.

But with his appearance, Qiu Wanxi opened a big cake shop in advance.

And these two bugs also appeared early.

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