Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 65 Take you to buy clothes!

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“Ah! I forgot! I’m sorry, Master!”

Qiu Wanxi hurried into the baking place behind.

Then came out with a very delicate cake.

The cake has a slight burnt smell.

Lin Yuan glanced at the cake and couldn’t help but smile directly.

“Is this a surprise?” Lin Yuan smiled.

This is a big black forest cake.

There is a slightly distorted face on it.

“Young… Master, I’m sorry, I originally did it for you according to your face… But something happened just now, so I accidentally overbaked it… Then… Then it became like this… Master, I’m sorry…”

After Lin Yuan heard her explanation, Qiu Wanxi squeezed the corner of her clothes. She was very nervous.

Lin Yuan carefully examined the cake.

The black forest cake had a lot of chocolate, with blueberries around it and at the very center of the cake, is the twisted face that had a bit of a crooked mouth…

Except for the crooked face, everything else was what Lin Yuan said he liked the first day they met.

“Master, please don’t blame the store manager. She has been doing this for several days!”

“Young Master, the business was already very busy and the store manager made this cake and went to bed late everyday.”

Xiao Lian and Xiao He helped Qiu Wanxi speak.

Qiu Wanxi lowered her head nervously and said nothing.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Wanxi, I have to criticize you, you really can’t make this cake…”

Qiu Wanxi’s heart tightened when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

She is not afraid of the young master’s criticism; she is afraid that the young master will be disappointed.

Lin Yuan went on to say: “Look, I can’t picture even one percent of my handsomeness on this cake, the mouth is crooked.”

With that said, Lin Yuan also forked the part of the cake where the crooked mouth was and ate it.

“But it tastes good, I like it very much. Thank you.”

While talking, Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and touched Qiu Wanxi’s little head.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s praise, Qiu Wanxi, who was so anxious and was about to cry, raised her head and showed a very happy smile.

“Thank… thank you Master!”

“Come closer, let me see. Didn’t those two bugs hurt you just now?” Lin Yuan pulled Qiu Wanxi in front of him and took a closer look.

Feeling Lin Yuan close in front of her, sniffing the slight scent of Lin Yuan, Qiu Wanxi’s heartbeat quickened and her cheeks began to turn red.

“No… it’s okay… They are all show but did not dare hurt me…” Qiu Wanxi whispered.

However, Lin Yuan still checked from head to toe.

Xiao Lian on the side teased: “Master, why don’t you give Xiao Lian a check?”

Xiao He also said: “That’s right, Xiao He also likes it!”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Really? Both of you go upstairs and go back to the bedroom. After a while, the young master will check on you two together.

“Bah! Master is really bad!” Xiao Lian and Xiao He muttered, then blushed and ran away.

Looking at the clothes under Qiu Wanxi’s apron, Lin Yuan said, “Let’s go, I will take you and buy some clothes for you.”

Qiu Wanxi was taken aback: “Ah? Why? I can still wear my clothes. It’s okay.”

Lin Yuan said: “Do you know why people dared to trouble you today? Although it’s said that we should not judge people according to their appearance. Some people still judge others depending on the clothes they wear. If you dress like this, others might say that the cake you sell may not be good because you are dressed badly. It might be construed that we have problems with hygiene.”

After blinking her eyes, Qiu Wanxi felt that what Lin Yuan said was reasonable.

She doesn’t care about herself, but she cares about Lin Yuan and the cake shop.

Seeing Qiu Wanxi still thinking.

Lin Yuan didn’t care, and went to untie Qiu Wanxi’s apron.

Feeling Lin Yuan touching her, she breathed heavily and blushed hard.

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