Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 66 I just want to see you wearing this dress!

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“Let’s go.”

Lin Yuan immediately pulled Qiu Wanxi onto his Lamborghini.

Qiu Wanxi also couldn’t refuse to go and resist Lin Yuan, so she obediently got into the car.

“Didn’t I tell you before? You can put your feet down.” Lin Yuan said looking at Qiu Wanxi, who was still tiptoeing in the car.

“You are a cake shop owner now, how can you be so timid?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiu Wanxi started to relax and sat down comfortably.

Even from the beginning, she was too nervous around Lin Yuan.

Soon, they arrived at the location of the top clothing store in the China World Trade Center.

While walking on the street, many people looked over.

Lin Yuan’s appearance is too eye-catching.

People even got curious because Lin Yuan was walking with a plainly dressed girl

Qiu Wanxi lowered her head out of embarrassment.

Seeing Qiu Wanxi’s uncomfortable appearance, Lin Yuan smiled and took her hand.

Qiu Wanxi walked straight forward regardless of the situation.

“Hey, I really don’t know how such a handsome guy is fascinated by such an ordinary girl!”

“Not only handsome, but also rich, I remember that watch he is wearing is worth millions!”

“I feel that I am much better-looking than that girl! Why can’t I get such an opportunity!”

Many women think that Qiu Wanxi is not good enough for Lin Yuan.

Upon hearing these, Qiu Wanxi’s head lowered.

Lin Yuan glanced at the jealous girls coldly, and so they shut up immediately.

Lin Yuan took Qiu Wanxi to a high-end women’s clothing store.

When Lin Yuan came in, all the store assistants came over and asked respectfully.

“Master, what dress would you like to see?”

“We will take a look around on our own. You may leave us for now.” Lin Yuan said while waving his hand.

“If you like anything just take it and try it on.” Lin Yuan said to Qiu Wanxi.

Qiu Wanxi was looking at gorgeous and exquisite dress. The cheapest one’s cost tens of thousands. She felt a little nervous.

“Master, these clothes are too expensive. I am not worthy to wear these.”

“Be confident. Don’t you want to wear all these whenever you are with me?” Lin Yuan knew Qiu Wanxi would say such a thing.

“Put it on.” Lin Yuan said.

“This..this is too expensive. This dress is worth more than 100,000 Yuan.” Qiu Wanxi said.

“It’s not expensive. It’s one of the least expensive one’s in the whole store. But you have to write me an IOU for the clothes.” Lin Yuan said while smiling.

“An IOU.. then, can I decide what to buy myself? I want that one.” Suddenly, Qiu Wanxi gathered up the courage to say.

Lin Yuan turned his head and saw that it was a dress worth nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine, which was probably the cheapest in the store.

“Well, after all it’s an IOU. You can buy whatever you want.” Lin Yuan said.

Qiu Wanxi breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

But Lin Yuan said again: “However, I would like to see you wearing this dress, so change into this after.”

With that, Lin Yuan directly and domineeringly tucked the dress to Qiu Wanxi’s chest.

Qiu Wanxi could only take it obediently.

Doesn’t Lin Yuan know that Qiu Wanxi wants to save money? But for Lin Yuan, saving money should be set aside when buying the clothes you like. It is important that you like the clothes you are buying.

Facing the domineering Lin Yuan, Qiu Wanxi did not dare to resist.

The little courage she just gathered disappeared instantly, and she changed clothes obediently.

When Qiu Wanxi came out wearing the long white dress, all the female assistants at the store stared at her blankly, their eyes focused on her.

Lin Yuan himself was amazed.

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