Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 69 The peak of the Ferris wheel!

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“I… I’m a little scared…”

Qiu Wanxi said faintly.

“Come on.” Lin Yuan smiled and moved to the right of his seat.

Qiu Wanxi stood up trembling.

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and held it to his left.

The design of the cockpit is that there are two seats facing each other. Each seat is relatively spacious, although good for one person only.

When Qiu Wanxi sat down, some parts of her dress has already occupied Lin Yuan’s space.

Their skins are in close contact.

Qiu Wanxi could already sniff Lin Yuan’s familiar scent.

This made her blush again and made her heart beat faster.

The Ferris wheel continued to rise and reached half its height.

Qiu Wanxi became more frightened that she tightly held on to her white dress and her thighs.

At this time Qiu Wanxi saw a hand in front of her

“Young… Master…?” Qiu Wanxi couldn’t believe it.

“Do you want to hold my hand?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

“Y… Y… Yes” Qiu Wanxi’s cheeks turned red while slowly grabbing on to Lin Yuan’s hand.

In her mind she thought: “It’s not that I haven’t touched anyone hand in hand. But this feels different.”

Qiu Wanxi was very nervous because her hands are not that tender. She needed to work and be self-reliant before she met Lin Yuan, so her hands are rough with calluses at some parts.

Feeling the softness of Lin Yuan’s hands, she looked at such perfect white hands.

Qiu Wanxi lowered her head.

“Well…your hands feels a bit rough but it is still soft and comfortable to touch.” Lin Yuan said.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiu Wanxi raised her head in disbelief.

Despite her young age, her hands are already rough, doesn’t the young master dislike it?

Qiu Wanxi looked at Lin Yuan and found that he looked serious with what he just said.

Her heart seemed to have been hit hard by something.

Then, Lin Yuan rubbed her little hand.

Qiu Wanxi eventually leaned on to Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

It was early evening during that time.

The sun is just beginning to set.

The light from the sun illuminates the Ferris Wheel.

“Master…this feels good…so comfortable…”

Soon, half of Qiu Wanxi’s body was already held in Lin Yuan’s arms.

While Lin Yuan felt the softness of the girl next to him, Qiu Wanxi felt very warm.

“Young Master also feels comfortable.” Lin Yuan said wrapping the softness in his arms tighter.

The Ferris wheel is about to reach its highest point.

Every couple who rode the Ferris wheel were excited to reach the highest point while looking at the sky and the setting sun from a distance.

The sky seemed to be within their reach.

“We’re about to reach the highest point. Don’t you want to look outside? Lin Yuan said with a smile.

Qiu Wanxi was scared.

Leaning on Lin Yuan’s arms for quite a long time, her eyes were closed, but occasionally looking around, and afraid to look outside.

Having heard what Lin Yuan asked, she nodded faintly.

Although she was a little scared, she doesn’t want to miss the scenery at the highest point.

Qiu Wanxi turned her head bravely and looked out the window.

At this time, the people on the ground were long gone.

Even the large buildings have become tiny black spots.

A feeling of dizziness in the air came.

Qiu Wanxi whispered in fright, and quickly turned to sit back down.

But when she turned around…

She felt a softness on her lips…..

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