Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 72 The Chen Family Intervenes! Arrange again!

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The person who called is not someone else, it is Wang Ergou!

Although Wang Ergou was also detained, his crime was lighter compared to Ye Feng that day so he was released shortly. Plus, Lin Yuan did not specifically say that punishment would be strict.

“Master, I have to tell you something! I got news that Ye Feng will be release soon! Master, isn’t that you told me that Gu Qungshan cannot get Ye Feng out? I don’t know how, but I heard that a big Family made an effort to help him out!”

“This big family is very mysterious. I don’t have any news here and Ye Feng didn’t say anything!”

Wang Ergou had a respectful tone and reported everything in an orderly manner.

“He will be released soon? And that is because of the efforts of a big family? What is the name of the one who helped him out? Lin Yuan asked, his eyes squinting.

“I heard it was Rong Jinshan.” Wang Ergou said.

“But it seems that there is no such influential family named Rong in all of Jiangbei.” Wang Ergou said cautiously.

Lin Yuan laughed when he heard the name.

Then he said: “Rong Jinshan, indeed, there is no Rong family in Jiangbei. But behind Rong Jinshan, doesn’t have to be the Rong family. The Chen family, also intervened…”

Lin Yuan recalled the content of the novel.

In the novel.

Ye Feng came back and hugged his first thigh, Gu Qingshan, the underground emperor of Xiling District. (T/N:thigh = support)

Gu Qingshan helped him because they are friends and knew him for quite some time.

But Gu Qingshan is only an underground force after all, and someone not visible in the outside world.

Even with Ye Feng’s help, as the underground force gets bigger and bigger, it becomes even more difficult to whitewash.

Being involved with the underground force does not fit the identity of a protagonist.

According to the original novel, Ye Feng is set to win the trust and support of the Yan Family, his supposedly second thigh.

However, this was already intercepted by Lin Yuan in advance.

So Ye Feng jumped directly to his third thigh.

The Chen family.

The Patriarch of the Chen family was once saved by Ye Feng. The relationship between the two is a life-saving grace, even closer than Gu Qingshan’s brotherhood.

The Chen family is an old and big family in Jiangbei with very powerful influence.

It can be said to be deeply rooted in Jiangbei, with tentacles spreading across many industries.

Even the Lin family’s background is a bit inferior.

The Chen family has been very low-key recently, but their strength in the surface is still similar to that of the Lin family.

But Lin Yuan knew that the Chen family still had a lot of background and hidden cards, which have not been exposed.

It was through the Chen Family that Ye Feng was able to whitewash Qingshan gang underground force.

The forces behind Ye Feng are getting stronger and terrifying.

But Lin Yuan didn’t expect it.

In just a few days, the Chen family unexpectedly helped Ye Feng.

It seems that it is because of Lin Yuan’s appearance again.

Wang Ergou didn’t know this, and even the Chen family’s name, he had only vaguely heard of.

So, Wang Ergou asked suspiciously: “The Chen family?”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.” Lin Yuan said lightly.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Wang Ergou immediately gave himself a few big slaps.

“Master, I’m sorry, this little one was wrong. This little one just wanted to help the little master solve the trouble. I didn’t intend to make a mistake. I’ll give myself a hard and long beating!”

Wang Ergou was very cruel, even against himself.

Slapping sounds can be heard over the phone.

Lin Yuan stayed on the line until Wang Ergou felt that his face was swollen and numb.

Seeing that Wang Ergou’s loyalty hadn’t decreased, Lin Yuan called to stop: “Okay, stop it.”

“Recently, I asked you to collect the evidence about Gu Qingshan’s crimes. How did you collect it?”

Wang Ergou hurriedly replied: “The collection went smoothly, because the evidence you provided, Master, is not wrong. I am very careful, and I promise that nothing went wrong!”

Lin Yuan was still relieved of Wang Ergou’s ability to do things.

“Good job, maybe soon the underground emperor in Xiling District will be called Wang Ergou.” Lin Yuan’s tone was flat.

Although Lin Yuan said it simply, to Wang Ergou it is not the same.

“I don’t dare! Wang Ergou will always be your dog Young Master. I don’t dare to be an underground emperor.”

Although Wang Ergou said so, he couldn’t help but grin and his face full of joy because of Lin Yuan’s words.

He believed that Lin Yuan had this ability.

They both hang up the phone.

Lin Yuan’s left index finger tapped the steering wheel lightly.

This gesture indicated that Lin Yuan was thinking.

He wondered how long it would take to eliminate Gu Qingshan and his Qingshan Gang.

He wanted to deal with Ye Feng, so naturally he had to remove all the protective umbrellas behind Ye Feng.

He didn’t have to try to go to Ye Feng directly.

He and Ye Feng, even if they had no enmity, were destined to be enemies.

Now he plotted Ye Feng, he must have hated him more.

Lin Yuan’s original plan was set within half week. He planned to destroy Qingshan Gang and kill Gu Qingshan.

So that as soon as Ye Feng is released, the box containing Gu Qingshan’s ashes awaits him.

But unexpectedly, the Chen Family actually interfered ahead.

“It seems I have to rethink my plans.”

Lin Yuan tapped the steering wheel and continued thinking.

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