Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 73 In ten days, destroy the Qingshan Gang!

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Lin Yuan was just a little surprised by Chen Family’s intervention.

But he is not afraid.

Because of this, he had to rearrange his plans.

The first one is to factor in the fact that the Chen Family will always intervene.

The second one is to think of a way to cut off the Chen Family altogether.

Now that Ye Feng has come out.

If he took action against Gu Qingshan and his gang, Ye Feng will definitely help.

The Chen Family will also help.

Therefore, how to take down the Chen Family should be taken into consideration.

Also, the Chen Family has already determined him to be an enemy.

Therefore, Lin Yuan wants to do something that will affect the Chen Family gravely.

In the original novel, the Chen family seems to have a certain connection with the Qingshan Gang.

Now that Ye Feng has joined them, the connection must be closer than before…

“Change the plan…”

“I will give Gu Qingshan and his gang one more week.”

“At most ten days, within ten days…”

“I will destroy the Qingshan Gang!”

Thinking about this, Lin Yuan returned home quickly.

Lin Yuan still kept on thinking even after returning home.

Suddenly, a message came from WeChat.

It belongs to his cousin Yu Shanshan.

“Brother, do you have time tonight?”

Seeing Yu Shanshan’s message, Lin Yuan replied: “What’s wrong?”

Yu Shanshan: “Qian Qian said she will invite you to dinner tonight.”

Lin Yuan: “If Chi Qian really want to invite dinner, shouldn’t she ask me by herself? Doesn’t she have my contact information.”

Yu Shanshan: “I just want to help you! I don’t know when she will tell you, so I just told you in advance for you to be ready. Qian Qian is so cute. I really want to hold her to sleep and play with her everyday.”

“But now, I don’t have much chance to hug her, and it will be even harder to contact her after graduation. But if she becomes my sister-in-law, it will be different.”

“Little Yuan, you have to add some oil. When the time comes, the girls is tipsy, remember to open the door for me at night. I want to be with her. Of course, my harem is also shared with you.” (T/N:‘add some oil’ from Chinese expression ‘jiā yóu’ or ‘add oil’ meaning you have to push yourself harder)

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, Lin Yuan was speechless for a while.

This cousin seems to have been planning for a long time.

Lin Yuan: “You fucking meant to let me pick up girls for you? And what does Little Yuan even mean?”

“There are eight photos of the harem you have shown me. I will pick two photos at random and send them to your mother to see if she is satisfied with her daughter-in-law.”

Yu Shanshan quickly begged for mercy: “Don’t cousin! I was wrong, I was wrong! You are my brother!”

“Recently, my mother’s eyes are always suspicious. Besides, if you do my leg must be broken.”

Lin Yuan: “Then from now, take the initiative to say something useful, understood?”

Yu Shanshan: “Understood!”

“By the way, are you free at night?”

Lin Yuan replied.

Sure enough, after half an hour, Chi Qian sent a message.

Lin Yuan knew that since she had his contact information, Chi Qian would definitely invite him personally.

After all, this meal is a meal of thanks, and Chi Qian is a principled and polite person.

What surprised Lin Yuan was Chi Qian’s message.

“Shanshan told you, I want to invite you to dinner, right?” Chi Qian said directly.

Sure enough, she deserves to be the perfect goddess in the setting.

Think thoroughly.

Lin Yuan replied: “Well, she just told me not long ago.”

Chi Qian: “Then do you have time at night? “

Lin Yuan: “Of course there is time, after all, the beauty invites. ”

In addition, that expression has the meaning of mocking and cursing.

Lin Yuan found that Chi Qian is a person who is good at anything but likes to have the expression of .

Sure enough, Chi Qian replied: “It’s good that you have time, then we will see you in the evening . After I have booked the specific address, I will send it to you .”

“Huh? Can’t you send a smile like this? Well then .”

Looking at the row of smiles.

Lin Yuan always felt that Chi Qian was taunting him…

He just made an appointment with Chi Qian.

Then, he received another message.

Today, he is really busy.

This message was also sent by an acquaintance.

Yan Ruyue: “Do you…do you have time tonight?”

Yan Ruyue was cautious and frustrated for a long time before finally sending this message to Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan who saw this message directly replied: “I’m sorry, I have an appointment.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s reply, Yan Ruyue was a little disappointed.

Could it be that Lin Yuan was keeping in his heart that she once had a bad attitude towards him?

Yan Ruyue thought that Lin Yuan’s attitude towards her was very cold recently.

She felt that it might be Lin Yuan’s dissatisfaction with her previous indifferent attitude.

Therefore, he treats people the way he was treated before.

Lin Yuan said that he has an appointment, but in her opinion, it was just an excuse.

But Yan Ruyue still didn’t give up, and continued to ask: “What about tomorrow afternoon? Or tomorrow night?”

Lin Yuan: “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Yan Ruyue hesitated for a while and said, “I want to thank you for treating my mother all these time. Please let’s have a meal together. There is something…I want to tell you.”

Lin Yuan: “Well, I’ll talk to you if I have the time. I’ll see if tomorrow afternoon or evening works.”

Yan Ruyue: “Okay!”

Turning off the chat, Yan Ruyue looked at the ceiling.

The reason she wanted to invite Lin Yuan for a meal was to thank him, but there is also an unexplainable feelings inside of her.

There are some things she wants to tell Lin Yuan.

She felt that Lin Yuan is so mysterious now. Yan Ruyue doesn’t realize that she is very eager to learn more about him now.

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