Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 74 Chi Qian refused to admit defeat!

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Lin Yuan freshen up a bit.

Lin Yuan is going out again.

Just two hours ago, he was on the Ferris wheel with Qiu Wanxi.

Unexpectedly, he is going to dinner with another woman.

Looking at the mirror, Lin Yuan shook his head and couldn’t help but say, “What a scumbag.”

After getting ready, Lin Yuan who has sword eyebrows and bright eyes, walked out gracefully.

He left a single sentence: “I was born to be a scumbag!”

The scumbag Lin Yuan soon came to the restaurant Chi Qian said.

It is a top restaurant in Jiangbei.

A meal cost at least several hundred thousand.

And even ordinary people with money can hardly make an appointment.

Sure enough, Chi Qian has a very extraordinary background.

After he just arrived at the restaurant, Lin Yuan saw Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan who had just got off the car.

Knowing that the two have just arrived, he smiled and said hello. Then the three of them entered the restaurant together.

Lin Yuan realized that Chi Qian is beautifully dressed tonight.

She is dressed better than she was during the music exhibition.

Chi Qian didn’t have much makeup that day, but today she put on a light makeup.

Today, she is wearing a drop-shaped earrings and a necklace.

Her wearing a light makeup and accessories made her even more breathtakingly beautiful.

Today Chi Qian is wearing a purple one-piece dress which revealed half of her white lotus root arms.

The purple dress directly brightened Chi Qian’s incomparably fair skin.

She also has a perfectly shaped face combined with perfect facial features.

As soon as Chi Qian entered the restaurant, almost all the men inside couldn’t help but secretly look at her.

She is so perfect. She is a beautiful woman indeed.

Many men wanted to talk to her, but whenever they saw Lin Yuan who was equally handsome and compelling, their desire and motivation dies out.

The ladies in the restaurant also admired Lin Yuan.

If not for the fact that he came with such a beautiful lady like Chi Qian, they would have come over and said: “Hey handsome, can I add you on Wechat?”

“Cousin, before Qian Qian went out today, I specially did her makeup for half an hour! I have never seen Qian Qian ever put on makeup like this before!” Yu Shanshan immediately said with a smile after the three of them were seated.

“It’s only polite. After all, today I came to express my gratitude and treat you to dinner.” For Yu Shanshan’s words, Chi Qian just smiled.

“Yeah and I wouldn’t say those if only you noticed something different about Chi Qian today. This is the first time she will have a meal with the opposite sex. It is even better because this is her treat.” Yu Shanshan said again.

“Yeah.” Chi Qian nodded. For some reason, the pair of charming eyes kept bothering Lin Yuan’s.

Feeling Chi Qian’s look, Lin Yuan felt a little uncomfortable.

Although being paid attention to by an exceptional beauty like Chi Qian is a very refreshing feeling, Lin Yuan felt something wrong.

Not being shy at all, Lin Yuan directly looked at Chi Qian.

Ordinary men will blush when they look at Chi Qian.

However, Lin Yuan did live up to his identity as a scumbag.

Staring at Chi Qian’s red cheeks, he is embarrassed to look away

But he knew that Chi Qian was just pretending to be shy!

Seeing the strange but true color of Chi Qian’s eyes, Lin Yuan understood what she is trying to hide

The conversation with Yu Shanshan just now was also plotted!

What special makeup, and first meeting out with the opposite sex?

Yu Shanshan didn’t pretend, and Chi Qian did not tell lies as well.

However, what Yu Shanshan said were all led by Chi Qian.

No guy would dislike this situation, the girl specially wearing makeup, and inviting the guy for dinner for the first time.

Although it is really Chi Qian’s first time based on Lin Yuan’s understanding of Chi Qian’s personality, she knows that it is not right to lead him on.

If she didn’t guide Yu Shanshan to say such things, Lin Yuan wouldn’t have stared at her directly.

And even if he does try to stare at her, she wouldn’t have been shy to begin with.

“What happened was very tempting, and even gives a feeling that this girl likes me, but it’s definitely something that Chi Qian won’t easily feel and show.”

Lin Yuan didn’t think that Chi Qian would fall in love with him with just a single encounter.

The Favorability Panel on display also shows a favorability of only 3 points.

Lin Yuan understood when he saw the strange color of Chi Qian’s eyes.

She is not convinced and dissatisfied!

Lin Yuan remembered that Chi Qian was perfect, not only in her physical appearance, her family background, but also in her character.

But there is a shortcoming in her character which can also be said as an advantage, that is, not admitting defeat.

When she was a child, other people’s piano skills were better than her. She would work hard to learn, and then surpass others in a short time.

For many skills, she refused to admit defeat, so she trained very well.

It can be said that even the original protagonist Ye Feng is better at some things that Chi Qian.

And even though Chi Qian refused to admit defeat, she was not paranoid either.

For example, Lin Yuan’s piano skills is better than her and she recognizes it but does not matter to her that much.

What she can’t accept was that when they ensembled together, her heart was shaken several times as if her feeling were getting played.

This is the first time ever since she was born.

It has never happened to her before.

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