Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 75 Do you know the song ‘Blue Danube’?

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Lin Yuan remembered.

Last time at the music exhibition, Chi Qian wanted to tease him to see how he will react.

Doing this should be very simple for Chi Qian, because she is really a perfect girl.

However, Lin Yuan surprised her very much.

Lin Yuan’s resistance was very high, and she was unsuccessful that day.

So, today she started to tease again.

Aside from thanking and treating him to dinner, teasing him was also one of her goals.

This signifies Chi Qian’s reluctance to admit defeat.

This is what she cares about.

She wont stop until she gets back on Lin Yuan for playing with her emotions…

After figuring out Chi Qian’s intention during that night, Lin Yuan can already understand Chi Qian’s behavior.

No wonder she was dressed up and always pays attention to him.

Lin Yuan admits that Chi Qian’s plan is very good, especially with her beauty with full marks.

But then, no matter how perfect she is, she’s still a girl who has never fallen in love.

She and this scumbag are not on the same level.

If she knew this, she would not even want to provoke him.

During the meal, Chi Qian made few minor acts of teasing Lin Yuan.

Of course, it is not through flirtatious manner.

She only occasionally looked at Lin Yuan and then looked away shyly.

When Yu Shanshan gave a piece of food to Lin Yuan, she also gave him a piece of food.

As a scumbag, Lin Yuan smiled to the little actions of Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan did not pay attention.

It would be too embarrassing for a scumbag of his rank to be easily swayed by Chi Qian’s tricks.

Chi Qian wanted to tease him with simple things.

Dream on.

If Chi Qian takes the initiative and be a bit more aggressive, with a bonus of 100 points appearance, it will not be impossible for her to tease him.

However, Lin Yuan believes that it is absolutely impossible to get rid of the meat without eating it. (T/N:Not really sure if this one is an idiom, can’t really find anything on the internet.)

On Chi Qian’s end, when she realized that Lin Yuan wasn’t affected at all by her little acts of teasing, she felt a little tired.

She is not too proud of her charm but knows very well how it affects others.

For as long as she smiles, almost all the men would fall for it.

But today, she felt that she has already tried all kinds of hints to Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan remains as stable as Mount Tai.

So, Chi Qian felt even more dissatisfied.

She and Lin Yuan were fighting in secret.

Yu Shanshan didn’t notice this and was eating enjoyably.

“Eh, why are you eating so slowly?” Yu Shanshan said with her mouth full.

“Shut up, you little rice bucket.” Lin Yuan and Chi Qian said altogether. (T/N:fantong = rice bucket = good for nothing)

Being told as a good for nothing by the two, Yu Shanshan did not dare to speak and lowered her head to continue eating and drinking

The meal ended perfectly after Chi Qian’s non-stop teasing.

They all walked out of the restaurant,

Lin Yuan did not get the time to speak.

Chi Qian smiled and took out three tickets.

“Today the popular singer Li Feifei is holding a concert in Jiangbei. I have three tickets. Are you interested to go and see the concert together?” Chi Qian asked with a smile.

“Wow! Li Feifei, the most popular singer? And you got three tickets. You are so amazing! I’m going.” Hearing Chi Qian’s words, Yu Shanshan jumped with excitement.

“How about Young Master Lin?” Chi Qian smiled.

This is one of her plans.

Chi Qian and Lin Yuan are very similar. They are both people with perfect and thoughtful plans. They always find a way out for themselves

Going to the concert is like their way of retreat after all the teasing.

Lin Yuan understood Chi Qian’s intentions.

After dinner, it would be nice to go to a concert.

Anyway, there are tickets already. He has no choice but to go.

He didn’t believe that Chi Qian can beat him.

“I’ll go too.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Today, Lin Yuan drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom, so he was able to take the two girls to the venue of the concert at – Jiangbei Water Cube.

Li Feifei is the first-line top star right now.

Her popularity is tremendous.

Lin Yuan and the two girls arrived at the gate of Jiangbei Water Cube where the concert will be held. They saw a huge crowd of people.

“My God. There are so many people! I’m so excited to see a big star. I will buy some food first to eat and suppress my excitement.” Yu Shanshan said.

After speaking, she ran to the food stall next to her to buy food.

Let Lin Yuan and Chi Qian wait for her.

The concert hasn’t even started yet, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian are not in a hurry.

“Young Master Lin, can you help me get my bag?” Chi Qian asked when she took off the small bag on her side.

“Yes.” Lin Yuan doesn’t mind.

Chi Qian leaned up immediately and handed the bag in her hand to Lin Yuan.

The reason why Lin Yuan helped carry the bag was because Chi Qian seemed to tie her waist-long hair.

After all, there are too many people here and it is not comfortable to wear her hair down.

After taking the bag, Chi Qian, who stood very close to Lin Yuan, didn’t move it away, but took the strap.

“Young Master Lin, do you know the song ‘Blue Danube’?” Chi Qian asked suddenly while preparing to tie her hair.

Lin Yuan subconsciously replied: “The Blue Danube is of a famous Austrian composer of light music and was named as the “King of Waltz” by later generations. The style of Johann Strauss’s music…”

While talking, Lin Yuan stared at Chi Qian who was close to him. After all, it will be impolite to not look at the person you are talking to.

But with such a sight, Lin Yuan was suddenly stunned.

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