Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 77 I don’t have any song request; Can you give me the mic?

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But Chi Qian is really worthy of her identity, the positions of the three tickets are the best seats.

Their seats are the closest to the stage. The distance between their seats and the stage is not more than an arm away.

They can be able to hear and see the stars of the concert most clearly.

Soon, the star Li Feifei came to the stage.

Li Feifei really deserves her popularity. She already looks good. Her makeup and clothing are only bonuses. Lin Yuan thinks that her beauty can get a score of 93.

But compared to Chi Qian, there is still a slight distance.

Lin Yuan was thinking of stirring Chi Qian and getting his revenge.

Yu Shanshan was pounding on her food while looking at Li Feifei excitedly.

Chi Qian smiled and didn’t know what to think about.

Soon, Li Feifei began to sing.

After hearing Li Feifei’s singing, Lin Yuan was also surprised because her voice was satisfying.

Her voice is soft but has a little bit of texture and is also powerful. It is really special

Her singing is pleasant to hear.

This voice is absolutely worthy of her reputation.

As Li Feifei sang, the audience cheered.

Soon, half an hour passed.

After singing for half an hour, Li Feifei was still full of breath.

The audience is already very enthusiastic, but Li Feifei intends to continue to make them more enthusiastic.

Li Feifei smiled and said, “Now, it’s the time for you to request a song! I will draw three lucky winners from the audience and sing a song for them!”


Many fans shouted excitedly.

Soon, the big screen behind Li Feifei began to flicker and beat, picking people from the audience.

The first winner is a girl.

The girl stood up and said excitedly: “I want to request the song ‘Ugly’. This song is for my cheating ex-boyfriend and that bitch!”

Li Feifei smiled bitterly: “Okay, let’s play the song ‘Ugly’ first.

“Ugly don’t turn the lights on…” (T/N: Ugly)

Soon after the song was finished, the audience cheered.

The second request was a song written by Li Feifei herself.

Then, they began to draw the third lucky winner from the audience.

The big screen spins and jumps from one audience to another continuously.

Lin Yuan didn’t pay attention as he was thinking deeply on how to get his revenge to Chi Qian.

But this time , the Coke in Yu Shanshan’s hands suddenly fell to the ground. Then she slowly touched Lin Yuan with her elbow.


“What’s wrong? Just keep listening to the song and don’t bother me.”

“You were…chosen as a lucky audience!” Yu Shanshan shouted.

“What?!” Lin Yuan was taken aback and looked up.

It’s true. His handsome face is really shown on the big screen!

“Wow! That guy is so handsome!”

“My God! He is my ideal type!”

“Fuck! He is too handsome!”

Lin Yuan’s 200 point charm is really amazing!

The moment his face appeared on the big screen, the girls in the audience got excited.

Li Feifei was also taken aback by Lin Yuan’s handsome appearance. She didn’t expect that there is someone this handsome from the audience.

But after all, she is used to performing before large audience, so her reaction was fast. She noticed that Lin Yuan wasn’t paying attention.

Li Feifei immediately smiled and said: “The lucky audience turned out to be a very handsome guy. His physical attributes are so perfect. What song would you like to request?”

Lin Yuan didn’t think he will be the center of attention at the concert.

Unexpectedly, he was chosen as one of the lucky audience to be given the chance to request a song.

He was getting bored from watching and wasn’t really a fan of Li Feifei.

All he thought all the while was how he can take his revenge against Chi Qian.

“Just request a song…”

Just when Lin Yuan was about to request a song, looking at Li Feifei, he suddenly thought of an idea.

While Li Feifei and everyone were thinking about the song Lin Yuan will request, Lin Yuan suddenly said, “I don’t have any song request. Can you give me the mic?”

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