Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 78 Others sing for money, he sings to get killed!

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After the camera focused on Lin Yuan, everyone was curious as to what song he will request.

What kind of song could he possibly be interested in?

But unexpectedly, Lin Yuan said: “I don’t have any song request, can you give me the mic?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, everyone in the concert venue was stunned.

“Give him the mic?”

“What does it mean?”

Li Feifei also had a huge question mark in her head.

Lin Yuan said again; “Miss Li, you sing very well. But I came with a friend today, and I want to use this platform to sing a song to my friend. So, if you wont mind. Can you give me the mic? Let me sing.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s reason, the audience was shocked and went frenzy.


Lin Yuan’s words were so crazy that she wanted a star like Li Feifei to step down so he can sing and be heard by the audience.

This has never done by anyone ever before.

Yu Shanshan on the side was also shocked.

“Cou….cousin, what did you say?” Seeing the eyes of almost everyone in the audience, Yu Shanshan felt shame for the first time.

Even Chi Qian, who is an ‘ancient well without waves’, was surprised. (T/N:‘Ancient well without waves’ means depleted old well will not make waves again. A metaphor for a silent state of mind that cannot be bothered by external factors)

Her beautiful eyes looked at Lin Yuan with surprise.

In a big star’s concert, someone asked the star to step down and let him sing by himself. What kind of madness is this?

In the twenty years Chi Qian lived, she has never seen anything like this.

In the top office of the Yan Group, there was also a sound of something falling to the ground.

Yan Ruyue was shocked

Today she took the initiative of asking Lin Yuan. But she got rejected so she has focused herself on the things she need to deal with in the office.

And after getting busy, she wanted to rest.

She saw a live broadcast of Li Feifei’s concert held in Jiangbei, so she went and looked at it.

She hasn’t watched it for long when unexpectedly, she saw Lin Yuan being focused by the camera.

He was chosen as the lucky audience. She was so shocked and moved abruptly that her mobile phone fell from the table.

She then realized why Lin Yuan rejected her invitation. It turned out he had an appointment to go to the concert with others.

As for who, Yan Ruyue knows.

She quickly picked up her phone, wanting to hear what song Lin Yuan would pick as the lucky audience.

There were many song she had in mind. But unexpectedly, Lin Yuan asks for the mic to sing!


While Yan Ruyue’s phone fell out of her shock, Li Feifei was dumbfounded because her audience asked her to step down from the stage and let him sing by himself.

This audience is definitely not her fan at all.

Did her rival send this person who was just picked from the audience?

Li Feifei was quick to react.

If she refuses to let him sing, the atmosphere in the concert will drop instantly and might seriously affect the success of the concert.

She thought that if she agrees, there is not much at stake.

Her concert might even be a hot topic.

Could Lin Yuan possibly outrank a national singer?

In short, her approval will not bring harm, only good.

So, why not let him come up and sing?

So, with these in mind, Li Feifei smiled and said: “Yes handsome guy from the audience. Please come on stage and I will give you my mic.”

Li Feifei also walked towards Lin Yuan as he was seated very close to the stage.

After hearing Li Feifei’s approval, the audience immediately was in uproar.

“She really let him go up and sing!””

“Li Feifei actually agreed?!”

“Is he here to make trouble?”

“What the hell does this man want to do? Does this man think that he can sing better than Li Feifei?”

“Have you seen the female person next to him? She is a big beauty. Usually beauties like that had a fat man with a swollen eyelid as a companion.

“Just wait for him to make a complete fool out of it himself.”

There are also many people from the audience who started mocking.

But suddenly, a girl expressed her support for Lin Yuan

What is wrong with that? At least a man had the courage to stand before an audience to sing a song for a female companion.

“What are you saying? At least someone had the courage to sing a song for her girlfriend. And in front of so many people. I dare you if you are not afraid to pee on your pants.”

“Why not? This guy is so handsome. I will still like him even his singing is bad! From now on I will use 100 points of enthusiasm to like Feifei and then use 1000 points of love to chase this handsome guy.

“I think I know this handsome guy. He was the one who showed his exceptional piano skills during the Jiangbei Music Exhibition! He was super awesome!

Another girl recognized Lin Yuan.

But someone immediately ridiculed: “Playing the piano and singing are two different things. He can’t be good at both! His singing may be unpleasant.

“You look ugly inside and out!”

The audience reaction was divided, one side thinks he is impolite, and his singing may be bad. The other side believes he is very brave and worthy of encouragement and that his singing could very well equate his piano skills.

Most of the people didn’t think Lin Yuan sings very well.

At least, they thought he can’t be better than Li Feifei, the new era queen.

At this time, Lin Yuan walked slowly towards the stage.

“You just watch. Cousin, come on…”

Hearing the anger of some Li Feifei fans, Yu Shanshan trembled but cheered on Lin Yuan.

Yu Shanshan knows how popular Li Feifei is and she is afraid that Lin Yuan’s idea will make the fans rush over and attack him

Fortunately, most of the solid fans are women who can’t even dare to touch Lin Yuan’s face.

Looking at Lin Yuan going to the stage, Chi Qian’s eyes focused on him.

Chi Qian asked Yu Shanshan: “Shanshan, does your cousin sing very well?”

Yu Shan held her forehead; “I don’t even want to recall the incident of him singing…”

To describe it briefly, it is ‘wail like ghosts and howl like wolves’… (T/N:wail like ghosts and howl like wolves a Chinese idiom meaning crying loudly with ugly voice)

“He has a nickname… ‘the original song killer’… You cant bear to listen once he starts singing.

“I once gave him a comment. Others sings for money, he sings to get killed.”

“Hey!” Hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, Chi Qian covered her mouth and prevented herself from laughing.

“Is it so bad? He plays the piano so well.” Chi Qian covered her mouth and smiled happily.

Yu Shanshan shook her head and said: “You know I usually have a flower mouth, but I have to be honest and say how terrible he is at singing. It is beyond your imagination.

After hearing from Yu Shan, Chi Qian looked closely at Lin Yuan on the stage.

She is eager to see how Lin Yuan cried and howled.

Yu Shanshan on the side was already covering her face tightly, getting ready to be ashamed.

She thought of sneaking away very quickly as soon as Lin Yuan cried and howled.

Lin Yuan finally came to the center of the stage

Li Feifei smiled at him and handed the microphone.

Before giving the microphone, she asked: “May I ask this handsome guy on what song he will be singing? Is it one of the songs I wrote or another singer’s song?”

Standing on the stage and facing the nearly 100,000 spectators in the audience, Lin Yuan did not have stage fright and took the microphone.

Lin Yuan looked confident and said with a smile: “I want to sing an original song of my own.”


Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s response, the audience was instantly ignited

“So this handsome guy even writes songs?!! I love it!”

“He can! It is time for you debut handsome guy! I really like you!”

“Haha! If you make up just a few words and call it a song, that’s an insult for those who can.”

For what he just said, the girls expressed their support out of admiration. The boys believe he is just bragging.

Yu Shan covered her face, only showing her two eyes and said, “It’s starting, cousin, it’s over. He’s right. Every time he sings someone else’s song; it becomes his original song. It’s too terrible.”

“After listening, I can’t tell what the original song is. “

After hearing Yu Shanshan’s words, Chi Qian smiled and though of something.

She remembered Lin Yuan’s original composition, ‘sad or happy’.

The piano piece is so well written. Can he really write songs?

Chi Qian thought briefly.

Soon she shook her head and threw out her doubts in her mind.

“How is that possible?”

Can he really become an expert in so many things?

As a son of an influential family, Lin Yuan is so good at stocks and he is also good at playing piano.

It is impossible for him to be good at writing songs and be good at singing as well.

Probably what Yu Shanshan said is true, he sings an original song which no one can associate with the original.

Even though she thinks this way, Chi Qian still has some unexplainable expectations in her heart.

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