Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 79 Chi Qian’s heart is moved! And I am waiting for you!

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Li Feifei, standing next to Lin Yuan, was also dumbfounded.

Li Feifei said in surprise: “You said you will sing an original song? And you wrote the song yourself?

“Yeah.” Lin Yuan nodded.

“Then… Come on… Don’t sing shortly. Just enjoy the song.” Li Feifei encouraged.

After she saw Lin Yuan up close, she could see that he seems to be not ordinary person who would make trouble in her concert. So, she still doesn’t want him to be embarrassed.

With her presence, Lin Yuan’s singing will be amplified, even if his singing is terrible.

She sighed secretly, hoping that Lin Yuan would finish singing as soon as possible as not to lose her face.

Li Feifei did not step down the stage either but stood in a small corner.

Thinking that Lin Yuan’s singing is really bad, she thought she could help save the scene. She will gladly save his face if it happens.

Lin Yuan is not worried at all, sitting in front of the piano and fixing the microphone.

Yan Ruyue, looking at Lin Yuan on her phone, felt strange.

She remembered the time when Lin Yuan chased her.

He sang songs to her.

That same night, the Yan family did not sleep very well.

Now, that same event will be watched by 100,000 live viewers and millions of viewers watching the live broadcast online.

In front of everyone, he will seem like crying ghosts and howling wolves.

Lin Yuan confidently and calmly said into the microphone: “Now I will sing a song with lyrics I personally wrote.”

“The song I will sing is written and composed by me.”

“This will be the first time that I will sing it. I hope you will like it.

“The title of the song is…

Lin Yuan dragged a bit revealing the title of the song he is going to sing.

Truthfully, Lin Yuan can’t sing. Whether it is the Lin Yuan now and the original Lin Yuan in the novel, both are terrible at singing.

But before Lin Yuan went onstage, he upgraded his singing to Divine-Level.

Moreover, he has already decided what to sing.

He chose a song which he liked the most and that which is not existing in the novel world.

“The title of the song is Blue and White porcelain!” (T/N: Blue and White Porcelain)

Both of his hand are now placed on the keys.

And before everyone, Lin Yuan opened his mouth and started playing the piano.

“The plain outlines from the porcelain, with its strong and weak strokes combined”

“The peony painted on it is as beautiful as you”

When Lin Yuan started singing, the audience fell into silence.

They were all stunned.

Lin Yuan’s speaking voice was not unpleasant to the ears, but it is not very special.

But the moment he started to sing, Lin Yuan’s voice seemed to have a magical power and a faint magnetism, which is fascinating.

His voice is enchanting which makes the audience want to hear more.

This is the power of Divine Level Singing plus his Divine Level Piano.

Just for a moment, the audience Is already immersed in his singing. It’s as if all of them felt like there was an ancient scene being played on the screen.

They are not only spectators but are part of this ancient scene.

The scene could be depicted as a silhouette of a beautiful woman dressed in plain white with her skirt flowing wildly with the wind; standing between the water and clouds, behind her a mountain rests.

The audience set aside what they were doing and focused on Lin Yuan who was playing and singing at this moment.

Everyone is fascinated by his performance. And the more they listen to him, the more they get captivated.

Yu Shanshan was ready to hear howling ghosts and wolves.

But when she heard Lin Yuan singing, the popcorn and skewer in her hand fell to the ground.

Chi Qian who has always been calm felt as if Mount Tai had collapsed in front of her.

Her eyes widened while staring closely at Lin Yuan, completely shocked.

Yan Ruyue who has covered her ears and already prepared to turn off the volume off her phone at any time, lost grip of her phone which then fell to the ground.

And the ‘New Generation Queen’ Li Feifei, who has always paid attention to her public image, was left with her mouth open wide. Her mouth was extremely huge and looked like a woman with no elegance.

All these happened because they were all surprised how good Lin Yuan’s voice turned out to be.

The sentiments were the same for everyone.

Even Li Feifei feels that her singing voice is a lot worse than that of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan then sang the chorus part of “Blue and White Porcelain”

Your beauty dissipates like smoke

It entered a place which I cannot follow

Within its blue misty drizzle, I am waiting for you

Through its spiral smoke & rivers, we are a thousand miles apart

That little stroke at the bottom of that vase

Is a foreshadow of our meeting that is to come

Within its blue misty drizzle, I am waiting for you

After hearing the chorus, the audience couldn’t help but stand up.

They seem to have seen a man, waiting patiently for his lover to return. But the beautiful woman did not.

There were many girls who turned emotional and can’t stop their tears, they couldn’t hold.

Everyone’s eyes, including Chi Qian, could not turn away from Lin Yuan at this time as if possessed by a magical power.

And when Lin Yuan sang the phrase “Within its blue misty drizzle I am waiting for you.” Lin Yuan could be seen raising his head and glancing at Chi Qian, whose gaze was fixed to him.

When their gaze met, Lin Yuan slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

Chi Qian has always been so calm but after three full seconds, she just reacted and did not notice for a while that her cheeks blushed faintly.

She thought that this was Lin Yuan’s plan. But even if she was aware of this, her heartbeat remained fast.

“No way.” Chi Qian could hardly force her eyes to move away from Lin Yuan.

This is not pretense. She was too shy to look at him.

She then realized that she has lost again.

This time again, her heart was moved.

The other girls who were near Chi Qian thought that Lin Yuan looked at them and hoped he will look at them again.

Their eyes were full of hearts and cheered loudly.

Seeing Chi Qian’s reaction and those of the girls around her, Lin Yuan smiled and continued singing.

With that handsome face, noble, and elegant temperament, charming voice made it sound like an ancient love song.

Any of these qualities is enough for the girls to cheer.

Everything just adds up.

All the girls seemed lost in Lin Yuan’s charm.

The guys didn’t have time to worry about their girlfriends’.

Lin Yuan then sings to the last paragraph. He stood up with the microphone

After he sang ” Within its blue misty drizzle I am waiting for you” Lin Yuan pointed the microphone at the audience.

One hundred thousand spectators in the audience immediately responded and said: “And I am waiting for you!!!”

Even Yu Shan couldn’t help but scream.

After yelling, it was only then that she felt her throat getting sore.

Chi Qian then felt that her heart was beating faster.

[Ding! Chi Qian’s Favorability +2! Rewards 500 counterattack points!]

A notification from the system came.

Li Feifei was surprised with all that was happening. How can she not tell that Lin Yuan can sing very well.

The atmosphere on the concert venue was also stronger and brighter than when she performed.

Shortly, Lin Yuan finished singing and everyone went silent.

They are all still immersed in his performance.

After a few seconds, the audience filled the venue with thunders of applause.

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