Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 80 Qian Qian, why do you blush?

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Everyone applauded Lin Yuan’s performance.

“That was great! What song is that? My God!”

“I remember, it is titled “Blue and White Porcelain.” Not only is he handsome, he sings very well too.

“He knows how to play the piano and knows how to sing, and great at both of them. When will this handsome debut? I will buy tickets.”

“Handsome guy, I want to give you a monkey!”

“Gay guy, fuck off. I remember you just slandered my husband by saying he can’t sing!”

“Your husband? Is he married to you? Shut up! He is my husband!”

All of the 100,000 people cheered loudly for Lin Yuan.

Their cheer is louder than that of Li Feifei.

Li Feifei, who has stayed onstage preparing to save the scene, smiled bitterly at this time.

However, her eyes suggest the opposite as it is filled with surprise and brilliant colors.

Lin Yuan smiled lightly upon hearing the people’s cheers and praise.

After saying thank you, he returned to his seat calmly.

Of course, when he returned everybody was still looking at him.

Soon enough, the people learned his background one by one.

He is the young master of the Lin Group.

He is a genius when it comes to stocks.

He is a piano master.

Plus, his talent in singing is also superb.

The people can’t also deny his handsomeness.

He seems too perfect.

All the girls got obsessed for a time, dreaming they could have someone like him as a boyfriend. But, when they saw Chi Qian who was next to Lin Yuan, they were struck by reality and their hopes died.

Although their eyes are full of envy, jealousy and hatred.

But they can’t afford to compare with Chi Qian.

Chi Qian is also perfect.

Perhaps only such a beautiful woman can be worthy of a person like Lin Yuan who is three hundred sixty degrees without dead ends. (T/N:360 degrees without dead ends generally means that someone’s face is so beautiful, that he look good from any angle)

As soon as Lin Yuan came back, Yu Shanshan grabbed Lin Yuan’s arm.

“Cousin, since when have you been hiding such talent from me? When did you learn to sing?I thought we agreed to always be by each other’s side. You will be the ghost and I will be the wolf.

Yu Shanshan looked at Lin Yuan for a long time and said: “Right. You must pay me for the skewers and popcorn! Because when you sang, I lost grip of them.” Yu Shanshan stretched out her hand to his face.

Lin Yuan slapped her little hand.

“I will communicate with your mother how much it costs to raise 13 harems.” Lin Yuan said.

Sure enough, upon hearing Lin Yuan’s threats, Yu Shanshan changed rapidly acting like his licking dog.

“Hey brother, you sing so well. I like it so much. From now on Shanshan will be your little sister. You are the person Shanshan admires the most.”

“By the way Qian Qian, why are you blushing? Are you uncomfortable? Or are you mesmerized by my brother’s singing?”

While continuing on being a licking dog to Lin Yuan, she changed the subject of her teasing.

She pushed the smiling and silent Chi Qian into the fiery pit.

“I accidentally applied too much blush-on today.”

Hearing what Yu Shanshan said, Chi Qian took a deep breath and tried to calm herself.

Then, with a smile, she said: “I remember what you just said. When Young Master Lin sings, human eardrums will get ruptured, right?

“Huh?” Lin Yuan glanced.

“No! No! Chi Qian. Shanshan was just joking.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes looking at her again, she continued to be a licking dog.

Yu Shanshan knows she couldn’t tease both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian.

Chi Qian stopped chasing Yu Shanshan. Then, she smiled and said: “Young Master Lin sings very well. It sounds nice. It’s as good as your piano skills. This is the best song I have heard so far. Chi Qian admires it very much.”

“Young Master Lin, I like the song very much. Can Young Master Lin share the song later? Chi Qian too, wants to learn how to sing like Young Master Lin.” Chi Qian said with a trace of worship in her eyes.

This kind of peerless beauty used a pair of watery eyes to look at him with a trace of worship in her eyes.

If any man sees this, they will melt to the bones.

But Lin Yuan was still calm and said with a flat smile. “Of course, Miss Chi.”

Really, Chi Qian is someone who refuses defeat.

Previously during the performance, Lin Yuan teased her and used the line, “Within its blue misty drizzle, I am waiting for you.”

Now it seems that Chi Qian is looking for another way to get revenge again.

But Lin Yuan won’t give her another chance.

Seeing that Lin Yuan’s reaction was dull, Chi Qian gritted her silver teeth secretly and in her mind were countless ideas.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan continued to talk to Yu Shanshan.

On the other side, in Yan Ruyue’s company, Yan Ruyue looked at her phone blankly.

The image of Lin Yuan singing was still in her mind.

It turns out that Lin Yuan can really sing, but when did he sing so well?

Could it be that day after singing for her, she scolded him for singing terribly then he started to study?

“Within its Blue misty drizzle I am waiting for you.”

“Who is he waiting for?”

“Is it that perfect girl?”

She doesn’t know why but she felt a very sad feeling in her heart.

She didn’t want to deal with the documents on the desk anymore.

She stared at the phone screen blankly.


The concert ended in a hurry after about half an hour.

Li Feifei’s concert today is shorter than usual.

After Lin Yuan’s performance, no matter how hard Li Feifei tries to sing, she can’t attract enthusiasm from the audience anymore. So, she decided to end the concert early while the energy of the audience is still there.

It’s not that Li Feifei sings badly. It’s just that Lin Yuan sings incredibly well.

With Lin Yuan, this piece of pearl jade in comparison, Li Feifei is a little inferior.

Thinking about this, Li Feifei smiled bitterly.

She originally thought that she is the pearl jade that brings pressure to Lin Yuan but unexpectedly, it turned out to be the complete opposite.

Lin Yuan went out of the concert venue together with Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan thru the VIP exit.

Fortunately there was a VIP exit, otherwise they will have to walk through the main entrance where Lin Yuan will surely be surrounded by a lot of people.

After Lin Yuan’s performance of “Blue and White Porcelain”, half of the 100,000 audience already became his fans.

Among those fans are girls who have already become his passionate fans.

But just when they were about to get out of the VIP exit, Lin Yuan frowned because he saw a few people standing and blocking their way out.

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