Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 81 Li Feifei’s actions! Blind date?!

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“Wow! Brother, are they your fans?”

“Because you sang very well earlier, they blocked the way to ask for your autograph and take a photo with you.” Yu Shanshan said happily.

But Lin Yuan and Chi Qian frowned because they both didn’t like being disturbed.

Lin Yuan saw the faces of the people in front of him clearly.

They don’t seem to be the crazy fans earlier. It turned out that they are the security personnel of the concert venue.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Yuan asked in a flat tone. Lin Yuan seemed eager to know what was going on.

Just when the security tries to answer, a voice came first from behind.

“Don’t get me wrong handsome guy. I asked them to keep you from leaving the venue.”

Behind that voice was a shadow of a woman.

Lin Yuan turned his head and found out that the woman behind that voice was the star Li Feifei.

“Wow! It’s Li Feifei!” Seeing Li Feifei up close. A few little stars appeared in Yu Shanshan’s eyes.

After all, she is from the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music and she admires her.

Chi Qian still looked calm because she is still better than Li Feifei in any aspect.

She can be famous than Li Feifei any time she wants. But she doesn’t want to.

She is not threatened by Li Feifei’s presence because recently, only Lin Yuan makes her mood fluctuate.

Lin Yuan doesn’t have any feeling of admiration for the star Li Feifei either.

Lin Yuan asked faintly, “Is there anything I can do for Miss Li?”

“Blue and White Porcelain” can be popular. I think you have a big potential! I want to sign a contract with you on behalf of our company if you are interested.”

“Are you interested in becoming an artist in our company?”

“Our company will help you start a career and become famous. Not only will you have company shares, but the signing fee itself can be a million…”

“No. I am not interested. But thank you for Ms. Li’s kindness.”

“Uh…” Li Feifei who was interrupted, was a bit embarrassed. But she continued on saying: “You should think about it. You have a potential so you can demand an annual salary of hundreds of millions.”

Upon hearing Li Feifei’s words, Yu Shanshan chuckled.

“Oh that..Ms. Feifei, my cousin doesn’t even want yet to inherit their family’s hundreds of billions worth of business. I am afraid that the annual salary of hundreds of millions won’t be enough for him.”

“Huh?” Li Feifei was stunned.

At this time, the security guard beside Li Feifei couldn’t help but interfere. “He is the young master of Lin Group. The market value of Lin Group is hundreds of billions. Just a few days ago, this young master made 30 billion in stocks.”

Hearing what the security guard said, Li Feifei blushed out of embarrassment. It turned out that Lin Yuan was a wealthy young man.

What she just said was a complete nonsense since Lin Yuan already makes billions.

“Master Lin. I am sorry. You sang so well that I really didn’t think you were a young master.” Li Feifei apologized.

She really did not expect, not only her but anyone would not expect that Lin Yuan, a young master, would sing so well.

She thought that Lin Yuan was a third rate or aspiring unknown singer which she wanted to be promoted by their agency. It turned out that she was way ahead of her thoughts.

“it’s okay. Lin Yuan waved his hand. After all, those who are in good faith are not guilty.” Moreover, Li Feifei is also kind.

Lin Yuan turns around and prepares to leave, when Li Feifei shouted again, “Master Lin, wait.”

“Huh?” Lin Yuan turned around.

“We had a video recording of when you sang “Blue and White Porcelain”. Many people like it very much and I think it is a very good song. I just wanted to ask, would you consider releasing the song? We can help you release this song. We won’t gain much income from it, or we can give you the recorded tape for you to handle.” Li Feifei asked cautiously.

Lin Yuan thought for a while and said, “Release it. Your company can do it for me. I’m too lazy to do it.

“Okay!” Li Feifei immediately smiled

Although they won’t make much money from publishing it, in fact they have still have to spend money for operations

At most, if it becomes a hit, others will know that it came from their distribution company.

But Li Feifei did not expect the song to be huge and famous.

The reason why Li Feifei met Lin Yuan was that she wanted to make a good impression. It has not something to do with his identity as the young master of the Lin Family, but because Lin Yuan’s ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ is really nice.

Lin Yuan could see Li Feifei’s thoughts.

But he was too lazy to explain.

The reason why Lin Yuan didn’t say anything with regards to the division of earnings is because the value that will bring to Li Feifei’ s company is far more than their operational costs.

If the income won’t be that big, Lin Yuan wont bother spending time on such things.

Also, the other party is also kind.

“Okay, then I leave it to your company.” Lin Yuan smiled politely at Li Feifei, and then left.

Seeing Lin Yuan smiling at her, Li Feifei’s cheeks flushed slightly.

As a top celebrity, there are many young masters and handsome celebrities chasing after her, but she has no feelings for them and remained pure.

But Lin Yuan seemed special.

Not only was he the son of a hundred billions consortium, but his singing is also beter than her.

To be honest, although she didn’t want to admit it, she was a little excited!

“Yes, cousin, even the big stars have come to look for you.” Yu Shanshan joked as soon as they left the stadium.

“Why? Do you like her? Do you want her in your harem?

“Of course, I thought about it. I can hear her sing to me every day. That’s so cool.” Yu Shanshan began to think about it.

“Then I will help you. Let me start by eradicating your other harem so you can work hard anew.

“Don’t. Please brother don’t. I was wrong.” Yu Shanshan said quickly

“But brother, are you really not interested in a big star like Lo Feifei?” Yu Shanshan said.

“Not much interest.” Lin Yuan said, he really doesn’t like his girlfriend appearing in public.

Yu Shanshan nodded thoughtfully. “That is understandable. After all, you already have beautiful girls around you like Chi Qian and me.”

Yu Shanshan not only teased Lin Yuan and Chi Qian, but also praised herself.

“Shanshan. That Xiao Lan from your harem said that she like you to introduce her to your parents, I will help her tomorrow.” Chi Qian said with a smile.

Yu Shanshan quickly lowered her face. “Please don’t Chi Qian.’

After speaking to Yu Shanshan, she turned to Lin Yuan and said, “Qian Qian has learned badly from you. She always mentions the harem all the time.”

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian smiled at each other, the latter covered Yu Shanshan’s mouth making her unable to speak.

Soon, Lin Yuan drove the Rolls-Royce Phantom back to the dormitory.

While saying goodbye before leaving, Lin Yuan saw Chi Qian give her a meaningful look.

This woman is still not convinced



On the way home.

Lin Yuan suddenly received a call.

His mother called.

“What? You arrange a blind date for me tomorrow?” Lin Yuan was a little shocked.

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