Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 82 Yan Ruyue’s Suffering and Surprise!

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Listening to Meng Yuelan’s words, Lin Yuan was shocked.

His parents had arranged a blind date for him and said it was set tomorrow afternoon.

Lin Yuan hung up the phone.

It was not long until he arrived home.

While entering the door, Meng Yuelan said, “Little Yuan, you have to dress up more handsomely when going on a blind date tomorrow. Although you have recently become more handsome, it is always okay to look even more handsome.”

Lin Yuan glanced at Meng Yuelan and said, “When did I promise to go on a blind date?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Meng Yuelan persuaded him with heartfelt words, “We are only doing this for your own good. After you and Xiao Yue cancelled your engagement, you have always been out. We don’t know what you are doing. It feels like you can’t find someone…”

Hearing what Meng Yuelan said, Lin Yuan was speechless.

“Well, I will bring one to you when I have the time.” Lin Yuan said. “Why won’t I find someone? The cancellation of the engagement was due to my voluntary withdrawal. I will not run out of a woman. I already found several.

Meng Yuelan waved her hand and said. “Yes. I believe you have found several. We are just worried. It’s not a strange thing for us to worry about you not finding someone. With your mom and dad, you don’t have to worry about a thing.”

“I have really found several…”

“Yes, yes! We all believe in you!”

Lin Yuan was completely speechless.

It seemed that his mother, Meng Yuelan, absolutely did not believe that he has found several women outside.

Referring to him, a handsome guy, as a bachelor.

He doesn’t know why, but whether in his past life or in this life, parents feel that their children can’t find someone they can get married to.

Lin Yuan waved his hand and said more lazily, “Okay, I will see what my mood tomorrow will be. By the way, why did you suddenly want me to go on a blind date?”

Meng Yuelan wanted to speak but stopped.

Lin Jianjun next to her spoke up, “Well your mother found some tissue paper in the trash can inside your room.”

“That’s what I used to wipe my nose. I had a cold recently.” Lin Yuan felt like he is losing his face.

“You have to behave very well tomorrow. Your blind date is not worst compared to Xiao Yue. She has the look, height, and body. And she also came from abroad. The family also has money. You have to do your best…” Meng Yuelan wasn’t finished talking yet, then came the sound of Lin Yuan closing the door.

She shook her head, “This child.”

Lin Jianjun, who was reading the newspaper, intervened for a while: “Be considerate. Let him go. After all he is still young and has all the energy.”

The next day…

Lin Yuan still came to Yan’s villa.

“Aunt Song Xuan. Your body is already in good condition. You don’t need to have acupuncture every day. I will come back to give acupuncture again depending on the situation. Just a few occasions. “Lin Yuan said.

“Okay, I’m really getting better these days Little Yuan. Thank you very much. You gave your auntie a second life.

“It is nothing serious, Auntie. Lin Yuan waved his hand.

“By the way, there a few small companies under my name that are not very profitable. They have all been transferred to your account. I heard that you can trade stocks very well. The company really needs a hand. I hope I can count on you to help Auntie’s company make a profit from all the losses!” Song Xuan laughed.

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan knew what Song Xuan meant.

This so-called not very profitable companies is actually false. They are definitely profitable companies.

Lin Yuan remembered that yesterday, the manager of the company had reported to him that the Yan Group has transferred several companies to him for free, with a total value of more than one billion yuan.

“Aunt Song, it’s really unnecessary.” Lin Yuan said.

In fact, he has gained a lot from speaking to Song Xuan these days. And Song Xuan is a very talkative person and speaks comfortably with him.

“Accept it, so that Auntie can sleep at ease at night.” Song Xuan smiled.

This is the primary reason why Lin Yuan helped Song Xuan to cure her illness. She treats other people very well and she is very comfortable to be with.

Thinking that he still has to go to his blind date, Lin Yuan bid goodbye.

And Yan Ruyue does not need to be asked by Song Xuan to send Lin Yuan outside.

She stood up directly and sent Lin Yuan away.

Seeing Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan’s backs from afar, Song Xuan shook her head.

“Oh, this silly girl. These companies will be part of the dowries first. I just hope that Little Yuan will treat her better.”

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue walked for a few minutes.

Yan Ruyue is already a little used to sending Lin Yuan out every day.

She thought that Lin Yuan might not come anymore.

Yan Ruyue didn’t know why but she felt a little nervous and an unexplainable panic in her heart.

Facing Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue tried to speak but stopped.

Finally when Lin Yuan was about to step out, Yan Ruyue overcame her hesitations.

She resisted the tension of her rapid heartbeat and said, “Can I treat you to a meal this afternoon?”

“Huh?” Lin Yuan turned to look at Yan Ruyue.

Today, Yan Ruyue wore a chiffon shirt and a pair of short pants. But because of her long legs, the half-length pants for a normal height woman looked like a quarter in length.

And the cold-female president who is usually cold and unapproachable, now looked shy and nervous. She also initiated an invitation.

It is almost impossible for any man to refuse.

However, Lin Yuan replied faintly, “Miss Yan, sorry, I have an appointment this afternoon.”

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Yan Ruyue blurted out in her mind and felt that it would be impolite to ask.

Whatever the reason of Lin Yuan’s refusal is none of her business and she is not in the position to further ask. However, she couldn’t help but think as to what is going in with Lin Yuan. Is it because of that woman?

Lin Yuan was not afraid to tell Yan Ruyue and said directly, “My parents arranged a blind date for me this afternoon.”

“Blind date?” Yan Ruyue opened her mouth in surprise.

At the same time, she didn’t know why her heart pounded unexplainably.

It seemed like one or more hands were pulling her heartstrings mercilessly.

“Well, blind date it is.” Lin Yuan confirmed..“Then, I wish you a smooth blind date.” Yan Ruyue took a few deep breaths in secret, and then she smiled.

She tried to show a happy and bright smile.

Yan Ruyue though Lin Yuan didn’t notice. But Lin Yuan saw clearly what she tried so hard to hide.

Her smile was not sincere.

To describe it, it is a smile uglier than crying.

But Lin Yuan turned a blind eye and smiled. “With your encouraging words, I really hope my blind date will go smoothly as you said.”

Listening to Lin Yuan’s words, Yan Ruyue’s breathing became more and more rapid.

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