Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 84 Is this the face of a Young Master?

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Lin Yuan did not like Qiao Siying’s hand on his shoulders, so he immediately removed her hand.

“In public, don’t you understand the intimacy of men and women through touching?

Although Lin Yuan was sitting, Qiao Siying was standing.

But at this moment Qiao Siying felt as if she was being looked down on by Lin Yuan.

Qiao Siying was not convinced. “You are being rude to me. I don’t like you! Give the money back soon or I will not let you go!”

While asking for the money, Qiao Siying actually saw “The Voice Express” magazine on Lin Yuan’s table.

She was amused.

She remembered how her dad told her about her blind date today.

“I know that boy very well. He is the best Young Man in Jiangbei. He is a good and gentle man, rich, and handsome. He is just amazing!”

In her father’s mouth, her blind date has become the best man in the world.

His closing words were, “I had a talk with my future in-laws and we agreed that when the two of you meet, remember to bring a copy of a “Voice Express Magazine”.

And now on the table of this man lies a “The Voice Express Magazine”!

Is it just a coincidence?

It must be a coincidence?!

Qiao Siying, unable to believe it, lightly gritted her teeth.

So, this is the perfect man in his dad’s mouth?

The man in front of her didn’t even resemble that perfect man at all!

He may be handsome, but he is not a good person!

“That magazine on your table, did someone sit before you and left it there? Did he go to the bathroom?” Qiao Siying didn’t want to believe it at all so she asked Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan kept silent and looked at her playfully.

Seeing how Lin Yuan reacted, Qiao Siying understood.

Gritting her teeth once again, Qiao Siying sat down directly opposite to where Lin Yuan was sitting.

It can be said that for the blind date today, Qiao Siying’s dress looked quite delicate.

The apparent blond hair was straight and naturally hanging on her back.

That already exquisite mixed-race face, even after putting on makeup, no one can find the slightest flaw.

Her perfectly proportioned body is clothed with a long pink chiffon dress.

Her dress complemented her white complexion and slender limbs.

However, Lin Yuan couldn’t seem to appreciate her beauty because of her ferocious face.

“I am very displeased that my blind date is you.” Lin Yuan said lightly before taking a sip of his cappuccino.

Hearing this, Qiao Siying raised her eyebrows and said, “I am not very satisfied with likes of you either. You have nothing but money. Do you know who Rousseau is? What his masterpiece is? Do you even know Kant? Do you know what freedom is…. (T/N: Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant)

“Are you proficient in any kind of musical instrument? Do you know music, chess, and calligraphy? Can you appreciate the art? Do you know how rare freedom and democracy are? Do you have anything worthy of praise?”

Listening to Qiao Siying’s preaching and noble words made Lin Yuan shook his head in dismay and didn’t bother to care about her.

“Speak slowly so you will not get tired. If the time is up, then you can go back home. ” Lin Yuan said.

Before the two came out for their blind date, both of them were asked by their parents to share their locations so they can see if they are together or not.

So, Lin Yuan planned to drink tea the entire time and then just leave.

Although Qiao Siying have said so much, Lin Yuan didn’t seem bothered.

Qiao Siying was not angry.

“Okay. I will stop telling you things you don’t even understand. I will be returning to my house in half an hour, so give me my 500,000 yuan.”

Looking for Qiao Siying asking for money, Lin Yuan did not speak and silently dialed a WeChat call.

“Hey mom. It is only today that I have a blind date with this woman, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she immediately asked for money. I don’t want to see her again.”

“That can’t be. Isn’t the Qian family quite rich? Why would she ask for money?

Hearing this, Qiao Siying became anxious and quickly shouted, “Auntie, please don’t listen to his nonsense, I…”

“Beep…” Lin Yuan ended the call and pointed his phone screen directly at Qiao Siying.

“Don’t shout. Save your energy. I just hung up the phone.” Lin Yuan said.

“Are you making fun of me?” Qiao Siying said angrily.

“Well I have a membership on this store. Let’s get something to eat first, after eating lets return. Leave some face for the elders,” Lin yuan said.

Qiao Siying rolled her eyes, thought for a while, and for some reason agreed.


Qiao Siying thought of an idea.

“Today, I will save the face of the elders first, then I will quickly think of a solution to this.”

The consumption in this coffee shop is quite high.

I will give this Lin Yuan a headache first.

Qiao Siying did not think much about what she will order.

She went and said, “I want this, this, and this. I want them all.”

Qiao Siying called for the waiter and ordered some of the most expensive desserts.

“This… Are you sure? I am afraid that this will bring a lot of fats in your body.” The waiter spoke kindly.

“I am sure. I want all of these please. “

“Can you stop ordering so much. You will get fat.”

Qiao Siying glared at Lin Yuan and said, “That is not much! I am not afraid to get fat! Why? Did I order too much?” Qiao Siying said satirically.

Lin Yuan did not speak anymore and just looked back at her.

“Waiter. Can you please add one more serving to what she ordered just now?” Lin Yuan said.

Qiao Siying was dumbfounded when she heard this. “Is this the face of a Young Master.”

In order to fight her, He must spend his money directly?

He doubled the order which can cost tens of thousands of yuan.

What a waste since they cannot finish them all by themselves.

But the more waste, the better!

This is only one fifth of what was cheated from her.

Qiao Siying felt comfortable while Lin Yuan’s face was expressionless and calm.

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