Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 85 Crying Qiao Siying. There is another one?

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After half an hour, looking at Qiao Siying who was eating another cake, Lin Yuan stood up.

“I’m going to the toilet.”

“Hmm” Qiao Siying still had a cake in her mouth and couldn’t speak clearly.

Seconds had passed.

Twenty seconds.

Half a minute passed.

Lin Yuan hasn’t come back yet

Qiao Siying then felt that there is something wrong.

She remembered that Lin Yuan didn’t seem to be walking in the direction of the toilet.

She turned her phone on and looked at the location which was visible to her and Lin Yuan as well as their parents.

She found out that Lin Yuan’s location is hundreds of meters away from her.

Lin Yuan has run away!

Qiao Siying shocked for a second and then reacted.

Lin Yuan has used the legendary escape technique of going to the toilet as an excuse when the time for paying the bill approaches.

“Didn’t you say that you have a membership in this store? Why did you leave without paying?” Qiao Siying angrily sent Lin Yuan a text message.

Soon, Qiao Siying received a reply.

She seemed to be able to see Lin Yuan’s sarcastic face across the screen.

“I just said that I have a membership at that store. When did I say that I was going to treat you?”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s reply and imagining him saying these things while yawning so many times made Qiao Siying’s fuming in anger.

She grabbed the bag on her side and wanted to rush out, but she was stopped by the store clerk.

“Miss, before you go, please check out first. Your bill is a total of one hundred twenty-three thousand five hundred yuan.” The clerk smiled brightly.

Qiao Siying bitterly reached out for some of her pocket money for the month and paid the bill.

Then, she drove swiftly, chasing after Lin Yuan, whose location she can see thru the GPS.

After driving for a few hundred meters, Qiao Siying saw Lin Yuan’s Lamborghini.

Lin Yuan purposely stopped there to wait for her.

“I knew you would catch up.” Lin Yuan said as soon as Qiao Siying arrived.

Qiao Siying didn’t bother to listen to Lin Yuan’s words and directly placed her hand in front of Lin Yuan and said, “Repay the money I paid for the food and add the money you owe me from last time.”

“That is a total of two million including interest and psychological damage.”

“Repay the money now! Don’t even think about leaving again without paying!”

Qiao Siying stared closely at Lin Yuan, full of anger and was about to burst.

“What do you want me to do?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Repay the money!”

“Ah. You are asking for money.”

“Repay the money now!”

“I kindly advise you to go now or you will soon regret it.” Lin Yuan said with a sigh.

Qiao Siying immediately went forward to where Lin Yuan was standing upon hearing this. Speaking, Qiao Siying stretched out her hand and covered her nose. “It’s really unlucky to meet someone like you. It seriously affected my mood and my heart. It is not good for me, even the air smells awful.”

Lin Yuan sighed and said, “Young lady, pay attention. You’d better move your feet ‘cause you stepped on some shit.”

Qiao Siying, ”..”

Qiao Siying slowly lowered her head to check on what she accidentally stepped on.

The sticky thing under shoes made her want to vomit.

After two seconds, she jumped away.

Qiao Siying was so angry. After taking a few deep breaths, she finally confronted Lin Yuan.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier? Can’t you tell me that there was some shit I might step on?” Qiao Siying scolded.

“Didn’t I tell you to go or you will regret it? Did you even listen? You didn’t.” Lin Yuan spread out his hands while explaining. His face is saying whatever happened has nothing to do with him.

Qiao Siying became even more angry and the threshold of her anger was almost full.

“Lin Yuan, you really have a problem.” Qiao Siying couldn’t help but curse.

Lin Yuan said indifferently, “You scold me now. It’s because you don’t understand me yet. You will understand me later….”

“And you will hate me even more.”

Qiao Siying felt delighted when she heard the first part of Lin Yuan’s response. But when she heard the last part, she burst from anger.

As the young lady of the Qiao Family, and being beautiful with a mixed race, whether at home or outside or abroad, people treat her kindly and gently.

They held me in their hands for the fear of me falling. They held their thoughts in their mouths for the fear of me melting. (T/N:meaning people are very fond and affectionate.)

Today, Lin Yuan made her angry many times. She got angry more than the instances she has been angry for the past year.

Under the uncontrollable anger and grievance, Qiao Siying’s eyes became sore. She burst into tears.

Her tears began falling.

Since Lin Yuan was right there and Qiao Siying didn’t want to lose her face, she wiped her tears with her hands and slightly bit her red lips.

Because the more she rubs her eyes, the more she feels wronged.

At this moment, she felt someone pulling her dress.

Following this, her body was pulled to the side of Lin Yuan’s Lamborghini, and a big warm hand touched her shoulders.

“Don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing a woman crying.” This time, Lin Yuan’s face was very soft and his eyes looked so much with sympathy.

He had a gentle smile on his face.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s gentle appearance, Qiao Siying’s heart fluttered. After all Lin Yuan had a 200 points charm.

Qiao Siying felt that Lin Yuan was finally sensible and finally did something right.

“I can’t stand seeing a woman crying, but he kept on bullying me….” Qiao Siying wanted to say this to him.

But before she could even speak, she was interrupted by Lin Yuan.

“I can’t stand seeing a woman crying, because if they cry, I laugh so hard.” Lin Yuan suddenly laughed too hard, then stepped on the accelerator of his car.

“You! Lin Yuan!!!

Qiao Siying shouted Lin Yuan’s name that she felt like she badly wanted to slap him on the face.

But Lin Yuan has escaped again onboard his Lamborghini.

At this time, Qiao Siying could not contain her anger that she could not even cry.

She was stomping and throwing things.

Qiao Siying was so angry that she dropped her own bag into her shit stained shoe.

She cried so hard and went back to her car to go home.

“Lin Yuan…!”

“I hate you!!!”

“You just wait. I will remember this day.”

Qiao Siying searched for Lin Yuan’s WeChat and sent several voice mails to Lin Yuan.

“Ding!” The system prompted. “Please add the other party as a friend first.”

“Ah! Qiao Siying smashed her phone and cried again.

On the other side…

Lin Yuan who was onboard his Lamborghini suddenly received a message from Meng Yuelan.

“How was the blind date?”

“Not very good. I am not very satisfied. Maybe on the next one.” Lin Yuan replied lightly.

“How do you know there will be another one?” Meng Yuelan was a little surprised.

Lin Yuan. “…… “

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