Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 87 Go to the Hotel?

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But even if Lin Yuan looked at her flat chest uninterestingly, Gui Qingtong is not bothered.

While still looking at Lin Yuan with enthusiasm, “Qingtong really likes brother Lin Yuan! Qingtong is not a kid anymore! I really like you! I love Brother Lin Yuan!”

“If you dislike Qingtong’s small chest, Qingtong will drink more Papaya milk.”

“In addition, I heard that when you have a boyfriend, he can help you make it grow bigger.”

“Brother Lin Yuan, can you help Qingtong when you have time…”

Seeing this naughty girl in high school uniform, Lin Yuan had an unforgivable sense of crime.

Lin Yuan looked around, fortunately, no one was paying attention to them.

After taking a sigh of relief, Lin Yuan said, “You are still young, and you don’t know yet what love is. I know I am handsome, but you are just in your adolescent years, and you might regret it”

Gui Qingtong, shook her head fiercely.

“No, no! Qingtong really likes brother Lin Yuan! Qingtong doesn’t deny that I am attracted to you because of your handsomeness. But Qingtong likes everything about you!”

“Your voice and smile, your appearance while you play the piano, the scent of your body…everything, even the disgusting look you give to Qingtong, Qingtong loves it!” Gui Qingtong said earnestly.

Looking at Gui Qingtong, Lin Yuan started to have a headache.

“Um…your brother is a scumbag. Do you remember that beautiful woman that day? That beautiful woman is only one of my many girlfriends.” Lin Yuan said.

“Then you just have one more girlfriend. There are already a lot anyway!” Gui Qingtong said.

“I’m a scumbag…

“I don’t care if you are a scumbag Brother Lin Yuan!”

Lin Yuan: “…”. He didn’t understand how Gui Qingtong liked him so much.

Lin Yuan silently called upon the favorability panel to check whether Gui Qingtong is saying the truth.

Upon looking, Lin Yuan was stunned because Gui Qingtong didn’t lie.

Gui Qingtong’s affection reached as high as 90 points.

Aside from Qiu Wanxi’s 99 points, she is the female heroine with the highest degree of affection.

Lin Yuan remembered that if the favorability reaches 100 points, it is a complete counterattack. (T/N:彻底攻略, FYI only, I might change the term in the future)

A complete counterattack will be rewarded generously.

You can also get a divine level skill directly. This is just 10 favorability points away.

Maybe one home base can make it happen.

To be honest, it’s a little bit tempting.

After thinking about his next plan, Lin Yuan decided to put this aside.

And Gui Qingtong was indeed too young.

Lin Yuan still prefers mature aesthetics.

Gui Qingtong really likes Lin Yuan.

When Lin Yuan was thinking about his complete counterattack, he could feel the look in her eyes.

And Gui Qingtong didn’t mind at all and stood up quite confidently.

Lin Yuan shook his head and got into his car. While sitting on his Lamborghini, he said, “Get in the car.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Gui Qingtong went to the passenger seat.

“Big brother Lin Yuan, where are we going?”

“Are we going to a hotel? It’s not that Qingtong doesn’t like it, but isn’t it too fast?”

“Ah! If brother Lin Yuan really wants to, it is not impossible.”

“Well, Qingtong is not young anymore.” Gui Qingtong nodded vigorously although a little bit embarrassed to cheer for herself.

How could Lin Yuan not see through this little girl’s thoughts?

“Go to the hotel? You don’t even have an ID card. We can’t book for a room.”

“Then are you taking me to your house?”

“Yeah! Going home for the first time. It’s a shame!”

Gui Qingtong covered her face with her small hand to hide her shyness.

Her ears turned red.

“I want to take you home, but not in my home, it’s yours.”

“Little girl, what are you thinking about all day? Do you usually look at something unhealthy?”

Seeing those little ears blushing, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but pinch them. Gui Qingtong whose ears were pinched felt itchy. Her ears are a little sensitive.

For Lin Yuan’s actions, she has no objection and likes them very much!

After doing that twice, Lin Yuan didn’t do it again. After all, he had to drive.

Gui Qingtong explained, “Qingtong rarely sees unhealthy things! Mom doesn’t let me see those! But my basic physiological knowledge is good.”

“Brother Lin Yuan, didn’t you feel it? I have slept with you so many times in my dreams.”

“In my dream, last night, Brother Lin Yuan, and Qingtong gave birth to so many babies, hehehe!”

Lin Yuan looked at this pure and lovely girl with an innocent look on her face. He smiled a little and had this unexplainable feeling.

If it can be put into words, it’s egg pain. (T/N:egg pain – indescribable feeling of powerlessness)

Both he and Gui Qingtong home-based many times. And she gave birth to many kids? Has he agreed with her already?

However, Gui Qingtong did not wake up from her dream.

Lin Yuan brought Gui Qingtong to the door of her house.

The Gui family has a very big house. It’s so much bigger than the Yan family’s villa.

“Thank you, brother Lin, for taking me home.” Gui Qingtong smiled and thanked him. But her thoughts run wild again.

“Huh? Brother Lin Yuan, how do you know where my house is? Did I tell you? Right, do you like me, Brother Lin Yuan? Did you follow me home? Wow!”

Gui Qingtong went on to think beyond what can be imagined which adolescent girls undergo.

Lin Yuan shook his head helplessly and said, “On the way, I followed your lovely smell. I can find your home just by tracking your scent. I have sent you back!”

“Ah, Brother Lin Yuan, you are too much! Talking to you makes me too shy!” With a blushing face, Gui Qingtong ran back home.

Seeing Gui Qingtong’s departure, Lin Yuan realized.

The normal flow of thoughts of girls like Qingtong is not easy to follow and understand.

You cannot interact with her in a conventional way

It is better to let her go than to harass her.

Saying sorrowful words can make her escape from her fantasies.

Looking at Qingtong’s giant home, the corners of Lin Yuan’s mouth slightly raised.

Gui Qingtong never mentioned where she lived. How will he know where the Gui family’s home is?

In the novel, Gui family had a place that has been mentioned several times. Soon, he will come into this house again and there will be many people coming.



“Are you free tonight? Can we have a meal together? I want to tell you something.” Yan Ruyue bit her red lips and pressed send.

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