Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 88 Yan Ruyue’s Concern and Pain!

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When Lin Yuan got home, he got a message from Yan Ruyue on WeChat asking for dinner tonight.

With a slight smile, Lin Yuan replied.


Yan Ruyue, who is staring at her phone screen blankly for almost half an hour, breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Lin Yuan’s reply.

She doesn’t know why, but she was very afraid that Lin Yuan would ignore or refuse her invitation again.

She felt a touch of joy she couldn’t suppress upon seeing Lin Yuan’s reply.

“This one… this one…”

Yan Ruyue faces the full-length mirror trying on her clothes one by one.

She can’t explain why, but she felt that today’s invitation is very important.

Ordinarily, whether she must go to the company or go somewhere else, she just ensures to look decent. For as long as she feels comfortable with her attire, she doesn’t put too much effort into looking good.

But today, she is anxious about what to wear and how she will look.

She wants to be alluring and enticing tonight.


At night.

Lin Yuan finally came to the restaurant that Yan Ruyue said.

The elegantly decorated restaurant is huge.

But as soon as he entered the door of the restaurant, Lin Yuan could already locate where Yan Ruyue was seated because today, she looks remarkable.

The restaurant is popular in Jiangbei, many of its customers are celebrities from the upper class.

There were beautiful and graceful ladies, exceptionally dressed and wearing expensive jewelry.

But those beauties are a little overshadowed today.

Because today, Yan Ruyue is dressed exquisitely, looked glamorous, and overwhelming.

No matter how beautiful the other women were, they looked a little inferior to Yan Ruyue.

Even if she just sat there quietly, all the men in the restaurant couldn’t help but take a peek at her.

Lin Yuan walked towards Yan Ruyue while scrutinizing her appearance.

The lights shining directly on her showed her delicate, white, and smooth face. Her attractive broad eyes shined brightly. Her eyebrows were distinct. Her long and thick eyelashes trembled slightly. But she seemed to have a little anxiety in her heart.

Under her beautiful eyes is a high-bridged nose and pink lips that are as tender as the rose petals.

Today, Yan Ruyue wears a stunning rose-red off-shoulder dress, which is completely different from the ones she usually wore.

(omitted 200 words description of beauty) (T/N:Guys to be clear, I didn’t omit anything, I copied this from the raw.)

In short, today’s Yan Ruyue is very beautiful as a fairy in a painting.

When Lin Yuan walked towards the seat opposite Yan Ruyue and sat down, the men present there seemed heartbroken.

But looking at Lin Yuan, they couldn’t afford even the slightest comparison, because Lin Yuan is too good-looking.

The jealous ladies withdrew their glaring look at Yan Ruyue and turned to look at Lin Yuan with astonishment.

Lin Yuan, ignored the eyes of women around him, smiled and said, “Miss Yan, you came early. Have you been waiting for me for a long time?”

Yan Ruyue seeing Lin Yuan sitting opposite to her had an unfathomable sense of panic and anxiety in her eyes.

She became even more nervous when Lin Yuan spoke casually to her.

“No… I didn’t wait for too long…” Yan Ruyue answered nervously.

When Yan Ruyue heard Lin Yuan’s word, she glances at the time.

Lin Yuan came on time, she came early.

If it was before, the one who would come first will be Lin Yuan. This change makes her feel lost.

Lin Yuan looked carefully at her eyes.

Under the brilliance of her appearance, Lin Yuan could actually see a lot of flaws in her today.

First of all, she had some redness and swelling in her eyes, which made it seem that she has cried a lot, even though they were covered with eye shadow.

And her thin pink lips are a bit torn.

This is different from the time Yan Ruyue wasn’t able to sleep.

She did not cover her flaws before for Lin Yuan to clearly notice.

But this time, even if with make-up, Lin Yuan still saw what Yan Ruyue tried to hide under her makeup.

Lin Yuan understands.

It is probably because of what he did early that day

The atmosphere was unusually cold. Both of them were silent.

Lin Yuan is not in a hurry to know what Yan Ruyue wanted to tell him over dinner.

He could see the tangled expression in her eyes at this time.

At last, Yan Ruyue speaks up.

“Ah! When you were singing at Li Feifei’s concert, I was watching the live broadcast. You sang very well.”

“Thank you.” Lin Yuan thanked her politely, but his tone was cold.

While biting her pink lips, Yan Ruyue couldn’t help but ask again. “The song you sang is really good and powerful. When did you learn to sing?”

“Does Miss Yan care about me?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile instead of answering.

“I..” Yan Ruyue was a little speechless.

“Miss Yan doesn’t think that I can sing well. Does that have something to do with how I sang to you before?” Lin Yuan smiled.

Yan Ruyue hesitated for a moment and nodded.

She remembered how she disliked Lin Yuan’s horrible singing and Lin Yuan promised that he will improve it.

Although she doesn’t think that he improved all because of her, she still thought it has something to do with her.

But unexpectedly, Lin Yuan said with a smile, “I improved myself and sang that song, but everything has nothing to do with you.”

Yan Ruyue’s face looked a little displeased when she heard Lin Yuan’s words and rays of sadness radiated from her eyes.

“Oh, I remember, you can play the piano well?” Yan Ruyue said.

“I am able to play the piano, but this also has nothing to do with Miss Yan.” Lin Yuan smiled again.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s taunting smile once again, Yan Ruyue’s heart seemed to have been twisted.

She felt a bit embarrassed and tormented.

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