Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 83 Yan Ruyue is unable to control herself!

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A sense of soreness from inside her body went frantically upward.

She felt like a water bag with a limited capacity continuously being filled with water.

Yan Ruyue felt as if she is about to burst open.

She squeezed her hands and even clenched her fists. She then flexed her hands with a smile and made a cheering gesture and shouted, “Goodluck!”

Then she bit her red and tender lips lightly and quickly turned around.

Under Lin Yuan’s gaze, she ran back to the house.

Shen Lan: “Master, aren’t you too much? I think Yan Ruyue is almost crying.”

Lin Yuan replied, “Is it too much.?”

Shen Lan: “You are well aware that she is about to cry. You kept talking about things that will break her heart. I am afraid that her favorability towards you will decrease.

Lin Yuan said, “Actually…This is what I like to see.”

Lin Yuan smiled and narrowed his eyes.

On the other side…

Yan Ruyue ran home straight to the comfort room. She didn’t want to be seen by her mother or anyone else.

She locked the door.

Sitting on the toilet, Yan Ruyue clutched her long legs tightly with both hands, and all of her fingernails pierced through her flesh without even noticing.

Yan Ruyue’s delicate and beautiful face was a little distorted this time.

She doesn’t know why she is acting like this.

All she knew was that she felt as if there was something sharp stuck in her heart especially when Lin Yuan said he was going on a blind date.

She was almost out of breath for quite some time. But in sadness, she was still able to cheer for Lin Yuan.

She didn’t want to.

She didn’t want this to happen.

Now she wants to slap her face for cheering for him. But in fact, if she can go back in time, she is not sure what she will do.

She seems unable to control her body.

“Why? Why am I like this?”

Is it because Lin Yuan turned her down again?

Why does she feel sad and miserable?

It felt as if the inside of her body was going through a madness of waves.

Numerous acids and harsh solutions furiously corroded her heart and her whole body.

She stood up and looked in the mirror.

There she saw two lines of clear tears falling from the corner of her eyes.

Her bright thin lips had bite marks and there were also traces of blood.

Yan Ruyue tried to wipe her tears away.

But they kept falling and she found herself wiping more and more tears, her head too low and already close to the sink.

She didn’t cry because Lin Yuan went on a blind date.

She cried because she realized her mind and body are out of her control.

She is so sick of this feeling, but she can’t seem to control herself.


On the other side…

Lin Yuan onboard his Lamborghini was on the phone with his mother, Meng Yuelan.

He asked the time and place of the blind date.

Although he is not interested, he decided to go so that her mother and the others will not worry about his future.

“That Time Coffee Hill in the south of the city, right?”

“Hold a copy of “The Voice Express” magazine in hand? Where can I find one? What? You put one in my car under the seat? (T/N:Not sure if Voice Express is correct translation, raw says 知音快客, not sure also if this is a magazine that exist in real life or what. If you have better term suggestion just let me know.)

Lin Yuan lowered his head and saw that there was a magazine of ” The Voice Express “.

Soon, Lin Yuan drove to the café.

The neighborhood where Time Coffee Hill is located is obviously not very popular.

There are not many people in the café.

As soon as Lin Yuan entered, he caught everyone’s attention because he is so handsome.

Meng Yuelan repeatedly emphasized to dress handsomely, so he did.

Lin Yuan wore an exquisite, customized suit when he went out today.

He also changed his watch from a Patek Philippe watch, which is worth more than five million, to a Vacheron Constantin Malte series platinum diamonds worth more than 10 million.

So at this time, Lin Yuan looked extraordinary. He walked through the entrance lazily.

It was in an instant that everyone was shocked by his looks.

The guys were full of envy, jealousy, and inferiority.

He looked so hot in the eyes of women.

He looks handsome, young, and rich.

No words can be enough to describe how stunning he is.

Lin Yuan didn’t care about the eyes that were looking at him.

He glanced at the store first. No one was found holding a ” The Voice Express ” magazine.

Helpless, he could only roll up the magazine in his hand, then walked towards the counter.

“A cup of cappuccino.” Lin Yuan said lazily.

“Um…well!” The female salesperson looking at his face for seemed lost for a moment.

Lin Yuan casually found a place to sit down.

He didn’t bother holding the magazine in his hands and just placed it on the table.

Then he made himself busy with his phone.

He didn’t care about the blind date and chatted with Qiu Wanxi on the phone.

They talked for about three to four minutes.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan felt someone patting his shoulder.

“Hello, is there anyone here?” A nice voice came.

Lin Yuan turned his head and saw a beautiful blonde woman.

As for the beautiful woman, she was also shocked at how handsome Lin Yuan is.

They were both motionless for a while and blonde woman stood still.

“So, it is you?” The two of them said simultaneously.

Lin Yuan was a little shocked and confused to have met an acquaintance whom he does not have a good relationship with.

This blonde beauty is no other than the woman he had previously met before, Qiao Siying!.

That mixed-race beauty studied who studied abroad is the ‘Queen of Freedom, and Equality’. She is the Young Lady of the Qiao Family who had high resentment towards the rich people.

Qiao Siying!

Lin Yuan finally understood upon seeing the magazine in her hands.

Last night, Meng Yuelan said that her blind date had both beauty and body that is not worse than Yan Ruyue.

Now, He finally got it.

Her blind date turned out to be the beautiful Qiao Siying.

Qiao Siying is indeed beautiful.

Her figure is also very good. After all, she has mix race which made her look exquisite. She also has one of the best proportions among women Lin Yuan has ever seen.

Qiao’s family is also very rich but Lin Yuan feels that Qiao Siying has a problem in her head.

Although Lin Yuan noticed Qiao Siying holding the “The Voice Express” magazine, the latter didn’t notice his because it was on the table at that time.

Qiao Siying didn’t pay attention to Lin Yuan’s weird eyes either.

As soon as she saw Lin Yuan, she became angry, and immediately grabbed Lin Yuan’s suit and said, “Finally, I caught you! Hurry up and return my 500,000 yuan!”

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