Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 89 Miss Yan, why should I treat you?

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Yan Ruyue was very uncomfortable because Lin Yuan said to her face that everything he can do well now has nothing to do with her. She thought that the reason why Lin Yuan can sing and play the piano well now was all because of her.

“So, everything has nothing to do with me. Then why did you sing to me and play the piano for me before?”

Yan Ruyue did not doubt Lin’s words, but still couldn’t help but ask. Lin Yuan’s expression and tone when he clarified the matter made her believe his words but she doesn’t want to believe that fact.

“Maybe because I liked Miss Yan before.” Lin Yuan smiled.

The original Lin Yuan in the book did those silly things because of his love for Yan Ruyue.

“Maybe…You liked me before?

She remembered.

When Lin Yuan sang and played the piano recently, there was a perfect girl with no flaws by his side.

The girl who looks like a goddess.

But she is hopeful and sentimental, forcibly thinking that all those are for her.

Or she is just too arrogant.

Yan Ruyue blushed.

“What is the relationship between you and that girl? “

Although she is very embarrassed and ashamed at this time, Yan Ruyue still couldn’t help but ask.

Although Yan Ruyue only said, ‘that girl’, Lin Yuan knew that she was referring to Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan just smiled and said, “What is my relationship with her? It seems that has nothing to do with you, Miss Yan.”

“I was your fiancée before. And didn’t you like me before?” Yan Ruyue bit her lips tightly.

“Is it because you are my fiancée before and I used to like you, so I need to report everything to you?”

“I have nothing to do with you now Miss Yan, so I don’t need to tell you my relationship with that girl.”

“In other words, anything that concerns me should not matter to you, Miss Yan.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yan Ruyue quickly said: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that! I’m just curious, curious about you and her.”

“Oh?” Lin Yuan smiled. “You are just curious about my relationship with her? Is it not because you like me, Miss Yan?”

Yan Ruyue was speechless.

She is also not sure about how she feels about the new Lin Yuan now.

She felt very confused.

In the past few days, she has always unconsciously longed for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan’s figure often appeared in her mind.

But she has always believed that she would hate men all her life

She doesn’t really understand her feelings.

Lin Yuan said lightly, “Didn’t we cancel the engagement long ago? Didn’t both parties agree? Now, we should have nothing to do with each other.”

“Moreover, Miss Yan, you were so tired of me before, do you still want me despite my previous shortcomings? Have you forgotten the freedom and dignity you used to pursue?”

Looking at Lin Yuan’s indifferent eyes, and hearing his words, Yan Ruyue had an unexplainable strong tingling sensation in her heart. It’s as if her heart is getting eaten by countless ants.

“I’m sorry.“ Yan Ruyue said suddenly.

“Why did you apologize Miss Yan?” Lin Yuan asked with a puzzled look.

“I…” Yan Ruyue hesitated.

Biting her lips, Yan Ruyue said, “I’m sorry for my attitude towards you before. You were so kind to me before.”

“I didn’t cherish those times and took your kindness for granted. I was also very indifferent to you before and ignored your love.”

Yan Ruyue lowered her head and said these as if she was repenting.

Although the people around could not hear the conversation between Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue, it can still be seen that Yan Ruyue showed a humble attitude and seems to be apologizing.

Seeing such a peerless beauty who is humble and Lin Yuan who is indifferent currently,

All of the men present wanted to replace him, but no one dares to make a move.

“Miss Yan, are you a misandry?” Lin Yuan suddenly asked. (T/N:hatred or dislike of men)

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s questions, Yan Ruyue looked up in disbelief.

Lin Yuan asked again, “Are you always disgusted with men? Not only psychologically but also physically?”

“How do you know?” Yan Ruyue was surprised.

“When you were young, did your father often abused your mother, which left a big shadow in your heart?”

“How do you know these things? Did my mother tell you?”

“No. It’s impossible. My mother would never say this to anyone.”

Yan Ruyue was too shocked.

These are the secrets of her family.

Only she and her mother know about these. How did Lin Yuan know?

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Have you forgotten about my medical skills? I have concluded these based on my judgment and analysis of your mother while I was treating her recently.”

“So, I know that you not only suffer from hatred of men but sometimes you still do crave for the love from your father, right?”

The medical skills Lin Yuan mentioned are actually just excuses. These secrets were all mentioned in the original novel.

But Yan Ruyue didn’t know about this. She just thought that Lin Yuan’s medical skills are superb.

Looking at Yan Ruyue who was still shocked, Lin Yuan said again, “Although your illness is only on the inner level, it is not that serious.”

“It is not serious? For example, my heart and mind have been very twisted in the past few days. I am easily hurt. And I find it difficult to control myself.”

Lin Yuan is actually just making things up.

He guesses that Yan Ruyue has been suffering recently because of him and misleads her to believe that it is because of misandry.

But Yan Ruyue didn’t know about this.

In other words, she is not aware of what she feels and prefers to associate the same with misandry.

She is convinced that everything that happens to her now was because of her experiences as a child and believed Lin Yuan’s words.

Thinking of the pain she has been enduring in the past few days, Yan Ruyue doesn’t want to continue being like this.

She bit her lips, and pleaded, “How can I treat this illness? Could you please help me? Your medical skills are commendable.”

“Can you help me treat it?”

“If it is possible to treat it, I hope you can help me please?!”

Seeing Yan Ruyue pleading continuously, Lin Yuan smiled and said lightly, “This illness is not curable, but it can be managed. It’s just that, why should I treat you?”

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