Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 90 Miss Yan if I told you to go east, you can’t go west!

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Why should I treat you?

Yan Ruyue was stunned when she heard Lin Yuan’s response.

Yes, why should he treat me?

As Lin Yuan said before, she has nothing to do with him anymore.

Why should Lin Yuan help her treat this illness?

Yan Ruyue suddenly remembered Lin Yuan’s principle of equivalent exchange before.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I…. I can give you a reward.”

Lin Yuan smiled, “What’s the reward? Money? You should know Miss Yan, I’m not short of money, right?”

Yan Ruyue was taken aback.

Indeed, as the young master of the Lin family, can she consider paying Lin Yuan in exchange for his help?


It is impossible for Lin Yuan to be short of money.

So, besides money, what else can she give as a reward to Lin Yuan?

Just when Yan Ruyue was very confused.

Lin Yuan said: “We can talk about the treatment first before we talk about the ‘reward’. It will be a bit difficult to cure your illness and the process of treatment… You may not like it very much….”

“How to treat?” Yan Ruyue replied subconsciously.

“You have to start overcoming your hate of men. It’s actually very simple as long as you try to get along with the opposite sex. It’s just that, Miss Yan, it is very uncomfortable for you to have contact with the opposite sex, right? Both psychologically and physically. “Lin Yuan said with a light smile.

“This…” hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Yan Ruyue began to hesitate.

“I hardly know any man. There is only one that I’m fairly familiar” Yan Ruyue said looking at Lin Yuan.

“Me? Really?” Lin Yuan said.

Yan Ruyue nodded quickly.

Lin Yuan knew that what Yan Ruyue said was true.

After all, she is the young miss of the Yan Family, one of the top four beauties in Jiangbei.

Although she has many suitors, she is not an ordinary person who can have contact with the opposite sex.

And even if she encounters any men within two to three meters, she feels uncomfortable, so she avoids contact by leaving quickly.

The only male she ever had contact with ever since she was a child was her father and Lin Yuan.

But both men had left her with bad memories.

Her father’s manifestation of domestic violence scarred her childhood.

“Do you want me to help you treat your illness? It can be cured but I have my conditions.” Lin Yuan said.

“What conditions?” Yan Ruyue eagerly asked.

“It is very simple; you just have to be obedient at all times. The treatment process will not be easy. You have to adapt to a lot of things you are not used to. So, I only have one request, and that is to be obedient.”

“If you agree, then I will help you treat your illness. If you don’t, then there will be no other way.”

“When I say obedient, it means completely being submissive. If I say you go east, you can’t go west. If I say you go south, then you can’t go north.”

“Of course, I will not deliberately make you do something that you don’t want to do and anything that is not going to help cure your illness.”

“It’s up to you to decide. I will give you ten seconds to think about it.”

Yan Ruyue’s mind got twisted upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words.

She hesitated very much.

Be completely obedient?

If he says go east, she can’t go west?

She even insisted to cancel the engagement before.

Even her mother she dared to disobey.

Didn’t she do it because she doesn’t like to be manipulated, for freedom?

But she couldn’t say she disagrees.

She doesn’t want to suffer like that anymore.

“Your ten seconds is up. Since Miss Yan hesitates, then let us forget about the treatment.”

Lin Yuan got up and then left after speaking.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s movements, Yan Ruyue unexplainably panicked a little. She immediately got up and grabbed Lin Yuan’s arms.

“I promise.” Yan Ruyue bit her lips and said decisively.

Seeing Yan Ruyue’s gnawed lips and her serious eyes, Lin Yuan smiled.

His smile had a meaning to it.

[Ding! Reward 500 counterattack points!]

The system announced a reward.

The other men in the restaurant, having witnessed what just happened felt jealous.

What is so good about this man? Why can’t I be the one beside her?

Of course, they didn’t look at the mirror when they thought of such things.

The women in the restaurant wanted to replace Yan Ruyue so bad.

After what happened, there is no way they can eat this meal.

Lin Yuan is not hungry, and Yan Ruyue inviting to eat is just an excuse.

Lin Yuan went directly out of the restaurant.

Yan Ruyue also hurriedly followed.

Seeing such a beauty chasing after Lin Yuan’s every step, all the other men were heartbroken.

During this time, Yan Ruyue had a low-key behavior, her cheeks are slightly red.

When she remembered that she took the hand of Lin Yuan, she still felt the embarrassment.

And Lin Yuan also thought about checking the favorability panel. Yan Ruyue’s favorability towards him is now 35 points.

This is not low but also not so high.

The reason why Yan Ruyue agreed to him is not because she loves him too much.

Lin Yuan knew several reasons which would have made her agree to his conditions.

First, it is natural for Yan Ruyue to believe in his medical skills and she is indeed misandry.

Second, she wants to satisfy her curiosity about the new Lin Yuan compared to the licking dog version from before.

Also, her previous guilt of taking Lin Yuan for granted also factored in.

The favorability of 35 points is already a big gap with other’s men negative numbers.

In addition, she owes Lin Yuan for saving Song Xuan and her iris flower plant.

So, under these factors, she promised to be obedient.

This is a promise that Lin Yuan might take advantage of.

Yan Ruyue believes that Lin Yuan is a genius doctor, so she hopes to be cured by him.

But Lin Yuan’s plan is to turn this cold female president into a licking dog.

The look in Lin Yuan’s eyes was unscrupulous. He always lingered on her perfect long legs. Yan Ruyue’s heartbeat raised.

Wh… What could he be thinking about?

“To treat you, let’s start with your legs.” Lin Yuan smiled lightly and charmingly.

But this smile, from Yan Ruyue’s point of view, there lies an extremely evil feeling.

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