Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 92 Please hold me up!

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With this thought, Yan Ruyue looked back at Lin Yuan only to find out that Lin Yuan was also looking at her, she quickly looked away in embarrassment.

Yan Ruyue was not angry. On the contrary, there was unexplainable happiness within her.

Lin Yuan was indeed looking at her but not her legs.

Yan Ruyue’s long legs are indeed perfect. They are slender and straight, so it really catches attention.

And after putting on high heels, her legs became more likable.

But the charm of putting on high heels doesn’t stop there.

When women wear high heels, they naturally twist their arms, waist, and butt while walking.

This is why some people say that a woman becomes more feminine after putting on high heels.

Looking at the cold female president, who is usually looked frosty, and now twisted and flicked her body, Lin Yuan became amused. He wanted to laugh a little while secretly recording what he was seeing.

There are no people on this road otherwise, Yan Ruyue wouldn’t have walked so happily despite the challenge of wearing high heels.

Yan Ruyue walked very slowly.

However, Lin Yuan’s footsteps were non-stop, walking at a constant speed, and even gradually accelerating.

In order to keep up with Lin Yuan therefore, Yan Ruyue tried to walk faster.

She walked and walked trying to outspeed Lin Yuan.

After all, it is the first time wearing high heels.

Yan Ruyue became a little excited. She didn’t control her speed.

Suddenly, she lost balance and twisted her foot. She fell to the side.

Fortunately, there happened to be a tree beside her which she can hold on to.

The stunningly dressed Yan Ruyue fell to the ground looking a little embarrassed.

She doesn’t want Lin Yuan to see such a humiliating scene.

Yan Ruyue struggled to get up and felt a great pain in her ankle.

She hurt her feet.

Feeling the sharp pain, Yan Ruyue realized she hurt her feet.

“I feel pain on my feet.” She said to Lin Yuan.

Seeing Lin Yuan approaching and looking at embarrassing state, her pretty face blushed.

But Lin Yuan’s eyes were unsympathetic.

Seeing Lin Yuan getting closer and closer to her, Yan Ruyue felt a fierce struggle in her heart.

‘He will come over to me in a while.’

‘My ankle is broken, he must help me stand up, right?’

‘Will he hold me up, or carry me?’

‘If he wants to hold me up, should I agree to let him touch me?’

‘Will my being misandry occur suddenly? ‘

‘But what should I do if I have a broken foot? What can I do? Shall I call my mother to pick me up?’

‘That will be too much trouble. No, I will let him hold me up instead.’

‘However, I will also struggle obviously, but I will have to be reserved.’

Yan Ruyue is often rich in inner drama.

In the end, Yan Ruyue decided, she held back twice and then asked Lin Yuan to carry her.

Very quickly, Lin Yuan came to where Yan Ruyue fell.

Seeing Lin Yuan looking at her closely and condescendingly, Yan Ruyue decided to not be reserved.

She opened her arms directly, planning to make it easier for Lin Yuan to hug her. She just wanted Lin Yuan to pick her up.

She was a little shy, so she closed her eyes.

One, two, and three seconds passed. Then Yan Ruyue opened her eyes.

After she opened her eyes, she found Lin Yuan holding his arms while looking at her blankly.

An extremely awkward feeling spread onto her chest.

In an instant, her face blushed.

She was embarrassed by Lin Yuan’s actions.

Under this circumstance, shouldn’t Lin Yuan hug her up naturally?

She opened her arms waiting for him to hug her while picking her up, but why did this man cross his own arms instead?

Lin Yuan never expected Yan Ruyue to have such a rich inner drama within her.

He then spoke indifferently, “Oh. So, your action meant you are asking me to hold you up~?”

Yan Ruyue was stunned when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Isn’t this part of his plan?

To make the girl fall to the ground and hurt her feet, so he can hug her while picking her up?

Yan Ruyue didn’t quite understand Lin Yuan at this time.

What can she do? She is too weak to walk, and her home is still far away even by car.

But what she did not expect was, Lin Yuan spitted out two words slowly.

“Beg me.”

Hearing these two words, Yan Ruyue was stunned.

Beg for Lin Yuan to pick her up?

Isn’t it usual for boys to help pick up a girl who just hurt her foot and inevitably have close contact?

Moreover, she’s a person with misandry and actively let Lin Yuan hug her.

Now that Lin Yuan actually knows she needs help, she still has to beg him for help?

Yan Ruyue not understanding what is happening asked to Lin Yuan, “Why? Is this also part of the treatment?”

“No.” Lin Yuan said. Yan Ruyue was stunned when she heard Lin Yuan’s reply.

“I just want to hear you begging me for help. It’s that simple.” Lin Yuan said slightly.

Hearing this, Yan Ruyue was stunned.

She understood that what Lin Yuan meant was for him to help her, she needs to ask

Could this be an application also of his principle of equivalent exchange?

Yan Ruyue knew already that Lin Yuan would not treat her free of charge.

But isn’t this too much?

He will only help her get up if she begs him for help?

Isn’t that a bit insulting?

Yan Ruyue’s facial expression suddenly turned ugly. Although she did beg, she did it not because of desperation.

When they asked Lin Yuan to help her mother and the Iris flowering plant, she also begged, but that’s in desperation.

After that, nothing like it happened again.

Now, she just asked to be held up, and he wants for her to beg?

Yan Ruyue was very confused.

But this small road is sparsely populated and completely dark. She could only call her mother or find someone to hold her up and send her back home.

After weighing the pros and cons, Yan Ruyue decided to just move her mouth.

Well, it’s not a big deal to just say it.

There is no humiliation.

After all, it is only natural to ask others for help.

Yan Ruyue madly comforted herself.

Then she stuttered while saying, “Please… Please hold me up…”

Yan Ruyue’s pretty face was full of embarrassment and shame currently.

But even so, Lin Yuan still just smiled and said, “Can you repeat that Miss Yan.”

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