Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 93 Humiliating!

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Yan Ruyue’s face turned red when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Lin Yuan can be said to be too much at this time.

But human behavior is unpredictable.

Yan Ruyue has decided to speak and blurted out the word ‘please’.

If she will not say please at this time, then she will have to endure the pain and go home by herself.

So, Yan Ruyue bit her teeth while blushing and said, “Please… Please hold me up.”

Just as Yan Ruyue said the last word, she found herself getting up, the whole body was rising in the air horizontally. Supporting her were two big warm hands.

Lin Yuan held her. This is, the legendary Princess Carry!

One of Lin Yuan’s hands stretched out from her back and under her armpit, while the other hand was holding the back of her knee.

Because they seemed like hugging each other, the distance between them is very close.

Lin Yuan could clearly feel Yan Ruyue’s soft body.

While picking her up, there are so many body parts that should not be touched.

But the Lin Yuan now is not the person she originally knew.

So, Lin Yuan will not be swayed.

The original Lin Yuan is very different from the Lin Yuan now who is a complete scumbag.

Yan Ruyue is still a young girl and despite being misandry, she did not feel a strong resistance while being held by and being in close contact with Lin Yuan.

What she felt was a slight, strangely warm feeling…

Their distance from each other is very close.

Yan Ruyue could clearly feel Lin Yuan’s heartbeat.

She can also smell the faint, peculiar smell of male hormones exuding from Lin Yuan.

As for Lin Yuan’s face, at this time, the distance from Yan Ruyue is no more than two fists.

Yan Ruyue could clearly see his face having obvious lines and sharp edges.

She could clearly see Lin Yuan’s lips, the sword eyebrows, sparkling eyes, red lips, and white teeth.

She realized how handsome Lin Yuan is.

Yan Ruyue’s heartbeat went abrupt, she quickly looked away and turned to the stars and moon in the sky.

But she can feel the warmth of his embrace.

As Lin Yuan said before, in addition to the hate of men, Yan Ruyue also longs for paternal love.

The warmth of being in Lin Yuan’s arms at this time made her feel loved.

It appears that she had just been humiliated for begging for help, but it seems she is not at a loss…


Then she realized, she lost a part of herself!

She is a beauty with an attractive and soft body, and Lin Yuan just earned the opportunity to feel her body by holding her up!

She realized she at least needs to be reserved and not be held comfortably.

She should slightly resist, otherwise, wouldn’t it be shameful?

Yan Ruyue immediately pretended to be restless in Lin Yuan’s arms and began to twist a few times.

Feeling Yan Ruyue’s movements, Lin Yuan glanced down at her and gave a warning, his eyes were cold.

Then with his left hand, currently holding Yan Ruyue’s leg, he gently squeezed.

Yan Ruyue immediately felt a little pain and couldn’t help but scream.

“Be honest or I will put you down.” Lin Yuan said slightly.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yan Ruyue immediately stayed still. She did not move a bit.

Although not willing to admit it, she kind of liked the feeling of being held.

And her feet are tired, she is afraid that Lin Yuan would put her down.

She knows that Lin Yuan is capable of doing this.

There aren’t many stars. The faint light coming from the crescent moon shines on the road.

Being held by Lin Yuan, with the moonlight draping on his body, Yan Ruyue enjoyed such sight.

With his warm embrace, she felt really comfortable.

The distance from the shoe store to the car is far.

It took several minutes before they got to the car.

When Lin Yuan put Yan Ruyue down, she felt a little bit sad.

It felt like she was held only for a short while, for a few seconds.

Yan Ruyue looked at Lin Yuan’s chest.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she liked the feeling of being held by Lin Yuan.

She felt a father’s warmth and an unexplainable feeling.

These factors made her restless deep inside.

After returning to her senses, Yan Ruyue saw Lin Yuan sitting on the driver’s seat.

Yan Ruyue realized that Lin Yuan actually put her in the passenger seat of his Lamborghini.

“Huh?! Isn’t this your car?” Yan Ruyue was confused a little.

“Can you still drive?” Lin Yuan asked lightly.

“N… no.” Yan Ruyue replied.

“So, I will send you back home.” Lin Yuan said.

“Ah?! Really?” Yan Ruyue was very surprised.

She doesn’t understand why, but when Lin Yuan said that he will send her back home, a feeling of excitement surged from her heart, then spread all over her body.

Her originally painful ankle, at this time, it seems she doesn’t feel the pain anymore.

Maybe it was because she had been confronted by Lin Yuan all day or was made all kinds of uncomfortable things.

Yan Ruyue was really happy to hear that Lin Yuan would send her back home.

The corners of her mouth couldn’t help being raised up.

She has always been emotionless and indifferent to people.

Today, when facing Lin Yuan, that personality of her cannot be traced.

Her emotions are fluctuating and easily fiddled.

And it was Lin Yuan who played with her emotions.

But Lin Yuan poured cold water onto her again.

“I will send you back with conditions.” Lin Yuan said slightly.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yan Ruyue ‘s heartbeat raced again. She asked nervously, “What condition?”

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow.” Lin Yuan answered casually, and then concentrated on driving.

Then, the car went strangely silent.

But the silence, it was much peaceful than when they were at the table of the restaurant.

Lin Yuan didn’t say anything, and Yan Ruyue was mesmerizing that moment when Lin Yuan held her up, that kind of warmth she felt.

Lin Yuan sent Yan Ruyue back to her home.

Because of her feet, Yan Ruyue still couldn’t get out of the car by herself.

Lin Yuan glanced at Yan Ruyue and Yan Ruyue instantly understood the meaning of Lin Yuan’s eyes.

It was an offer to go ahead and assist her until she enters the house.

Yan Ruyue was a little afraid of letting her mother and others see Lin Yuan assisting her. After all, being held is an intimate gesture knowing that they had a past together.

But thinking of the warmth she felt in Lin Yuan’s arms, she nodded in agreement.

Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate and hugged her directly.

The Yan Family’s maids were surprised.

Lin Yuan embraced Yan Ruyue until they reached the gate of Yan’s villa.

Is this really the usual expressionless, cold Yan Ruyue?

Currently, the pink cheeks of Yan Ruyue in Lin Yuan’s arms were slightly red. She showed the shy face of the peerless beauty.

Yan Ruyue was also very embarrassed.

But fortunately, at least her mother didn’t see them.

But Lin Yuan just walked away holding her a few steps.

Yan Ruyue saw a figure standing in the hallway.

This person is not someone else. It was her mother, Song Xuan…

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