Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 94 Yan Ruyue’s Bedroom!

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Seeing her mother, Yan Ruyue immediately blushed and after glancing at her mother, she quickly looked away.

Lin Yuan didn’t have any expressions and remained calm.

Seeing Lin Yuan carrying Yan Ruyue as if like a princess, Song Xuan was stunned for a moment, and then the corners of her mouth slightly raised, turning a blind eye.

“Mom… I… I hurt my ankle.” Yan Ruyue explained with a bit of shame.

She didn’t know what her mother will think when she sees this situation.

“It’s okay. It is normal that you can’t walk with a sprained ankle. Xiao Yuan is so nice to have sent you back home.”

“By the way, Yue’er’s bedroom is upstairs. Can I trouble Xiao Yuan to send her upstairs? Song Xuan said suddenly.

“Ah? Mom…”. Yan Ruyue blushed, even more, when she heard this.

“You are not a kid anymore, Mom can’t carry you and I can’t let you sleep in the living room. I will just trouble Xiao Yuan, anyways he can carry you right?” Song Xuan gave Lin Yuan a thankful smile.

“It’s okay…what does Miss Yan think?” Lin Yuan lowered his head and asked.

Getting another chance to see Lin Yuan’s face up close, Yan Ruyue’s heart is like a deer bumping randomly.

With a faint voice, she responded “Hmm…”

Then, Lin Yuan carried Yan Ruyue upstairs.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s back while holding Yan Ruyue in his arms, Song Xuan sighed and spoke. “Oh, Yue’er, Yue’er….”

Although she sighed and shook her head, Song Xuan’s eyes showed some envy for Yan Ruyue being held like that.

Fortunately, Yan Ruyue’s room is only on the second floor, so Lin Yuan wasn’t burdened too much.

While Yan Ruyue’s heart is beating wildly, Lin Yuan pushed open her bedroom door.

Yan Ruyue never thought that there would come a time that a man would enter her bedroom.

After all, no matter how cold her personality is, she is still a girl.

Her heartbeat was very fast and she had a lot of thoughts in mind.

Lin Yuan, however, didn’t feel anything special.

Yan Ruyue’s bedroom was very clean and tidy, and there was nothing more than a bed and a dressing table.

After Lin Yuan put Yan Ruyue on the bed, as he was about to turn around and leave, Yan Ruyue suddenly yelled from behind.


Lin Yuan turned his head and looked at Yan Ruyue who was lying on the bed at this time with a puzzled look.

‘What else do you need?’

‘Could it be that her foot still hurt and she wanted to pee but can’t move?’

‘Does she want me to carry her in my arms to the bathroom?’

Yan Ruyue understood what Lin Yuan meant thru his eyes.

She moved her ankle, blushing a little, she said, “This is a lot better. I can barely walk a few steps…”

“I… I wanted to ask you something. “

“Can you stop calling me Miss Yan?”

“Just like you used to before, you can call me Ruyue.”

Hearing what Yan Ruyue said, Lin Yuan remembered.

Lin Yuan in the book really likes to call Yan Ruyue as Ruyue.

After all, doing so makes the correspondence more intimate, compared to addressing using the full name.

She previously didn’t care how Lin Yuan addressed her. And in fact, felt a strong sense of aversion to this supposed intimacy.

But now, she took the initiative to bring it up and allow Lin Yuan to call her like that again.

Although it was just a title, things have already changed. It is different now than before.

Lin Yuan replied indifferently, I don’t feel like I have that close relationship with Miss Yan now, so let’s stay like this. Let’s see how you will behave.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan turned around and left.

Yan Ruyue clenched her fists when she heard Lin Yuan’s answer.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Depends on my behavior later?’

‘If someone prefers to be called a certain name, why can’t she just be called such? It will be dependent on the person’s behavior towards the other so she can be called as she prefers to be called?’

Yan Ruyue was slightly annoyed.

But Lin Yuan can exercise his freedom on how he wants to call her.

No matter how much Yan Ruyue denies it, she likes the feeling of being by Lin Yuan’s side very much.

Yan Ruyue could only punch the stuffed toy next to her, punching it a few times, then covered herself with the quilt.

After half an hour, Yan Ruyue thought for a while and then opened her WeChat.

She read a few messages and composed one also for Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue: “Although you may be rude most of the time while we are together, I still want to thank you for sending me back home today. I also want to say sorry for having troubled you today.”

After the message was sent, Yan Ruyue’s heart skipped a beat.

What will Lin Yuan say to her?

Yan Ruyue stared at the screen nervously.

Yan Ruyue thought of countless possible replies she can get from Lin Yuan.

For example, ‘It’s okay, It is what I should do.’; ‘You are very light and it was not so hard to carry you.’; ‘Be careful next time so you won’t hurt yourself again’

Thinking about these thoughts, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and she looked forward to receiving such lovely replies even more.

However, she soon received Lin Yuan’s reply.

What Lin Yuan replied was not a text message but a video message.

“Could it be that he recorded his message to me? That’s a little better, right? But why is the background so dark?

With this in mind, Yan Ruyue opened the video.

After opening it, Yan Ruyue blushed.

In the video was a girl in high heels walking in the road, her steps a bit jerky.

But soon, she walked more smoothly. Her hips and waist swayed as she walked.

Then, suddenly, she fell to the ground.

This girl is no other than her!

Yan Ruyue was too ashamed to see that she was walking like this.

She tightly held the phone screen.

Lin Yuan secretly recorded her appearance in high heels. He went too far!

Yan Ruyue: “Delete the video!”

Lin Yuan: “I will save it as a souvenir.”

After a brief exchange of messages, Lin Yuan still did not agree to delete the video.

Yan Ruyue was a little ashamed, but she was helpless.…..…..Inside a mansion in Xiling District.

There was a table full of all kinds of expensive wine.

On the sofa by the table, was a handsome man and a muscular man were sitting opposite each other.

Ye Feng and his brother Gu Qingshan were drinking.

“My dear brother, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. We must get drunk today!” Gu Qingshan said to Ye Feng after taking a sip of wine.

“Okay! No one is getting home until we get drunk.” Ye Feng also rushed to take a sip.

Wiping the wine from the corner of his mouth, Ye Feng said, “I was planning to come over and meet you once I got off the plane Brother Shan, but that kid surnamed Lin framed me! I have been suffering in the detention center these days and so I can only see you today!”

“He dared to frame me! I must take my revenge on him!”

Gu Qingshan said: “The kid named Lin Yuan, I have sent someone to check on him. He is the young master of the Lin Group of Companies. The Lin Group has a net worth of hundreds of billions. The family background and influence can’t be underestimated.”

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