Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 99 Wang Ergou leaked the plan?!

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Yan Ruyue didn’t care about Ye Feng and quickly ran to Lin Yuan’s side.

“Are your feet good?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Well, the masseur at home yesterday helped me massage it for a while, and it didn’t hurt much when I got up this morning.” Yan Ruyue replied.

Speaking of feet, Yan Ruyue remembered what happened last night, her pretty face was a little red.

“Come closer, let me take a look.” Lin Yuan said.

“Okay.” Yan Ruyue immediately walked to Lin Yuan when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Lin Yuan suddenly reached out and stroked Yan Ruyue’s hair.

“Your hair is a little messed up by the wind.”

Feeling Lin Yuan’s hand fiddle with her hair, Yan Ruyue’s cheeks blushed even more.

“Ah! really? Thank… Thank you..”

Lin Yuan’s movements today were very gentle and sultry, making Yan Ruyue feel a little warm.

She didn’t think Lin Yuan is taking advantage of her, after all, she was carried like a princess by Lin Yuan yesterday.

After being carried by Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue feels no more resistance from Lin Yuan’s contact, instead, there was a little anticipation.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly, looking at Ye Feng on the side as if he was nothing.

At this time, Ye Feng’s face was very ugly and gloomy, especially when he saw the look in Lin Yuan’s eyes. He was even more angry.

He couldn’t accept it.

Unable to accept that Yan Ruyue, who was cold to him before, and even looked at him as if he was dirt, was so good and so close to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue’s gestures seemed intimate that Yan Ruyue blushed and became shy.

Ye Feng was extremely jealous.

Yan Ruyue’s attitude towards him and Lin Yuan were totally different.

Seeing Yan Ruyue get into Lin Yuan’s car with joy, he not only hated Lin Yuan now. He has come to hate Yan Ruyue as well.

Dog man! (T/N: Dog Man = used to describe a man having a characteristic and mind of a dog, such as dogs can’t change their nature of eating shit. Dog Man relatively means low mindedness and low morals)


Ye Feng slammed a fist against the wall.

Lin Yuan, the greatest enemy is right in front of him.

But he knew that he could not do anything hasty.

This is not a chaotic foreign country.

The last three days were enough for him.

If he dares to do something to Lin Yuan, the punishment won’t be as short as three days.

“You just wait! I will step on you little by little! Lin Yuan! The Lin Family! And Yan Ruyue! Yan Family! You will all be under my feet!” Ye Feng’s anger was incomparable.

At this time, he was extremely angry.

“Fortunately, Brother Qingshan has already started. Today, Lin Yuan, the business owned by the rich second generation, will be destroyed by more than half! It’s cool! It’s cool!” Ye Feng gave a weird smile.

Ye Feng looked enviously at Lin Yuan driving the luxury car and leaving with the beauty.

Ye Feng returned to his car and resisting the urge to smash the steering wheel, drove back to Gu Qingshan’s Mansion.

After entering the mansion, Ye Feng couldn’t help but ask Gu Qingshan: “Brother Qingshan, how are things going? Have all of Lin Yuan’s business been destroyed?”

“Dare to challenge my Qingshan brother in the Xiling area, I’m afraid he doesn’t know the identity of my Qingshan brother as the underground emperor!”

“It’s really cool! Starting from the plan of destroying his properties today, I will step on Lin Yuan and the Lin family, ruthlessly!”

Ye Feng said proudly and extremely excitedly.

However, Gu Qingshan, who was leaning on the sofa at this time, had a gloomy face, said nothing, and was extremely silent.

While speaking, Ye Feng seemed to have noticed something looking at Gu Qingshan who is strangely silent at this time.

Frowning, Ye Feng said strangely: “Brother Qingshan, what’s wrong with you? Are you still drunk? Today, most of Lin Yuan’s industry was destroyed. This should be a happy day. Let’s have another celebration.

Finally, Gu Qingshan opened up.

Ye Feng’s face changed color as soon as Qingshan spoke.

“The plan failed!” Gu Qingshan said lightly.

“What? How could the plan fail?!” Ye Feng was incredulous when he heard Gu Qingshan’s plan yesterday, he thought it would be 100% successful.

Because Gu Qingshan planned very early when he was still at the detention center.

Did Lin Yuan know the plan in advance?

But even if he knew the plan, he couldn’t have more manpower in Xiling District than Gu Qingshan.

Ye Feng couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t know what’s going on. Even the news that I just received this morning, the subordinates I sent yesterday, all had their legs broken and went to jail!” Gu Qingshan said.

“Did someone leak our plan in advance?” Ye Feng gritted his teeth.

Gu Qingshan said, “It is possible, but I didn’t find anyone yet.”

“Wang Ergou! When we were drinking yesterday, Wang Ergou was there. He must have heard the plan!” Ye Feng said fiercely.

Gu Qingshan shook his head. “It’s not just Wang Ergou who knew the plan. I was neglectful, I thought that our enemy was only a rich second-generation. Therefore, many of my subordinates know this plan.”

“I always felt that Wang Ergou is suspicious!” Years of mercenary experience made Ye Feng very keen.

Gu Qingshan shook his head again and said, “I suspected it before and even sent someone to check the communication records and mobile phone in Wang Ergou’s room and nothing was wrong. Moreover, Wang Ergou has indeed been with me for many years.”

Gu Qingshan’s character is very suspicious, and he hardly believes anyone.

He sent people to verify Wang Ergou, but since nothing wrong was found, he believed Wang Ergou.

What he did not know is that Lin Yuan knew his character very well and his habit of checking things.

Lin Yuan reminded Wang Ergou long ago.

And Wang Ergou is not stupid, knowing how important this matter is, and under Lin Yuan’s reminder, he has already done multiple secret insurances.

In addition, there were too many people who knew about this operation. Gu Qingshan couldn’t tell who had leaked the plan. He even wondered if Lin Yuan had noticed what was happening himself.

Even if Gu Qingshan said so, Ye Feng still didn’t want to believe it.

“Brother Qingshan, you have so many people, even if the plan gets leaked, it’s impossible for him to be a match with you, right?”

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