Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 102 Support my waist! Teach horseback riding!

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“Didn’t you take me out to practice horseback riding? Why do I have to beg you to teach me?” Yan Ruyue was a little angry.

Lin Yuan said: “Making you do horseback riding, is related to your treatment. But you don’t know how to do it. Teaching you is a different matter. If I teach you, I am your master. As an apprentice, is this too much to ask? Exchange principle, equivalent exchange, remember?”

What Lin Yuan said was reasonable and well-founded, but Yan Ruyue was still very angry when she heard it. If Lin Yuan wouldn’t teach her. Could it be that no one else could teach?

Yan Ruyue looked around for a while, then despaired.

“Don’t look around. There are very few female coaches in the equestrian club.” Lin Yuan smiled lightly.

Yan Ruyue is misandry. She can’t and doesn’t want to have contact with any other men, let alone let them teach her to ride the horse.

So, the only one who can teach her here is Lin Yuan.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Ruyue still succumbed.

In order to cure the disease, to cure the disease… Yan Ruyue comforted herself.

“Please… Please teach me to ride… horseback riding…” Yan Ruyue whispered.

“Okay.” Looking at Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan smiled.

Although Yan Ruyue didn’t have any more words this time, it was enough.

From one request, stems two, then there will countless.

From the moment Yan Ruyue agreed, the result was set.

And the principle of exchange by him has been engraved in Yan Ruyue’s mind.

【Ding! Reward: 200 counterattack points】

A prompt came from the system

Then Lin Yuan spread his hands.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s strange movement, Yan Ruyue frowned.

“What does this mean? Isn’t this like preaching to me? I thought you would teach me?” Yan Ruyue asked without understanding, watching Lin Yuan’s strange movements.

Lin Yuan said: “How do I teach you? I must get you on the horse first, right? Obviously, you can’t get on by yourself. I will help you get up.”

“As for my willingness to help. I’m afraid you might say I am taking advantage of you. But it is up to you.”

“This…” Yan Ruyue felt a little emotional when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

After reacting, Yan Ruyue’s face turned red.

She understood what Lin Yuan meant. If she couldn’t go up alone, Lin Yuan will help her go up. Those coaches did the same, such as touching from one body part to another.

When she was a child, her father hugged her while lifting her up on the horse for the first time.

But now that she is an adult, can’t she decide on her own?

Lin Yuan can just change how he will help her, or just hold her up?

But after Lin Yuan said it, it was like she had to decide on her own. In other words, she had to make a decision in the matter of physical contact.

Knowing that she is misandry, should she take the initiative for her body to be touched by a man?

Yan Ruyue knew that Lin Yuan was aware that this will happen, but he did not hide it.

But Lin Yuan said he will do it not take advantage of her, what can she do?

After Yan Ruyue hesitated for a while, she still turned her back and grabbed the two hands that Lin Yuan extended.

Even she had been carried and hugged in a princess carry before, she still blushed.

With her bare hand grasping Lin Yuan’s hand, Yan Ruyue blushed when those two hands of Lin Yuan were placed on her waist.

She didn’t think that with her being misandry, she would take the initiative to grab a man’s hand and let her waist and limbs be touched.

Obviously last time, Lin Yuan was so decisive when she hugged her in a princess carry, why did he twitch and made her take the initiative to be held?

Yan Ruyue was a little bit ashamed and angry.

But what made Yan Ruyue relieved was, she found out that she did not dislike Lin Yuan so much.

Even though she touched Lin Yuan’s hand and Lin Yuan supported her waist and limbs, she did not feel much discomfort.

There was a shame, and a trace of unwillingness to admit, that she finds comfort in that situation.

“Su…… Support my waist, I…. I’m going to ride on…” Yan Ruyue opened her mouth to speak, and found her tone trembling abnormally at this time.

Even when she was negotiating a multi-billion contract, she didn’t tremble, but at this time she was a bit out of her usual self.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan spoke indifferently, smiled slightly, and then tightened his hands.

Feeling that those big hands touched her waist, Yan Ruyue suddenly felt relieved for some reason.

It’s a bit like when she was a child when her dad pinched her on the horse when she was young.

“I’m going up!” Yan Ruyue didn’t know whether she was cheering herself up or reminding Lin Yuan.

After shouting, she stepped hard on the pedal.

Then Lin Yuan gently lifted Yan Ruyue’s waist.

This time it went smoothly.

Yan Ruyue got on directly at the back of the horse.


Yan Ruyue was so nervous that her forehead and palms were sweating a lot.

But after finding out that she was already riding the horse, she laughed happily.

The pretty face that was usually cold and frosty, at this time, it was beautiful, and Lin Yuan glanced at it.

And the other men in the training ground could not help but be a little jealous seeing them.

Especially when they saw Lin Yuan’s hands holding Yan Ruyue’s willow-like waist. They felt to have eaten a ton of lemons and felt sour from head to toe.

The women stared at Lin Yuan closely.

They didn’t look away most of the time beginning from when Lin Yuan entered the door, and they all wanted to replace Yan Ruyue, who is being protected by Lin Yuan’s hands.

After riding the horse, Yan Ruyue recovered some of the previous feelings in horse-riding.

Her talent is still good, and she sat smoothly soon.

Lin Yuan also let go of his hand on her waist.

Maybe it was because she took the initiative to be held, Yan Ruyue didn’t feel that Lin Yuan was taking advantage of her by touching her waist and when Lin Yuan let go already, she felt as if her heart went empty.

Suddenly, she grabbed one of Lin Yuan’s hands.

Lin Yuan got surprised.

Yan Ruyue explained nervously: “I’m afraid of falling down. Hold me, Lin Yuan”

“May I?”

Looking at Yan Ruyue, who is usually cold, Lin Yuan smiled slightly: “Yes.”

With Lin Yuan’s consent, Yan Ruyue relaxed a lot.

Next, Yan Ruyue took Lin Yuan’s hand while holding the reins, slowly riding the horse.

Feeling the warmth of Lin Yuan’s palm, Yan Ruyue felt a little warm in her heart for some reason.

【Ding! Yan Ruyue’s favorability +1! Reward 200 counterattack points!】

A prompt came from the system.

Looking at Yan Ruyue whose mouth couldn’t help but slightly curved up, Lin Yuan was not surprised.

Yan Ruyue could already sit on horseback steadily.

But looking at Yan Ruyue’s relaxed form, Lin Yuan smiled.

Then, he pinched a part of the horse’s back.

In the next second, the horse began to shake violently, jumping up and down the obstacles!

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