Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 104 Five hundred thousand per game! Winner takes all!

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When Lin Yuan said that she could meet his blind date in a few, Yan Ruyue stared at the front.

With her intuition as a woman, she looked at Qiao Siying almost instantly and was sure that she was Lin Yuan’s blind date.

Especially seeing Qiao Siying’s emotional look in her eyes, Yan Ruyue became 100% sure.

Then, Qiao Siying rushed towards them quickly.

Yan Ruyue was stunned.

Does this girl like Lin Yuan so much?

She seems wanting to throw herself in Lin Yuan’s arms the moment she sees him.

This is the first and most reasonable explanation that Yan Ruyue thought of based on Lin Yuan’s appearance and wealth.

But when Qiao Siying walked to Lin Yuan, she cursed directly: “Lin Yuan! I finally caught you! See if I won’t kill you today!”

Qiao Siying grabbed Lin Yuan’s wrist tightly.

Hearing Qiao Siying’s angry words, Yan Ruyue discovered that she seemed to have misunderstood everything…

Looking at Qiao Siying who was glaring at him, Lin Yuan looked calm.

“Miss Qiao, haven’t I taught you that men and women can’t be in too much contact? Why do you want to be so close to me every time? You always rush to me when you see me.” Lin Yuan said lightly.

“You dare to say that?! You bullied me, cheated my money, and caused me to suffer all kinds of humiliation. Yet, you still have the face to say that?!” Seeing Lin Yuan’s calmness, Qiao Siying became even more angry and raised her small fist wanting to give Lin Yuan a punch.

Lin Yuan grabbed her hand directly.

“Miss Qiao. Please make it clear. When did I bully you? And how did I cheat you? You suffered humiliation? Did I do it? Why don’t I remember? Lin Yuan was very calm.


Qiao Siying began to recall little by little since the day he met Lin Yuan.

At first, she wanted to fool Lin Yuan, but she was the one deceived by Lin Yuan. And then she wanted to trap Lin Yuan by being her blind date, but she stepped on some shit while in the process and she was so angry.

It looks like she initiated everything that made her embarrassed.

And from the beginning to the end, Lin Yuan doesn’t have anything to do with it?

Qiao Siying’s mouth opened and closed, closed and opened again, but couldn’t say a word.

“Who cares! You bullied me and cheated my money!” Qiao Siying began to use women’s exclusive skills, to play a rogue.

At this time, the group of people who had been with Qiao Siying also approached them.

With Qiao Siying’s family status and with such beauty and figure, she naturally does not lack flower protectors.

Immediately two men walked towards them and shouted to Lin Yuan: “What are you doing? Let go of Miss Qiao!

“Zhang San, Wang Wu, you don’t need to care about my affairs with him.” Qiao Siying frowned.

Although she hates Lin Yuan very much, she hates these two licking dogs even more.

However, Zhang San and Wang Wu, obviously intend to pretend to be forceful in front of Qiao Siying and come out as a hero saving the beauty.

The two leaned over, trying to separate Lin Yuan and grab Qiao Siying’s hand.

In an instant, Lin Yuan let go of Qiao Siying’s hand, and at the same time took out both of the men with his feet

Let alone they are just two ordinary rich second generations, with Lin Yuan’s 150 Strength and Physique and 125 Speed and Reaction, these men cannot match him.

Using Lin Yuan’s feet, Zhang San and Wang Wu were directly kicked out.

This directly scared the group of people near them.

Quietly, Qiao Siying released the hand that grabbed Lin Yuan’s wrist.

Yan Ruyue also glanced at Lin Yuan in surprise. Since when was Lin Yuan so good at this?

Among the group of people near them was Tang Bowen, the leader of the group, who had his pupils shrunk.

Although he is a person who liked to enjoy, he is not dumb. He quickly walked out and said, “Stop. Stop… Don’t cause trouble.”

“Miss Qiao, who is this?” Tang Bowen turned his head and asked Qiao Siying.

“He is Lin Yuan.” Qiao Siying spouted.

“Lin Yuan… Lin Yuan…” Tang Bowen repeated his name a few times.

Suddenly he raised his head and said, “Is that the young master of the Lin Group, the god of stocks, Lin Yuan?”

“It’s him, but don’t call him a god of stocks. You should call him scam god.” Qiao Siying sarcastically said.

The Lin family is a top family in Jiangbei, and everyone present knows the same.

This group of people is rich second generations, but they are incomparable to the Lin family. Even Tang Bowen’s Tang family and Qiao Siying’s Qiao family can barely be compared to the Lin family.

Zhang San and Wang Wu, who originally wanted to threaten Lin Yuan with their family background, directly got up and lowered their head, pretending as if nothing happened.

And the girls in this group of people all have bright eyes. The young master of the Lin family is so handsome.

“It turns out you are the young master of the Lin family, the god of stocks who earned thirty billion in ten minutes! Long live your name!” Tang Bowen said to Lin Yuan in surprise.

“Thank you.” Lin Yuan replied lightly.

Tang Bowen turned his head to Qiao Siying and asked, “Miss Qiao, May I know what kind of grudges you have against him?”

“….” Qiao Siying couldn’t speak.

“Master Lin must be an equestrian here, and Miss Qiao is also an equestrian.”

“Well, let me boldly advise. Let’s not fight and hurt physically. Since we are already in the racetrack, let’s use horsemanship to resolve grievances, how about that?” Tang Bowen persuaded.

Lin Yuan knew that Tang Bowen is also interested in Qiao Siying.

After all, Qiao Siying is not only a mixed-race beauty but also has the Qiao family behind her.

In the original novel, Tang Bowen was beaten several times by Ye Feng, the protagonist, because of Qiao Siying…

And now Tang Bowen intends to help Qiao Siying.

He doesn’t know Lin Yuan’s equestrian skills, but he knows how good Qiao Siying’s equestrian skills are.

When Qiao Siying studied abroad, she often raced horses.

Sure enough, after hearing Tang Bowen’s words, Qiao Siying’s eyes lit up.

“Yes! Let’s use horsemanship to compare who is better! Lin Yuan, if you lose, you will give me the money you cheated from me!” Qiao Siying said to Lin Yuan.

“Miss Qiao, when did I cheat you? It’s not impossible to compare. I can give money if I lose, but what about your bet?” Lin Yuan smiled.

Hearing this, Qiao Siying became angry again.

Tang Bowen hurriedly said: “Just follow our usual rules! Five hundred thousand yuan per game! Winner takes all!”

Tang Bowen explained the rules.That is, everyone who participates in the race has to pay a deposit of 500,000 yuan, and whoever reaches the finish line first can get the deposit of all other participants.

Qiao Siying, who is already good at horse racing, often comes here to race to earn money from the rich second generation.

Qiao Siying knew that Lin Yuan would not admit the money that he cheated from her, so she nodded and said to Tang Bowen’s proposal: “Yes.”

Lin Yuan didn’t comment any further and said, “No problem.

Seeing this, Tang Bowen was relieved.

“Then it is settled.” Tang Bowen announced.

However, Qiao Siying interrupted: “I am adding another rule today, that is, at least three games!”

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