Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 105 Initiative!

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Qiao Siying looked at Lin Yuan and thought that she can only earn 500,000 at most when she beats Lin Yuan in just one game.

This couldn’t relieve her resentment, so she had to suggest it first so that even if Lin Yuan loses the first game, he still had to continue to compete with her.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded directly.

Qiao Siying was overjoyed by Lin Yuan’s answer.

Soon after everyone picked a horse.

They are all ready to start the game.

Qiao Siying, Lin Yuan, and Tang Bowen naturally all participated in the competition.

And several rich second generations also participated in the competition, including Zhang San and Wang Wu.

They are all good at equestrianism, otherwise, they would not have come to the equestrian club to run every day.

They have already decided.

Since Lin Yuan’s family background is so strong, and they can’t beat Lin Yuan, then how about they rely on horse racing to defeat Lin Yuan. This is also a kind of victory.

Sitting on the horse, Qiao Siying smiled and said: “Today, let me see how you are going to play your tricks and cheat. I will take your one and a half million yuan!”

The deposit was collected before the game, so Qiao Siying was not afraid that Lin Yuan will not pay.

As for horse racing, she often trains abroad and is very talented, so there are only a few people who can beat her.

Tang Bowen’s equestrian skills are already pretty good, but compared to her, he is still lacking.

As for Lin Yuan, she specifically checked after the deposit was collected.

Lin Yuan doesn’t know much about horse riding at all. Although he has a membership card at the Yue He Equestrian Club, he hasn’t come here more than five times.

So, she can definitely win this!

As a reply to Qiao Siying’s words, Lin Yuan just smiled and said: “If you lose, don’t cry again.”

Hearing Lin Yuan mention crying, Qiao Siying was furious and gritted her teeth: “I will make you cry today!”

After everyone got on the horse in the race, Tang Bowen suddenly pulled an accompanying girl and got on his horse.

At the same time, Tang Bowen turned his head and said to Lin Yuan: “By the way, Young Master Lin, there is another rule in our competition, that is, two people must sit on each horse. You must find someone to accompany you. “

Sure enough, Lin Yuan saw that everyone was sitting with two people immediately, including Qiao Siying, who also sat behind a girl.

After all, it is the race of the rich second generation. It is not formal; it is mainly for fun.

Sitting in front of Tang Bowen was a beautiful woman he had brought with him. They were sitting very close to each other.

Qiao Siying gave Lin Yuan a triumphant glance. Under this rule, two people must be required to ride on the horse.

And they play like this every time.

Unless Lin Yuan’s equestrian skills are more advanced than them, he can never win. But how can that be possible?

Lin Yuan didn’t care, because he already knew their game rules.

At this time there are still some girls who have not competed in the group.

Seeing the glances Lin Yuan swept over. Everyone was extremely excited.

Lin Yuan is handsome and has a strong family background.

He is a perfect catch, and they all want this lucky opportunity.

“Take me.”

“Young Master Lin, take me!”

“Take me. Take me. My ass is super big!”

Finally, these girls couldn’t help but began to scream.

Seeing the girls who don’t usually want to be with them waving at Lin Yuan, the rich second generations turned sour. But they cannot deny the fact that he is indeed very handsome and has a strong family background.

Hearing the calls of these girls, Yan Ruyue looked at the vacant position beside Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue, who hadn’t spoken yet, didn’t know why she felt a bit sour and very uncomfortable.

Recalling the warmth that she felt while Lin Yuan was holding her, Yan Ruyue somewhat didn’t want other people to feel it too.

At this moment, Yan Ruyue suddenly saw Lin Yuan’s glance shifting from the screaming girls to her.

The two looked at each other.

Lin Yuan did not speak, only the corners of his mouth were slightly tilted.

Yan Ruyue was biting her red lips and appeared to be struggling with something.

Thinking of a woman sitting in front of Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue felt uncomfortable.

Finally, she decided.

“Take…Take me…” Yan Ruyue shouted, blushing.

This is not very loud, especially when compared to the scream of the other girls…

But after Yan Ruyue said this, the scene was instantly quiet, because everyone was stunned.

Lin Yuan is very handsome, and when he came into conflict with Qiao Siying, he attracted most people’s attention…

But Yan Ruyue was also there.

Many people recognized her, Yan Ruyue, the young miss of the Yan family, one of the four beauties in Jiangbei. A woman with a pair of perfect long legs, and an ice-cold beauty.

She was indeed cold and frosty, standing there like a frosty snow lotus.

Although she is indeed beautiful, but no rich second generation dares to go to strike a conversation.

They only dare to look at her from away, but not approaching her.

In their impression, Yan Ruyue is a workaholic, and that except for working, it is strange for her to even be here.

They never saw her have any physical contact with any man.

But what did they just hear?

Yan Ruyue actually called Lin Yuan, to take her?

And that beautiful and flawless face is still blushing.

What is going on?

The rich second generations including Tang Bowen all turned sour.

As one of the top families, Tang Bowen knew that when Yan Ruyue had an arranged marriage with Lin Yuan before. She was too cold and not close to Lin Yuan.

And now it is already canceled.

But why did Yan Ruyue become closer to Lin Yuan instead?

Tang Bowen couldn’t understand.

But looking at Yan Ruyue who was blushing at this time, he was jealous.

Lin Yuan finally, chose Yan Ruyue.

Immediately, Yan Ruyue ran towards Lin Yuan quickly.

Yan Ruyue’s slender and straight legs, even under loose trousers, were difficult to conceal.

Even Qiao Siying, who thinks she has a good figure, is a little envious.

Going to Lin Yuan’s side, Yan Ruyue grabbed Lin Yuan’s hand and went straight to the horse.

“I… I will sit behind…” Yan Ruyue is still a bit ashamed of sitting in front like other girls, so she chose to sit behind Lin Yuan.

“This…this is for the treatment of my illness. You said that I should have more contact with the opposite sex, so I came up to help you.” Lin Yuan didn’t say anything, but Yan Ruyue explained first why she wanted to sit behind Lin Yuan.

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