Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 106 Yan Ruyue accompanies Lin Yuan!

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“A total of two laps, I will be ahead of you of at least half a lap! Master Lin, be careful not to fall off the horse!” Qiao Siying sneered.

Lin Yuan didn’t bother to care about her, and reminded Yan Ruyue: “Remember to hold on to me later.”

Seeing that Lin Yuan ignored her and talked to Yan Ruyue, Qiao Siying was a little angry.

‘Humph! You just wait until I beat you. We’ll see if you can still act like this.’

After Lin Yuan and other contestants took their place, the person in charge counted 3,2,1 and fired a shot to signal the start of the race.

In the beginning, Qiao Siying’s horse was like an arrow fired from a string. It made a head start.

Today she feels abnormally good.

It is probably because of Lin Yuan’s participation.

She couldn’t wait to crush Lin Yuan and make him suffer.

Even Tang Bowen, who is only a little lacking compared to her, has taken a distance.

However, Lin Yuan’s initial speed was slower and he drove alongside most of the other participants.

Yan Ruyue, who was behind Lin Yuan still felt their speed and was trembling.

She can only hold Lin Yuan tightly.

The horseback ride was very bumpy.

Yan Ruyue put her whole body on Lin Yuan’s back.

And Lin Yuan could feel the amazing softness of Yan Ruyue’s body on his back.

And although Yan Ruyue was in very close physical contact with Lin Yuan, she did not feel much resistance.

Even being seated on the galloping horseback, she felt a sense of peace of mind.

She could sniff Lin Yuan’s scent which made her smile.

Today, Qiao Siying is extremely fast, even being ahead for at least 300 meters on the first one-kilometer lap.

From the beginning of the second lap until halfway through, she is still leading.

Qiao Siying showed a smile. She is sure to win this race.

But it hasn’t been long for her to be proud that she heard a loud whip lash behind her.

Lin Yuan’s whip hit a certain part of the horse’s ass.

Then Tang Bowen and others were shocked to see that the horse under Lin Yuan’s control seemed to have used an accelerator.

Like a launching rocket, the legs of the horse moved quickly and fiercely forward.

Then approached Qiao Siying in just a few seconds.

A few more seconds had passed and Lin Yuan’s horse surpassed the leading Qiao Siying.

They both finished simultaneously at the finish line. But when the results came out, Lin Yuan was faster by a second and a half than Qiao Siying.

“How is this possible?!” Qiao Siying gritted her teeth in disbelief while looking at Lin Yuan who was helping Yan Ruyue dismount from the horse.

How could Lin Yuan’s equestrian skills be so good?!

He even has better equestrian skills than her considering that it was his first time to ride the horse in tandem.

And she was ahead when the race started. How did Lin Yuan surpass her almost instantly?!

Qiao Siying was puzzled.

But she can’t do anything about it.

The deposited money for the first game has all been given to Lin Yuan.

It’s not just Qiao Siying who can’t believe it. Other rich second generations couldn’t believe it as well.

“Isn’t it too much for the young master of the Lin Family to be so good at stocks and also possess superb equestrian skills? I have never heard of someone like that.”

“I’ll tell you what. Young Master Lin is also good at singing. During Li Feifei’s last concert, he went up to sing on stage and sang even better than Li Feifei. He became my idol since that day! I didn’t expect he was so good at horseback riding.”

“Wow! Lin Yuan is so amazing. I heard her mother is looking for a blind date for him. I will definitely go!”

“Hehe, didn’t you see the beauty who was sitting on Lin Yuan’s horse just now? Are you comparable to her?”

The rich second generations were equally shocked by Lin Yuan’s equestrian skills. And many girls looked at him with fire in their eyes.

Yan Ruyue shook a little when she stepped down.

Lin Yuan’s final sprint was indeed too violent.

Lin Yuan didn’t feel much from the ride because he has a strong physique.

But Yan Ruyue did not have such a strong physique, and her face looked very bad this time.

“If it doesn’t work, I will ask someone to replace you.” Lin Yuan said to Yan Ruyue.

Unexpectedly, Yan Ruyue refused and said., “No! I can do this!”

Although Yan Ruyue felt uncomfortable, she couldn’t let those girls ride with him.

“Since you want me to treat my illness, then let’s get in contact some more.” Yan Ruyue doesn’t know whether she is telling this to Lin Yuan or herself.

Shortly, the second game is ready to begin.

Yan Ruyue climbed to the horse planning to continue to sit from behind. But she was pulled to the front by Lin Yuan.

Leaning on Lin Yuan’s arms, Yan Ruyue was very nervous because of Lin Yuan’s sudden movements.

“Your physique is not good; you sit in front. And don’t you need more contact? How about that Miss Yan?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

Yan Ruyue felt the warmth of Lin Yuan’s body.

Even the sound of his heartbeat is extremely clear.

At this time, Yan Ruyue’s face felt very hot.

Is this a bit too intimate?

But Yan Ruyue could not speak at all now.

Soon, the second game began with Lin Yuan sitting in the back.

If it weren’t for Lin Yuan putting his arms around her, she would have fallen at any time.

【Ding! Yan Ruyue’s favorability +1! Reward 200 counterattack points! 】

【Ding! Yan Ruyue’s favorability +1! Reward 200 counterattack points! 】

【Ding…! 】

In Lin Yuan’s mind, prompts sounded one after another.

Lin Yuan couldn’t tell whether this was due to Yan Ruyue feeling the warmth of her father’s love through him or it was something else.

All in all, it is a good thing.

In the end, Yan Ruyue’s favorability towards Lin Yuan reached 50 points.

The second time, Lin Yuan was number one again.

Yan Ruyue, supported by Lin Yuan dismounted the horse looking strangely exhausted.

Lin Yuan didn’t even look at the angry Qiao Siying.

He took and supported Yan Ruyue towards the rest area to sit down.

Yan Ruyue looked a little confused at this moment.

Looking at Yan Ruyue who is usually cold, but now breathing quickly at this time, Lin Yuan smiled.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes fixed at her, Yan Ruyue didn’t dare to look and quickly looked away.

She had never felt this way before.

She felt her heart racing.

She felt like flying.

This strange feeling made Yan Ruyue confused.

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