Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 109 Lin Yuan running fast! Qiao Siying’s sarcasm!

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The three horses rushed out at the same time.

Two seconds later, everyone was shocked.

The first section of the cross-country racing is a flat racetrack, which is the best section to sprint and make a distance.

Most of the spectators thought that Qiao Siying’s horse was the strongest and the most advantageous.

Contrary to that, it was Lin Yuan’s thin horse which everyone was least optimistic that almost made a third of the distance between Qiao Siying and Tang Bowen in an instant!

The horse is running fast making an illusion of afterimages!

This made everyone shocked!

What kind of speed is this?!

Isn’t it too scary?!

Seeing the speed of Lin Yuan’s thin horse, Qiao Siying who thought she is already absolute to win was also stunned.

“I didn’t expect that this thin horse had such a highly explosive power! But this is a cross-country horse racing! There is still hope!”

In an ordinary horse racing, the track is flat, so the speed of the horse on the onset of the race, will almost determine victory or defeat!

But cross-country horse racing is different because it will depend on the physique of the horse and the equestrian skills of the rider.

After all, cross-country horse racing track includes forests and hills.

The forest and hills are challenging. If you are not well trained, not only will you be unable to run quickly, but you may also encounter accidents along the way.

Soon, Lin Yuan surpassed the first section of the track with an absolute margin.

The second section of the race is entering the forest.

The forests are very dense. It is common for people to turn up on their horses, if they travel too fast.

But Lin Yuan was expressionless because when he got on the horse, he raised his equestrian skills to divine-level.

Divine-level horsemanship!

Don’t say facing the forest in these tracks.

Even if he run through the really intricate forests, he will be extremely relaxed.

Even when he entered the woods, Lin Yuan still did not slow down at all.

Among the big tress, Lin Yuan drove the thin horse tossing and turning many times.

Because Lin Yuan was advancing at full speed, he had to change direction almost every few seconds.

Fortunately, the thin horse under him is not only fast, but also very agile.

Qiao Siying behind Lin Yuan also entered the forests.

She reduced her speed by one third. With her equestrian skills, this speed was already the limit that she can handle.

No matter how skilled she is, there is still danger of hitting a tree and overturning.

‘Lin Yuan can’t run fast in the woods!’

‘I only dropped a third of my speed, and I will definitely catch him right away!’

Qiao Siying thought.

Outside the racetrack, watching the track monitoring, everyone was dumbfounded knowing how terrifying the gap between Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying is at this time since Lin Yuan hardly slowed down when he entered the woods.

These rich second generations, both men and women, wore widened eyes and mouths.

They were not the only ones who watched but also the professional equestrian coaches, and the people who came to train, all were focused watching the race.

Seeing such interest, Yue He Equestrian club opened a live broadcast of the events on a big screen which only opened for large scale equestrian competitions.

They also gave Lin Yuan a close-up.

Watching Lin Yuan riding the thin horse, moving around the forest, the audience was silent.

The people watching are completely focused on Lin Yuan, especially the ladies.

They felt as if they were right in front of Lin Yuan at this time.

They dare not breathe loudly, for the fear of disturbing Lin Yuan, the extremely handsome and charismatic knight.

They cannot let him make mistakes.

The forest and hills are difficult to be surpassed in a cross-country horse racing, but all of them were easily outdid by Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was like a Don Quixote with absolute strength and extraordinary courage, dashing without fear, smashing everything in front of him.

Nothing can stop him, or even slow him down.

Lin Yuan and the others set the rules for cross-country horse racing, and it’s a back-and-forth rule.

Under the shocked gaze of everyone, Qiao Siying, who was not slow, reached the halfway point of the track.

As for Lin Yuan, he has reached the end already, and has begun his return journey.

Da Da Da Da Da!

Qiao Siying’s heart was beating violently as she listened to the sound of horse hooves.

Her forehead was already covered with fine beads of sweat.

’How come?’

‘Why haven’t I caught up with Lin Yuan?’

‘I am already halfway there, how come I can only see the horseshoe prints of Lin Yuan’s thin horse on the ground?’


‘In front, he must be in front!’

She will be able to chase Lin Yuan immediately!

Qiao Siying thought.

About seven or eight seconds later, Qiao Siying saw a figure ahead!

She was overjoyed!

The corners of her mouth were open.


She finally caught up with Lin Yuan!

Sure enough, Lin Yuan couldn’t run cross-country horse racing!

Qiao Siying is full of confidence.

In this kind of horse racing, based on her experience, as long as she sees the figure of her competitors ahead of her, she can quickly surpass them.

Sure enough, Qiao Siying saw herself getting closer and closer to Lin Yuan.

While getting closer, Qiao Siying worked hard to show a bright smile.

Three points of joy, three points of pride, and four points of sarcasm. (30%, 30%, 40%)

She wanted to use this smile, so that when she surpasses him, she will show this smile to Lin Yuan and give him a hard blow.

But as the distance become narrower, Qiao Siying feels that there is something wrong.

She felt a strong sense of discomfort.

What is happening?

She felt something weird the closer she gets.

When Lin Yuan was no more than ten meters away from her, she found him running backwards with his horse.

Why did Lin Yuan run backwards ?!!

No, Lin Yuan didn’t run backwards!

Lin Yuan ran back!

Ten meters away is fleeting.

Lin Yuan rode the thin horse below him and passed by Qiao Siying quickly.

“Hey! You ran backwards! The end is over there!” Qiao Siying turned around and shouted.

She thought that Lin Yuan was in the wrong direction when he was halfway.

But Lin Yuan ignored her.

“Huh! You don’t believe me? Then wait to lose! Anyway, he is stupid. I also reminded him that victory is not worthwhile!” Qiao Siying frowned.

Then she ignored Lin Yuan and continued to sprint.

Soon, she came to the end.

There are three buttons at the end, each number corresponds to each of the participants.

Qiao Siying, Tang Bowen, and Lin Yuan correspond to buttons 1,2, and 3 respectively.

Qiao Siying dismounted and pressed the No. 1 button. The button changed from green to red, marking her reaching the end.

Gasping Qiao Siying showed a slight smile. As long as she goes back first, she will win.

But just when she just turned back to mount on her horse, she suddenly didn’t feel right.

She glanced at the number 3 button and was stunned.

It was red. The button turns to red only when pressed.

How can it be?!

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