Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 110 Miss Yan, massage my shoulders!

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Immediately Qiao Siying finally understood.

The reason why Lin Yuan ran in the opposite direction just now was because he has already reached the end?!

Qiao Siying couldn’t believe it.


Gritting her teeth, Qiao Siying got back up on her horse and ran towards the direction Lin Yuan went.

Qiao Siying also saw Tang Bowen on the way to the buttons.

Tang Bowen was much slower than Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying.

Halfway through the run, he hit a tree head-on.

Cross-country horse racing is indeed very difficult, but fortunately, there are helmets.

He should be fine.

The accident should have been given attention and the injured rescued as soon as possible.

But at this time, all of the people’s attention was fixed on Lin Yuan.

No one paid attention to Tang Bowen at all.

“Miss Qiao…. please give me a hand.”

“No!… Please take a look at me. Send me back!”

Seeing Qiao Siying passing by, Tang Bowen yelled a few times.

But Qiao Siying didn’t hear it at all because her mind was too occupied by the thought that Lin Yuan was already on his journey back to the starting point.

She clearly saw Lin Yuan’s journey back halfway through.

Could it be that this is not his first time to do cross-country horse racing, so he was able to pull that much distance?

This kind of speed will only be possible if you don’t slow down in obstacles such as the trees in the forest.

Qiao Siying didn’t believe it!



And on the other end, Lin Yuan returned to the starting point early.

Seeing Lin Yuan riding the thin horse towards the starting point very quickly, everyone was dead silent.

Even though there was a live broadcast on the big screen, Lin Yuan still had close-ups and everyone watched his entire journey.

They still can’t help but be shocked.

This speed…

This equestrian skill…

So terrifying!

“3…3 minutes, 12 seconds!”

The referee pressed the watch next to him and shouted the time it took Lin Yuan from take-off back to the starting point.

“What?! 3….3 minutes and 12 seconds!

“How can it be!

“It took him only more than three minutes?! It’s terrifying!

“Oh my God!”

Hearing these words from the referee, the rich second generation didn’t react much because they didn’t have a strong knowledge of horseback riding.

But those professional coaches and staff were all shocked.

Many can’t help but be silent.

Because they clearly know that Lin Yuan’s time record of 3 minutes and 12 seconds is not ordinary.

Yue He Equestrian Club is a big club.

There are also professional players who come to practice and even compete.

But this is cross-country horse racing, and even the records of professional players cannot beat that of Lin Yuan.

He had the fastest record.

Cross-country horse racing usually takes more than four minutes.

As for Lin Yuan, he did it for only 3 minutes and 12 seconds!

That is more than a minute faster than professional players.

This is so terrifying.

Is it a world-class level?

They were all shocked.

Those equestrian coaches all looked at Lin Yuan with admiration.

If it wasn’t for Lin Yuan’s identity already, being the Young Master of the Lin family, they would have come up to ask and beg that he join the club.

The group of rich second generations also know how terrifying Lin Yuan’s record is.

Even though they don’t have a clear understanding of Lin Yuan’s achievement just now, they saw clearly how Qiao Siying who is better than them, was beaten by Lin Yuan. And it was not even a close fight since he won with a great distance from the other participants.

Many people didn’t put much attention to the thin horse under Lin Yuan.

But looking at it right now, the more they look, the more handsome the horse becomes.

And with Lin Yuan riding the horse, it became even more radiant.

All of the girls had hearty eyes and short breathing while imagining how happy they will be if they could sit in front of Lin Yuan and be held.

The boys also looked at Lin Yuan with admiration.

Lin Yuan’s equestrian skills are amazing.

For the eyes of those who witnessed him, he is incomparable.

After turning over and dismounting from the thin horse, Lin Yuan patted the horse’s ass.

The thin horse immediately returned to the appearance of a lazy dog.

Thinking that he was liberated, he began to return to being lazy.

Lin Yuan didn’t notice that countless equestrian club staff were staring at the horse with scorching eyes.

Many girls looked at Yan Ruyue with envy.

Before they were just shocked that Lin Yuan rode the horse with Yan Ruyue, but now they become envious of her.

Yan Ruyue didn’t pay attention to them. She looked at Lin Yuan with a shocked expression in her eyes.

Her beautiful eyes are full of splendor.

What on earth is happening? He can’t be the Lin Yuan she knew.

Lin Yuan’s skills in medicine, piano, stock trading, and now even horsemanship, are so terrifying.

Her former fiancé, the fiancé whom she called off the engagement with, is that amazing.

Yan Ruyue bit her red lip.

Not long after Lin Yuan got off the horse, he saw Yan Ruyue walking towards him with a reddish face.

“Are you still not feeling good?” Lin Yuan asked casually, thinking that Yan Ruyue’s blushing was still there because of the previous race.

“No… I am okay…” Yan Ruyue replied casually.

Then something strange happened.

Yan Ruyue, holding a tissue in her hand, gently wiped his sweat off his forehead.

Her movements are very gentle and careful.

Lin Yuan was a little surprised.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s strange gaze, Yan Ruyue’s pretty face was even more ruddy.

“You…like what you said, for my disease to be treated, I need…. more contact…”, Yan Ruyue stuttered, obviously very nervous.

“Yeah.” Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

“You… don’t need to think too much about this. It’s just that I bet for you and I earned five million, so I wiped your sweat.” Yan Ruyue explained forcibly.

Lin Yuan had returned to the normal scumbag and sat down directly.

“Massage my shoulders. My shoulders are sore. I won you 5 million and you’ll give me 2 million, so you’ll get two million for massaging my shoulders right?.”

Yan Ruyue bit her red lips lightly.

If it is another man, no, even a woman.

If someone else asked her to massage the shoulders, let alone get two million, she would not agree even if offered twenty billion.

But it was Lin Yuan who asked her.

It was not long until Yan Ruyue’s soft jade hands rested on Lin Yuan’s wet shoulders caused by just the immediately concluded race.

“Miss Yan, I am okay now. Just move.” Lin Yuan urged.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Yan Ruyue began to struggle inside.

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