Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 111 Qiao Siying’s throbbing heart and embarrassment!

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In less than two seconds after struggling, Yan Ruyue bit her lips and gritted her teeth, and she began pressing Lin Yuan’s shoulders.

Looking at what she is currently doing to Lin Yuan and smelling Lin Yuan’s body right after the race, Yan Ruyue felt her heart beating faster and faster. Her pretty face turned red.

The rich second generation on the side, watching them were all stunned.

What the hell is this?

The ice-cold young miss of the Yan family and one of Jiangbei’s four great beauties, Yan Ruyue not only wiped Lin Yuan’s sweat but is now also massaging his shoulders?

What is a Young Master?

This is what you call a Young master!

A great beauty helps massage him!

This is the life that a young master should have.

Countless people quietly regarded Lin Yuan as their idol…

After about five minutes, Qiao Siying is finally back.

“8 minutes 26 seconds!” Seeing Qiao Siying’s arrival, the referee pressed the stopwatch he was holding indifferently.

The time record of 8 minutes and 26 seconds is still very good.

But Lin Yuan was able to finish more than three minutes ahead, which is so far a world record.

As soon as Qiao Siying came back, he looked for Lin Yuan.

Seeing Lin Yuan who was already sitting on the ground very calmly at this time and enjoying Yan Ruyue’s massage, she was stunned.

“When did he come back? How long did it take for him to finish?” Qiao Siying frowned and asked the referee.

She still couldn’t believe that Lin Yuan could surpass her that much.

The referee faintly replied: “Young Master Lin’s time is only 3 minutes and 12 seconds.”

“Impossible! Three minutes?! That is absolutely impossible!” Qiao Siying said directly.

“How can that be?”

She remembered that the record of some of the most renowned professional players was not even that fast!

“Your timing must be wrong!” Qiao Siying still refused to believe.

“What’s impossible? You can watch the replay yourself. For the entire time of the broadcast, the cameras are all focused on him.” The referee said disdainfully.

The referee had forgotten already how far incredulous his reaction was when Lin Yuan set an unbelievable record. The stopwatch in his hand almost broke.

Qiao Siying frowned and glance at Lin Yuan who is currently enjoying the massage. She then went to check the replay.

Qiao Siying watched the replay closely.

She saw how Lin Yuan dashed through the forest, turned around the hills, and surpassed obstacles along the way.

All were clearly recorded.

Even when the moment she met with Lin Yuan, the smile of sarcasm she showed was also clear.

Qiao Siying blushed.

Soon she forgot about her hate for Lin Yuan for a moment.

Because looking at the sprinting appearance of Lin Yuan, she felt a little lost.

Qiao Siying had practiced equestrianism a lot when she studied abroad and has a strong preference for the sport.

She possesses great talents and skills for it, which very few people can match.

These rich second generations, even Tang Bowen are no match to her.

But Lin Yuan greatly surpassed her.

3 minutes 12 seconds and 8 minutes 28 seconds, that is more than double the time gap!

The difference is just too big!

Watching Lin Yuan’s confident and indifferent face in the video, Qiao Siying felt a little weird.

Serious men really exude a very special charm.

Qiao Siying couldn’t associate the man who made her cry with this serious, handsome, invincible equestrian man in the video who looks like the strongest knight.

Looking at the knight in the video. Qiao Siying’s heart beat wildly.

Bang, bang, bang! Every beat gets faster.

In something where she is very good at, she was completely defeated.

This added to an unexplainable throbbing of her heart.

Qiao Siying’s eyes were extremely complex at this time.

【Ding! Qiao Siying favorability +15! Reward 800 counterattack points!】

A system prompt sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

Hearing the prompt of the system, Lin Yuan who is currently enjoying Yan Ruyue’s massage, looked at Qiao Siying.

Seeing that Qiao Siying was watching the replay, Lin Yuan immediately understood the reason.

Qiao Siying seemed to have felt someone was looking at her and so glanced at Lin Yuan.

Their eyes met.

Lin Yuan’s eyes were calm and there was no fluctuation.

As for Qiao Siying, she quickly looked away, after feeling as if she was burned.

She didn’t know what was going on either.

Seeing the exact face of Lin Yuan as in the video playback, her heart couldn’t help but thump.

‘This man is incredibly annoying.’ Qiao Siying thought while looking away.

Although she still hates Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying feels a slightly strange feeling towards him.

At this time, she is confused.

Fortunately, a voice broke Qiao Siying’s embarrassment.

“Oh…It hurts…Please don’t hurt too much…I feel like dying…” Tang Bowen said faintly.

Everyone looked at him and immediately laughed.

They saw Tang Bowen with a lot of bandages wrapped around him.

He looked like a half mummy.

Obviously, he fell hard. Fortunately, he had his helmet and arm guards on.

Yan Ruyue is not a masseur after all, but a pampered young miss.

Soon, her arm felt sore and numb.

Lin Yuan didn’t embarrass her and stood up directly.

“Miss Qiao, five million should be transferred.” Lin Yuan said to Qiao Siying.

“Humph! I never fool anyone” Qiao Siying immediately transferred five million to Lin Yuan.

“Master Lin, wait. I’ll transfer it to you soon!” Tang Bowen raised his hand wrapped in bandages.

Lin Yuan smiled and waved his hand “Don’t worry about it. I have something to tell you later.”

Qiao Siying came over and said directly “Lin Yuan since I lost, I should grant whatever request you have. Tell me about it now. What do you want me to do? You have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.”

In Qiao Siying’s view, the reason why Lin Yuan raised the request thing as punishment to the losing participant was aimed specifically at her, to humiliate her.

So, before Lin Yuan mentions it, Qiao Siying said it first.

Lin Yuan was taken aback when he heard Qiao Siying’s words.

Seeing Qiao Siying’s embarrassed face and looking as if she was ready to be humiliated, Lin Yuan understood the meaning behind her words.

As for Lin Yuan, he suggested such a punishment mainly for Tang Bowen.

He didn’t expect Qiao Siying to be so serious about it, thinking that it was aimed at her in order to humiliate her.

Lin Yuan saw Qiao Siying come closer to him.

Lin Yuan waved his hand and said: “Miss Qiao, don’t think too much. My request to you, I’ll talk about it another day.”

“I haven’t figured it out yet. Go back and prepare yourself. But Brother Tang Bowen I have something to tell you.”

Lin Yuan directly bypassed Qiao Siying and walked towards Tang Bowen.

Seeing Lin Yuan walk past her without even looking at her, Qiao Siying who was ready to accept the humiliation, was stunned.

She has a bit of an awkward expression on her face.

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