Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 112 The shocked and ecstatic Tang Bowen!

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Qiao Siying didn’t expect it.

Lin Yuan didn’t even look at her, but instead just walked past her and went towards Tang Bowen.

What the hell is this?

Doesn’t he want to humiliate me?

Tang Bowen is more important than me?

Qiao Siying felt her face hot as if being burned.

The expression on her face just now, as if getting ready to accept punishment was really embarrassing.

Others also looked at Lin Yuan strangely.

Because Qiao Siying and Lin Yuan have a grudge against each other.

They all thought that Lin Yuan’s request was aimed at Qiao Siying.

The girls thought that Lin Yuan would humiliate her while the boys thought that he would take advantage of her.

But Lin Yuan seemed not bothered nor interested.

Instead, he looks for Tang Bowen?

They felt stupid.

He is not looking for Qiao Siying, such a mixed-race beauty, but instead turned to Tang Bowen.

If they hadn’t seen Lin Yuan enjoying Yan Ruyue’s massage just now, they would have doubted his sexual preference.

Lin Yuan seemed not bothered by other people’s thoughts and instead went directly to Tang Bowen.

“There are things I want to talk to you about.” Lin Yuan said.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s indifferent but serious expression, Tang Bowen also became serious.

“Okay, Brother Lin Yuan.” Then Tang Bowen ordered the people around him to scatter.

Lin Yuan said directly, “I decided recently that I wanted to develop Xiling District and buy some land there. Don’t you have two buildings along Xiuying Road in Xiling District? My request to you is for you to sell me those two buildings for a price of 20 million yuan. That is not too much right?”

After hearing what Lin Yuan said, Tang Bowen was taken aback.

He is not a fool.

For some time, he thought of how Lin Yuan knew that he owns those two buildings in the Xiling district and why he wanted to buy them so much.

It is not a secret but it is not known to everyone.

But why did Lin Yuan not waste time and asked him directly after the game?

Could it be that there are business opportunities in those buildings?

Tang Bowen knows that the value of these buildings is estimated to be 20 million. Lin Yuan did not even make a bargain and so did not benefit from this request.

Lin Yuan seemed to have known what was going on in Tang Bowen’s mind, so he said lightly, “I know that you go often in this club, so I went hoping to see you and ride horses as well. My purpose is to ask you to sell to me those two buildings. As for whatever you are thinking, you don’t need to worry. Just tell me if you can sell them to me or not.”

Tang Bowen racked his brains but couldn’t think of any business opportunity in those buildings.

He finally decided and said, “I can sell it. But for the price of 20 million yuan, it’s impossible.”

Hearing this, Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows.

As long as he wants, he has many ways to get those two buildings.

If Tang Bowen asks too much, then he doesn’t mind changing the way and let Tang Bowen have an accident one day.

But what Lin Yuan didn’t expect was Tang Bowen’s succeeding responses.

“Twenty million is impossible. That is not the original price. Five million is enough. It’s a discount for brother Lin! I wanted to make friends with you! Your horsemanship today is really wonderful. I saw it and I really admire you. I hope you can teach me when you have the time.”

“I will not transfer anymore the five million I lost from the race. The certificate of title will be transferred to your company by my subordinates. Do you think that’s possible?”

Hearing Tang Bochen’s response, Lin Yuan smiled suddenly.

He understood.

It turned out that Tang Bowen used this opportunity to be friends with him.

Lin Yuan remembered that unlike the Lin Family, which only had him as the seedling, Tang Family had two. Tang Bowen had an older brother.

The Tang Family will someday be inherited and shared by the two of them. One may have more the other less. As for how much, it will depend on one’s abilities.

If it is possible to associate with Lin Yuan, then it is also a manifestation of ability. After all, the identity of Lin Yuan, being the young master of the Lin Family certainly has a lot of significance.

Moreover, Tang Bowen discovered today that he could not see-through Lin Yuan. This unfathomable depth made Tang Bowen a little frightened.

Lin Yuan nodded.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s agreement, Tang Bowen was overjoyed.

Tang Bowen said again, “Oh I forgot to say, I have rented out these buildings to other people, you probably know who they are, the Qingshan Gang. They are an influential gang in Xiling District. I have to notify them of the sale so they can prepare for the handover.”

Lin Yuan said, “You don’t need to inform them. I will deal with them.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Tang Bowen was taken aback.

After carefully looking at Lin Yuan’s serious face, Tang Bowen nodded seriously.

“By the way, since Brother Tang Is so majestic, I want to tell you one thing.” Lin Yuan said suddenly.

Since Tang Bowen deliberately expressed his desire to be friends with Lin Yuan and offered a discount, he doesn’t mind giving a pleasurable gift to him, although was originally intended to be told to him.

“Huh?” Tang Bowen looked at Lin Yuan suspiciously.

Lin Yuan smiled lightly and said, “Your family has built a few residential houses and villas on the busy road of Xiling District, right?”

“Yes!” Tang Bowen nodded. He was a little curious as to why Lin Yuan would pay attention to this.

“The area was originally very prosperous which is why Tang Family had invested a lot of money in acquiring those lots and in building these houses and villas. But in the end, it was so difficult to sell everything. You could only sell parts of it at very low prices, right?”

Tang Bowen nodded repeatedly and at the same time, his tone was a little shocked, “Yes. How do you know? Many of those who were about to buy the houses, villas, and shops there said they wouldn’t continue, so my family lost a lot of money. We didn’t figure out what went wrong.”

Lin Yuan said lightly: “Qingshan Gang’s Gu Qingshan, do you know?


Lin Yuan said again, “Behind this is Qingshan Gang and its leader, Gu Qingshan. He coerced the buyers not to buy unless you lower your selling prices. And then they threaten those buyers to sell the units to them and sell it at higher prices, making a profit out of the sale.”

“You should go home and ask your dad to investigate this more.”

After listening to Lin Yuan’s words, Tang Bowen was taken aback and thought for a while.

Then, his face was ecstatic, and his eyes full of surprise while looking at Lin Yuan.

“Thank you, Brother Lin.” Tang Bowen said in a very grateful manner.

He understood that this is not a trivial matter. The Qingshan Gang used this method to eat meat from the Tang family, and the meat was not small.

After all, it’s the real estate business that is involved. We are talking about at least hundreds of millions! And maybe even more!

If what Lin Yuan said is true, then if he tells his father about it, the family can definitely recover their huge losses. This will be a great achievement for him.

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