Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 114 Shameless!

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This feels strange!

This is wrong!

After three full seconds, Qiao Siying finally reacted.


Qiao Siying shouted and pushed Lin Yuan away.

Lin Yuan didn’t linger either and just let go of his hand.

Qiao Siying’s cheeks flushed at this time. There were tears in the corners of her eyes. She pointed to Lin Yuan and said angrily, “You…you…you!!!!!”

Qiao Siying was a little confused.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “What? Don’t you want me to be nice to you? Why did you push me away?”

Qiao Siying took a few quick breaths.

Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale, and then barely calm down.

Qiao Siying blushed to the base of her neck. She pointed at Lin Yuan and cursed. “Lin Yuan, you bastard! You are shameless!”

“What? Brother? You are not a brother! You are a stinky bastard! Disgusting! You are such a bad guy! You went too far!”

Qiao Siying cursed Lin Yuan.

Then, she ran out crying.

Qiao Siying, who wanted to trick Lin Yuan, didn’t expect it at all.

Not only did Lin Yuan ignored Yan Ruyue’s thoughts, but he even did such a grave act.

It was just too much.

At this time, she really wanted to cry.

And because she initiated and flirted with Lin Yuan, she could only blame herself.

Qiao Siying has never been so wronged, so she ran out directly.

But Lin Yuan didn’t even have the slightest fluctuation and stood still.

“Aren’t you a bit too much.…” Yan Ruyue whispered.

“Huh?” Lin Yuan smiled and turned to look at Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue immediately wrapped her arms around her chest and then closed her mouth tightly. She didn’t say a thing.

Compared to Qiao Siying, Yan Ruyue knew Lin Yuan better.

She knew that the kind of thing that happened to Qiao Siying just now is not impossible to happen to her as well.

It would be better to just shut up.

She still feels pain in her butt due to the recent horse racing.

However, she knew that Qiao Siying was deliberately playing tricks on Lin Yuan just now, Qiao Siying and Lin Yuan were just playing tricks on each other.

Lin Yuan also acted that way to get his revenge.

But Yan Ruyue felt a little strange. Her heart was a little bit sour.

She couldn’t help but wonder how she will react if the same thing was done to her by Lin Yuan.

Can she push Lin Yuan like Qiao Siying did?




After leaving Yue He Equestrian Club, Lin Yuan sent Yan Ruyue home.

Looking at Lin Yuan while he was driving, Yan Ruyue had very complicated eyes.

She went to the equestrian club today and discovered another thing with Lin Yuan which she didn’t know before.

She felt eager to know more about him that she didn’t know.

Although she tries to avoid it, tries not to recall certain things that have happened.

But in Yan Ruyue’s mind, there is still the picture of Lin Yuan riding on the horse with his arms around her, and then sprinting continuously.

Everything that happened next, flashes in her mind every half a minute.

Yan Ruyue, with a little red cheek, walked back home quickly.

Meanwhile on the other side…

Qiao Siying drove home while crying.

“What’s wrong my daughter? Who bullied you?” As soon as Qiao Siying arrived home, her father immediately saw her.

Qiao Jianye loves his daughter very much so seeing Qiao Siying crying makes him angry.

“It’s okay! Don’t worry about it.” Qiao Siying ran upstairs to her room with red and swollen eyes.

Qiao Jianye quickly followed and eavesdropped outside the room.

Qiao Siying was only heard sobbing inside.

Qiao Jianye remembered her daughter mentioned going to the equestrian club today. It is likely that the boy named Tang Bowen bullied her. “I will ask. He really didn’t think I would take his skin off!” Qiao Jianye whispered at the door.

His daughter Qiao Siying is his treasure. That bastard dared to provoke him. He must take a closer look at that boy!

Qiao Jianye also hurried downstairs, ready to contact Tang Bowen.

And Qiao Siying in the room continues to sob, wrapping her arms around her chest, staring blankly at the ceiling.

In her imagination, her body can only be touched by her husband when she gets married later.

Her husband must understand Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio. ((T/N:Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarch and Giovanni Boccaccio are known as the ‘Tre corone’ (the ‘Three Crowns’) of Italian literature)

He must understand Rousseau and Kant.

He must understand art and music and have superb equestrian skills.

But she was desecrated by Lin Yuan even before her lover could come.

Qiao Siying couldn’t describe how it felt.

It feels very humiliating.

Too Disgusting!

Qiao Siying grabbed the panda dolls on her bed and made violent punches.

The doll’s face was beaten up crooked.

Qiao Siying turned on her phone and decided to listen to a song which she likes listening to very much recently.

She wanted to use this Chinese song to heal her soul.

This is one of the few Chinese songs on her phone.

Qiao Siying who studied abroad has many foreign language songs. But she likes the melody and lyrics of this song very much.

“Within its blue misty drizzle…..

I am waiting for you”

While listening, Qiao Siying sang.

When Qiao Siying listens to this song, she doesn’t know who the author of the song is.

She also heard the song “Blue and White Porcelain” by chance.

She only knew that he was probably a newbie.

There is no MV for the song.

It is said that there is a video on the Internet, but Qiao Siying has not watched it yet.

She just likes this song and the sound very much.

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