Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 118 Scarlet Bar, Intercept!

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Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said, “What are you looking at two little girls? After watching for so long, your hearts were moved? Do you want to try it too?”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s smirk, the two little girls’ faces turned red at once.

“Ka! Young Master is a hooligan!”

“Ka! Young Master is a badass!”

The two broke a sentence, and both girls ran away

Just in time, Lin Yuan saw a message from Long Wu saying that he was already at the door.

Lin Yuan immediately walked out.

He gave the car key to Long Wu and let him drive while Lin Yuan sit on the passenger seat.

“Where are we going, young master?” Long Wu asked.

“Scarlet Bar.” Lin Yuan responded.

“Scarlet Bar?” Long Wu subconsciously said.

Then Long Wu reacted and apologized again and again, “Master, I’m sorry! Long Wu talked too much!”

“It’s okay.” Lin Yuan waved his hand.

Long Wu has always been loyal to him.

Even in the original novel, he was killed by blocking a gunshot for Lin Yuan.

And so, Lin Yuan didn’t care about the little things for Long Wu.

“I will go to Scarlet bar this time to buy a bodyguard.” Lin Yuan said casually.

‘Buying a bodyguard?’

Long Wu is a little confused.

But this time he didn’t talk too much.

Instead, he replied “Okay!”

Lin Yuan was thinking about the allocation of manpower.

He is planning on putting a lot of pressure on Gu Qingshan and the Qingshan Gang and even destroy both completely.

In order to prevent a cornered dog from jumping over the wall, he must destroy him directly.

In order to do this, he should consider getting more men on his side.

In fact, several teams of bodyguards protect him from within 100 meters.

However, he allocated a few to Qiu Wanxi.

He also sent some people to Xilling District, so the manpower is a bit lacking.

In fact, it’s not the number that matters to Lin Yuan. He is more concerned about the quality of the bodyguards.

Lin Yuan can’t look at him now pushing Ye Feng to be very uncomfortable.

But if Ye Feng becomes a cornered dog forced to jump over the wall, the terrifying human being in him will surely erupt and cause a lot of troubles.

These bodyguards around him cannot match him.

Although Lin Yuan could temporarily battle against him.

But now the points are not yet enough.

He still needs some time.

In just a few months, he can surpass Ye Feng.

But it would still take time.

So, Lin Yuan considered other plans to secure his safety.

And also have to double his precautions.

He remembered that in the original novel, there was this particularly good bodyguard.

That bodyguard was originally intended to protect Ye Feng.

In close hand-to-hand combat, it can be said that this bodyguard is as good as Ye Feng and is very tough.

But he is going to intercept this bodyguard to side with him.



Quickly, under Lin Yuan’s guidance, Long Wu drove into a narrow alley.

At the end of the narrow alley, there is really a bar called “Scarlet”.

There were not many customers in this bar.

Only a few scattered in the corner.

Looking at those people, Long Wu’s eyes flashed with vigilance.

Because as a retired soldier, he is used to anticipating danger.

Lin Yuan came to the bar counter indifferently.

There was a bartender standing at the front of the counter. The identity tag on the bartender’s chest read as “Xiao Qi”.

Seeing Lin Yuan walking towards the counter, the bartender enthusiastically asked, “Guest, would you like a drink?”

“Three glasses of Scarlet Mary, two glasses with ice.” Lin Yuan replied lightly.

This is a secret passcode in the Scarlet Bar.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, the bartender hurriedly responded and signaled Lin Yuan to follow. “Okay! Please come with me!”

Under the leadership of the bartender Xiao Qi, Lin Yuan followed into a private room.

As soon as he entered the private room, the bartender Xiao Qi pushed a secret door from the wall.

“Your last name?” the bartender Xiao Qi asked.

“Lin.” Lin Yuan replied.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s answer, the bartender Xiao Qi immediately bowed and respectfully stretched out his hand: “Mr. Lin, please come in.”

Lin Yuan did not speak and walked in directly.

However, Long Wu looked around with a vigilant look on his face, always anticipating danger from the surroundings.

He is always prepared to protect Lin Yuan from all dangers.

After entering the secret door, and walking for about half a minute, the originally narrow space slightly broadened.

They arrived in a rather brightly lit room.

There were people in the room.

There was an obese man who looks like an upstart, and a pretty, seductive woman.

As soon as she saw the face of Lin Yuan who came in, the pretty woman’s eyes lit up.

“Mr. Lin, please wait a moment. I will report to the host first, to prepare the goods for you, and then invite you in to buy, okay?” the bartender Xiao Qi asked respectfully.

“Ok.” Lin Yuan nodded slightly.

The bartender Xiao Qi bowed and pushed open another doorway in the private room and went out.

“Afang, I’m going to the toilet.” The upstart man touched his stomach and said to the beautiful woman beside him.

“Okay, dear, come back early.” The beautiful woman named Afang answered, and then the sultry eyes stayed with Lin Yuan.

After speaking, the upstart man got up and went to the toilet.

Just after the man entered the comfort room, the beautiful woman stood up.

Twisting the attractive waist under her skirt, she walked towards Lin Yuan with a swing.

“Handsome guy, are you here to buy bodyguards too?” The beautiful woman bit her bright red lips lightly and asked Lin Yuan in a very attractive posture.

Lin Yuan’s two hundred points of charm are not for nothing.

When this beautiful woman named Afang saw Lin Yuan, she was deeply attracted to him.

‘Handsome, so handsome.’

There are many men who have slept with her, but she has never seen a man as handsome as Lin Yuan.

And although the attire is not particularly gorgeous, there is still a very special temperament that is hard to ignore.

Afang felt that this man is definitely not ordinary, much better than the upstart.

And even if she can’t have this young man, being able to sleep with him is something worth making an effort.

But Lin Yuan didn’t even look at Afang and just looked at his watch seemingly thinking about something.

Seeing Lin Yuan not paying attention to her, Afang was taken aback.

Is this man not attracted to her?

Afang thinks that she is a charmer. Even wealthy billionaires fall for her.

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