Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 119 Red cheongsam! Enchanting woman!

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But what she did not know, in Lin Yuan’s eyes her appearance and figure are at most is just seven points.

This is mainly because he prefers women with mature charm.

But combining the fact that she has been under the sheets with several men, that is minus ten points.

So, all in all, she gets a negative three points.

Lin Yuan didn’t show much interest in this beautiful woman.

For Lin Yuan, she is too unfashionable, too vulgar, too coquettish which is why he did not bother to look.

When Lin Yuan ignored her, it made Afang very embarrassed.

It’s not that she hasn’t experienced such kind of thing, but for her, her body and face are not something worthy of being ignored.

Afang sat directly next to Lin Yuan, letting her fragrant breeze rush over, and at the same time approached Lin Yuan and lowered her mouth and asked in a self-confessed voice: “Handsome, can you give me your contact information? I suddenly got itchy when I saw you.”

While talking, A Fang’s mouth got closer, trying to breathe the heat into Lin Yuan’s ear, and trying to make Lin Yuan want her.

But Lin Yuan frowned slightly.

He didn’t expect this woman to be this coquettish.

Just now the guy she was with went to the bathroom, so she leaned over to show off.

Long Wu understood Lin Yuan’s disgust and was ready to pull this woman away.

But the upstart man just came out from the comfort room.

Seeing Lin Yuan and Afang sitting so close to each other, the man immediately got furious.

“You little kid who is still wet behind the ears dares to tease the woman of your father! See if I won’t kill you…” the upstart cursed.

But he hasn’t even finished yet speaking and Long Wu kicked him, pinched his neck, and slapped his mouth.

Long Wu will not accept any kind of abuse or offense against Lin Yuan.

There was a shortness of breath and pain.

Ge Bing wanted to beg for mercy, but Long Wu pinched his neck and so couldn’t speak.

The beautiful woman on the side was shocked.

Afang wanted to persuade Long Wu to stop, but she didn’t dare. She could only open her mouth but couldn’t make a sound.

Just when Ge Bing’s face turned red and purple-cyan, the bartender Xiao Qi opened the door and came back.

Seeing what was going on, the bartender Xiao Qi’s expression changed.

“Mr. Lin, please order your subordinate to stop!” Xiao Qi shouted.

After looking at the bartender Xiao Qi, Lin Yuan said indifferently: “Stop it, Long Wu, and give a face to the owner here.”

Lin Yuan knew that the owner of Scarlet Bar had a deep background.

And after all, it’s someone else’s place, so there is no need to make trouble.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Long Wu let go of the almost half-dead Ge Bing.

Ge Bing who fell on the ground was lifted up by Afang. His eyes looked at Lin Yuan with resentment.

He really felt dying just now.

He regretted not bringing his bodyguards over.

Seeing Ge Bing’s dissatisfaction, the bartender Xiao Qi said in a cold tone: ”Don’t cause any trouble again. This is the young master of the Lin Group. If you provoke him again, no one will care about you dying here!”

Ge Bing was stunned when he heard the bartender Xiao Qi’s words.

Then a pile of fine sweat beads appeared on the forehead!

‘Lin Group?’

‘The top Lin family in Jiangbei?’

‘In Jiangbei, there is no other Lin Group!’

Although his net worth is several billion, he is a fart compared to the Lin Group!

It’s ridiculous that he even wanted revenge.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Lin!”

Ge Bing hurriedly knelt on the ground, apologizing while slapping his mouth.

He is hoping Lin Yuan can forgive him for his rudeness.

As for the matter of being beaten to death just now, it’s okay to be strangled to death!

Afang on the side looked at Lin Yuan with even more fiery eyes.

How could her charm not work for Lin Yuan, the Young Master of the Lin Family.?

Compared to the previous men she’s been with Lin Yuan is even wealthier.

Why is he looking down on her?

What exactly is wrong with her?

Afang is still thinking about Lin Yuan’s lack of taste.

And then Ge Bing suddenly pushed Afang saying: “Young Master, if you like, I can send her to you as a sign of my apology.”

Ge Bing became a totally different person from the jealous person he was before.

This is the prestige brought by Lin Yuan’s identity.

Although Ge Bing is somewhat an arrogant upstart, he knew that some people, he could never afford to offend.

Lin Yuan didn’t look at Ge Bing, nor at Afang who was pushed over.

Instead, he left the room directly with the bartender Xiao Qi.

Long Wu behind him understood what Lin Yuan meant.

“Go away, Master is not interested in you!”

After Long Wu pushed her, he quickly followed Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan followed the bartender Xiao Qi out of that room.

As soon as he walked out, Lin Yuan saw a spacious and bright hall.

The hall floor is covered with thick red wool carpets.

On the red wool carpet, there were about twenty or thirty people standing neatly.

Everyone stood upright and their form looked like a straight line.

Every one of them looks very sharp, and their spirits looked good.

But compared to these people, the figure sitting on the chair at the top of the hall is the most notable.

This figure is dressed in a red cheongsam. She is exquisite and graceful.

The perfect curve makes it almost impossible to look away.

This is a very enchanting woman.

But when you want to get a glimpse of the beauty, all you can see is a grimace mask.

Lin Yuan could tell immediately that she is the manager of Scarlet Bar.

Without even waiting for Lin Yuan to speak up, this enchanting woman spoke first.

Behind the grimace mask was a slightly magnetic, somewhat deep, but very nice voice: “Welcome Young Master Lin. Just call me Boss Xue. You can choose which type of bodyguard you need. If you take one you can get a 10% discount and two or more is a 20% discount.”

Boss Xue, wearing a cheongsam, got up from the chair and walked towards Lin Yuan.

As soon as Boss Xue moved, a long black hair fluttered unscrupulously behind her, and a few scents of fragrant wind entered Lin Yuan’s nose.

As Boss Xue got up, her enchanting figure became even more exquisite and charming after she moved.

The upstart who came in behind stared at Boss Xue blankly, and then quickly withdrew his eyes. He knew what to see and what not to. The person who introduced him here warned him specifically that he might lose his eyes after a second glance.

And that beautiful woman, Afang, was full of jealousy in her eyes.

She thought that her figure is great.

But compared to Boss Xue, it’s heaven and earth apart.

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