Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 121 Reverse the plot! Buy Shi Shengnan!

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The second is that he really didn’t come here to find Chen Yu, although she is a very great catch in the original novel. Lin Yuan didn’t expect to see her here.

Lin Yuan really came to look for another bodyguard who had superb skills in hand-to-hand combat.

When Ye Feng met Chen Yu, it seems that he had some interaction with her when he was a mercenary. Lin Yuan could not remember what tasks he did afterward.

However, if things go well, Lin Yuan will consider going after Chen Yu. Lin Yuan knows something but plans to complete the original plan first before considering other things.

Ye Feng knew the bodyguard he is looking for, one who is good at close combat, boxing, and hand-to-hand combat, and it seemed that he had known him when he was fighting underground.

Lin Yuan is rich and powerful, so naturally, there is no need to get to know him, but it seems that this person has not been shown as a bodyguard. Is he not even qualified?

But at this point in time, he should be in the Scarlet Bar, right?

Lin Yuan frowned and thought.

“Is Master Lin dissatisfied with the quality of our bodyguards? I’m really sorry, if possible, can you be more specific.” Boss Xue smiled under the mask.

Lin Yuan thought for a while and said, “Let’s do it. You call out those who meet these two conditions, with a height of 1.8 meters or more and sturdy. Let me pick, is this okay, Boss Xue?

Hearing Lin Yuan’s specific request, Boss Xue looked even more weird.

She felt that the possibility of Lin Yuan being gay increased 10% more.

“Of course.” Boss Xue looked strangely, then clapped her hands.

Soon, a man dressed up as a bartender, with a name tag saying Xiao Liu, immediately brought a dozen strong men out of a room.

These muscular men stood in a row.

Boss Xue let Lin Yuan choose.

Lin Yuan began to look carefully one by one.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s serious eyes while picking, Boss Xue’s expression became more and more weird.

Very quickly, Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up, and his eyes were locked on a muscular man.

Boss Xue also took a curious look.

The choice of Lin Yuan can be said to be very solid.

This brawny man has short black hair, his height is only a little shorter than Lin Yuan, about 1.8 meters. His skeleton looks very big. His shoulders are much wider than Lin Yuan’s. His whole body is muscular, and there is a scar on his face.

What is strange is that this strong man has so many fierce features, but his face still gives people a pretty delicate feeling.

Without hesitation, Lin Yuan pointed at the brawny man and said, “I’ve chosen him.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s choice, the facial expression under the mask became even more strange.

She almost confirmed that Lin Yuan is gay.

And it seems that he has a very weird taste, choosing not only a strong man but one who is fierce and delicate at the same time.

The taste is simply unique but Lin Yuan might be disappointed.

Boss Xue said in a weird tone: “Master Lin, are you sure you want to choose this person?”

“I have to break it to you first. Don’t consider her at all. She is not a man but a woman.”

“You don’t like Chen Yu? Are you sure you want Shi Shengnan?”

Boss Xue thought Lin Yuan was gay, so he came to find a wrestling friend who can be a part-time bodyguard.

But what she didn’t expect was that Lin Yuan nodded unexpectedly and said: “I know she is a woman, I’m sure I want her.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Boss Xue was stunned.

The unusually tall and sturdy Shi Shengnan was also stunned.

You want her? Shi Shengnan?

What is so good about Shi Shengnan?

It is not only Boss Xue who thinks the same, but Shi Shengnan was also curious too.

But Lin Yuan already knew that although Shi Shegnan is a woman, she is very talented.

Although males and females have the same bones, there are still some differences.

For example, due to hormones such as testosterone, male bones and muscles are generally thicker and larger than females.

It is natural for most women of the same height and weight to be weaker than men.

When the skeletal muscles of Lin Yuan’s bodyguard are weak, then you might want to ask who will protect who.

But Shi Shengnan is different.

Shi Shengnan is different ever since she was a child. Not only is she taller than boys of her age, but she is also stronger than boys of the same age.

Shi Shengnan came from a rural area, but even if she is malnourished, she is still strong.

Because she was too tall and strong, Shi Shengnan was trafficked as a boy when she was a teenager and was trafficked to work in the city.

She moved bricks for three years, and so her muscles became more knotted.

Then started boxing for several years under the introduction of someone.

After two years of boxing, she was introduced to the Bloody Tavern as a strong boxer.

It was also after the introduction that the careful boss Xue realized that she turned out to be a woman…

It can be said that Shi Shengnan was embarrassed in the bloody tavern.

Think of her as a strong man, but she is a woman.

Think of her as a girl, but she is as strong as a man.

She can’t be sold at all.

She was rejected by countless buyers.

But Lin Yuan knew that Shi Shengnan is not only talented and strong but also more talented in close combat and boxing. She is proficient and strong in everything.

In this respect, compared with the protagonist Ye Feng, she is not far behind.

In the original novel, Boss Xue is rich and wealthy. Although she cannot sell, she has also raised Shi Shengnan for several years.

She will continue to raise her until she feels uncomfortable not getting sold and express her desire to go back to boxing.

Then she got acquainted with Ye Feng and left the bloody tavern.

This time, Lin Yuan wanted to intercept Shi Shengnan in advance.

This is a bodyguard that is easy to subdue, and will be 100% loyal, has different talents, invincible in close combat, and can help you block bullets at critical times, and the kind of bodyguard you can control.

Except for when armed, Shi Shengnan is almost perfect as a bodyguard.

After repeatedly confirming that Lin Yuan wanted to buy Shi Shengnan as his bodyguard.

Boss Xue subsequently made a deal with Lin Yuan and signed a contract.

The price of Shi Shengnan as a bodyguard is not expensive, even very cheap. After all, no one wants her for several years, and there is no potential of getting sold.

She was sold for only 500,000 yuan.

Boss Xue didn’t think it was a loss, while Lin Yuan felt that he was making a profit.

After the contract was signed, Shi Shengnan immediately looked at Lin Yuan with grateful eyes.

She has a relatively straightforward temperament, and she can hardly change it after staying in the bloody tavern for several years.

But Lin Yuan didn’t even contempt at all, and bought her, which makes Lin Yuan her great benefactor.

【Ding! Bought Shi Shengnan in advance! Reverse the plot! Reward +1000 counterattack points! 】

When the contract was signed, Lin Yuan had a system prompt in his mind.

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