Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 122 Chen Yu is the only one who can set the price!

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After the system prompts.

Lin Yuan immediately checked the properties.

【Host: Lin Yuan】

【Counterattack points: 3000】

【Wealth value: 7 billion】


【Strength: 150, Speed: 125, Reaction: 125, Charisma: 200, Physique: 150】


【Medical skills: divine level, Piano: divine level, Singing: divine level, Equestrianism: divine level, Stocks: advanced level, Antique appraisal: advanced level, Car skills: intermediate level, Violin: intermediate, calligraphy: intermediate, English: elementary,…】

【Favorability Panel:】

【Yan Ruyue: 50, Qiu Wanxi: 99, Qiao Siying: -5, Chi Qian: 6, Gui Qingtong: 90, Shi Shengnan: 30】

【Loyalty Panel:】

【Wang Ergou: 95】

Lin Yuan was speechless when he saw Shi Shengnan appearing in the favorability panel.

He just wants to find a bodyguard, what does this broken system Shen Lan mean?

He is not even very interested in women with short hair, let alone a brawny muscular girl…

“What the hell, Shen Lan, move Shi Shengnan to the loyalty panel for me!” Lin Yuan roared in his mind.

“The strong will of the host is detected! Okay, host!”

Move completed!

Fortunately, Lin Yuan could already see Shi Shengnan appearing on the loyalty panel.

And from 30 favorability to 60 loyalty.

Not high, but not too low.

After all, it was the bodyguard he had just bought, and they didn’t even get to say a word to each other.

The 60 points of loyalty is a very happy favor to Lin Yuan.

After buying, Lin Yuan directly beckoned, “Shi Shengnan, come here.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s sudden call, Shi Shengnan was stunned, then she realized that she was already Lin Yuan’s bodyguard.

Then she hurriedly came to Lin Yuan’s side.

“I will touch you, do you mind?” Lin Yuan asked.

“No…I don’t mind…” Shi Shengnan blushed a little because she found Lin Yuan so handsome.

Up close, she realized that Lin Yuan could hardly be described as handsome.

Prince charming! This is the idea of Shi Shengnan like most of the girls. (T/N: 男神 or Male God, is an internet vocabulary used as a respectful name for outstanding men or idols. Male God sounds awkward so we will just use Prince Charming instead.)

Yes, although Shi Shengnan looks muscular, she is still a girl in heart.

But in terms of being a bodyguard, Shi Shengnan does not want others to treat her as a girl, but how a bodyguard should be treated.

Lin Yuan is also welcome. Shi Shengnan nodded and said she didn’t mind.

Lin Yuan directly reached out and touched Shi Shengnan’s muscles.

What kind of firm abs and butterfly bones are all on Shi Shengnan’s strong muscles… (T/N: butterfly bones = scapula bones)

After touching and squeezing a few times, Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

【Ding! Shi Shengnan’s loyalty +10!】

Lin Yuan knows why there is this prompt.

He knows Shi Shengnan’s character fully well.

Shi Shengnan is a simple and straightforward person, but she cares about her identity.

She hopes that others can treat her as a woman when she has to be a woman, and a bodyguard when she should be a bodyguard.

Lin Yuan expressed satisfaction after touching.

What Lin Yuan did fit her ideas perfectly, so it directly added 10 points of loyalty.

Shi Shengnan was touched, her face was red.

But Boss Xue was shocked.

“Are you sure you want her? She is a woman, not a man.” Even though the contract was signed, Xue Yufei couldn’t help saying.

Lin Yuan nodded and said, “Women isn’t any worse than men.”

Hearing these words, Xue Yufei was taken aback and then burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, Young Master Lin is right! When I heard you said that you weren’t here to play with women, I thought that you discriminated against women. It turns out that I am wrong. I appreciate Master Lin more and more!”

Xue Yufei agreed with Lin Yuan’s words very much.

Because her very existence proved that women are no worse than men.

For this belief, she really appreciates Lin Yuan.

But Xue Yufei is really confused now.

She originally thought that Lin Yuan was gay, and it was already a certainty.

But Lin Yuan chose a woman, still a muscular woman, Shi Shengnan.

And he felt satisfied after touching Shi Shengnan’s muscles.

Does Lin Yuan like men or women?

Xue Yufei really can’t understand.

What kind of person is this?! Brother, I like your body, but I don’t want your heart?

Xue Yufei had a headache and didn’t want to think about it anymore.

“Master Lin transfer the money.” Xue Yufei said helplessly.

They already signed the contract, but Lin Yuan hasn’t paid yet.

As the young master of Lin family, Xue Yufei believed that Lin Yuan could afford the money.

And Lin Yuan said: “Boss Xue, don’t worry, I still want to do more business with you. After all the discount of 20% is too tempting.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s response, Xue Yufei smiled and said. “Of course, Master Lin, you are always welcome to buy.”

Now that the set goals have been completed.

Lin Yuan can also consider the newly discovered bonus and secret weapon.

Killer Chen Yu.

Although she can’t be a bodyguard, it’s not bad to buy her to be a killer for him.

Chen Yu is really a very capable killer.

He encountered her here by accident.

But Lin Yuan doesn’t plan to let her go. If there is an opportunity, then he better try it.

He has a certain understanding of Chen Yu.

In Xue Yufei’s surprised eyes, Lin Yuan walked towards Chen Yu again.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Boss Xue, I want to buy Chen Yu too, and take advantage of the 20% discount. What do you think? Let us agree on the price.”

However, Xue Yufei smiled and shook her head and said: “No way, only Chen Yu can set the price. I can’t decide for her. You can ask her. She can set the price as much as she wants.”

Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate, turned his head and asked Chen Yu: “I want to buy you and set a price.”

Lin Yuan’s words were very brief.

Chen Yu’s response was even more brief.

“No.” Chen Yu only replied with one word.

Lin Yuan turned around, and Xue Yufei shrugged immediately.

She likes to see these men coveting Chen Yu and then being rejected by Chen Yu.

Although Lin Yuan’s expression did not change at all, Lin Yuan may be gay, so Xue Yu didn’t care.

Xue Yufei thought that Lin Yuan had given up and so gave Shi Shengnan away.

But what surprised Xue Yufei was that Lin Yuan turned his head and said: “Miss Xue, can I ask you to leave Chen Yu and me alone for a moment?”

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