Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 123 Chen Yu, I will give you a chance to get revenge!

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Xue Yufei shrugged and said, “It’s up to you, but I advise you, don’t hope too much. Many wealthy businessmen are similar to you and wanted to talk to Chen Yu, thinking that if the price is high enough, Chen Yu will go with them, but Chen Yu was never shaken.”

“In addition, don’t say anything obscene to Chen Yu while I’m away. Chen Yu has directly killed several wealthy businessmen, and I covered up for her. I hope it can be avoided, but there are still young people who don’t understand things. I hope Master Lin, you understand what I am saying. After all, no one would dare go up against the Lin family in Jiangbei for no reason.”

Lin Yuan nodded:” Thank you for the reminder the boss Xue. I will pay attention. “

Seeing Lin Yuan nodding, Xue Yufei also left slowly.

With the other bodyguards around, Lin Yuan said to Chen Yu: “Come with me. I want to talk to you.”

Chen Yu’s answer is still concise and cold.

“No. “

If it’s someone else, Lin Yuan would have given up directly.

But Lin Yuan didn’t care about the coldness on Chen Yu’s face.

Instead, he showed a smile and said, “What I want to talk about… is about the Chen family.”

Hearing the last two words of Lin Yuan, Chen Yu whose head was bowed slightly and whose eyes are cold, instantly raised her head and stared at Lin Yuan with burning eyes.

At the same time, her hand was placed on the knife around her waist.

Seeing Chen Yu’s action, Shi Shengnan stopped in front of Lin Yuan instantly.

Chen Yu drew the knife quickly.

But Shi Shengnan believes that her reaction is quick at close range.

And as Lin Yuan’s bodyguard, whether she wins or loses, whether she lives or dies, she has to stand in front of Lin Yuan.

Whether she can do it or not depends on her loyalty.

But now she can do it, and it is necessary.

In the face of the threat from Chen Yu, Lin Yuan’s face was calm.

He knew that Chen Yu would not have a knife.

And even if she really had one, there was still Shi Shengnan’s protection.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s eyes still calm, a trace of surprise flashed in Chen Yu’s eyes.

Chen Yu retracted the knife into the sheath again.

Lin Yuan turned and left directly.

Chen Yu hesitated for a second, but still followed Lin Yuan.

Soon, Lin Yuan and Chen Yu reached a corner together.

Chen Yu did not speak but stared at Lin Yuan closely.

But as soon as Lin Yuan say what he wanted to say, Chen Yu’s pretty face changed directly.

“Do you want to avenge your dad Chen Ping?” Lin Yuan said.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chen Yu’s eyes were full of shock: “Who are you?”

“Lin Yuan.” Lin Yuan replied lightly.

“I’m asking about your identity! How did you know?!” Chen Yu’s eyes gleamed with cold light.

“Does it matter how did I know? My identity is also not important.”

“You only need to know that I can help you avenge the Chen family. Of course, the price is that you have to do things for me.” Said Lin Yuan lightly and did not answer Chen Yu’s question.

He knew Chen Yu’s background very well.

Chen Yu is a member of the Chen family, and this Chen family is the same Jiangbei Chen family helping Ye Feng.

But at that time, it was still called the Yanjing Chen family.

Speaking of Chen Yu, one must talk about a major event that happened in Yanjing ten years ago.

There are eight major families in Yanjing. The Chen family where Chen Yu belongs is one of them. The Ning family is also one of the eight families. For some reason, the Chen family and the Ning family went to full-scale war.

Not just commercial wars, but even escalated to murder and assassination between the two major families.

The Chen family’s background was a bit poorer, and some decision-making mistakes added to their successive losses to the Ning Family.

When the Chen family was about to breakdown, Chen Yu’s father, Chen Ping, who was also the head of the Chen family, came forward.

He sacrificed his own life to save the Chen family and his brother Chen Meng later became the head of the Chen family. And then, the family moved from Yanjing to Jiangbei.

But after Chen Meng became the head of the Chen family, he moved out the corpse of Chen Ping and offered the body to Ning Family in order to please them, under the incite of his wife.

And then, Chen Ping’s only daughter, Chen Yu, was kicked out of the house.

At that time, Chen Yu promised to avenge his father and vowed to kill Chen Meng’s family.

With this goal, Chen Yu became a top assassin at only twenty-five, or twenty-six.

But the Chen family headed by Chen Meng is too powerful for Chen Yu to take down alone.

With her alone, revenge is nothing but impossible.

Chen Yu’s eyes towards Lin Yuan began to become more and more surprised.

Chen Yu has experienced many talks with many billionaires and later on dismissed them accordingly.

Because she can see the superficiality and vulgarity of those people.

But facing Lin Yuan, a man younger than her.

She found that she couldn’t see through him.

He wasn’t affected by her beauty nor was he afraid of her threats.

And also knew a lot of her and her family’s secrets.

Her father’s body was moved out of the tomb and she was kicked out.

Except for some members of the Chen family, very few people knew about it.

After all, this is not a glorious thing. It is not worth it for the Chen family to publicize it, and instead, they might just cover them up.

So how did Lin Yuan know?

“Therefore, it is impossible to avenge the Chen family on your own. And Xue Yufei, although she knows, will not help you. And no one will fight against a big family like the Chen family for you. “Lin Yuan finally said.

Chen Yu sneered, “What about you? Then you will help me, right?”

Lin Yuan smiled slightly: “Miss Chen Yu, is there something wrong with your thinking? Did you overestimate your value? Did you think I will go against the Chen family just because of you?”

“The Chen family and I are destined to be enemies, and you hate the Chen family deeply. As the saying goes, the enemy of your enemy is a friend. That’s why I gave you a chance.”

“Yes, I’ll give you a chance to take revenge. So, with all things said, it is up to you to choose.”

“One cannot belittle oneself, but don’t take yourself too important.”

Looking at Lin Yuan’s faintly smiling expression, as if nothing was on his mind, Chen Yu narrowed her eyes.

Lin Yuan really knows a lot.

Not only knew her life experience but also knew the name of the mysterious Xue Yufei.

These all surprised Chen Yu.

Lin Yuan said that he and the Chen family are enemies and so gave her a chance to get revenge.

She was thinking about whether what Lin Yuan said was true or not.

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