Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 124 A Yuan!? Xue Yufei is in shock!

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She carefully observed Lin Yuan’s expression, trying to find something.

But nothing can be seen.

After half a minute, Chen Yu spoke: “I believe you also have grudges with the Chen family. After all, the family is led by a person like Chen Meng as the head of family. It is not surprising that anyone gets offended by the Chen family. However, the Chen family is a top family in Jiangbei, why should I believe that you can help me? Even as you said, you can give me a chance to take revenge. How are you going to do that?”

Hearing Chen Yu’s words, Lin Yuan smiled lightly because such questions coming from Chen Yu means he had caught her interest and that she is willing to entertain and know more about his proposal.

“There are many more big and influential families in Jiangbei. Not only the Chen Family. I am the young master of the Lin Family, which is also a big and influential family in Jiangbei. Cooperating with me means you have the support of the Jiangbei Lin Family. Just like I said, do you understand?”

Not waiting for Chen Yu to speak her mind once again, Lin Yuan continued: “I don’t have time to wait for you to think about it so much. Don’t be angry when I say this but, to be honest, I came here today for Shi Shengnan. You are just incidental.”

“Now, I give you a choice. We can sign a one-month contract. You will do things for me. I will help you, and we will destroy the Chen family together. If you feel that there is no problem later on, then sign a new long-term contract. Within that month, you can leave at any time.”

“Of course, since this contract will not restrict you, the salary will not be too high.”

“By the way, Shengnan, I’ll sign your contract for you when I return home, one million a year, okay?” After talking to Chen Yu, Lin Yuan finally turned to Shi Shengnan.

Before Chen Yu can speak, Shi Shengnan was shocked and said, “One…one million a year!?”

Shi Shengnan has never been sold in Scarlet Bar. Let alone receive one million a year.

She felt incredible even with just a salary of hundreds of thousands.

“This is only the beginning, and it will increase in the future based on your performance.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“Ok…ok young master!” Shi Shengnan nodded repeatedly, not dissatisfied with the offer.

And Chen Yu had finished thinking. There was a strange color in her eyes, but her tone was still cold, and said: “Jiangbei Lin Family, I understand. If you can really help me destroy the Chen Family, there is no need to sign a long-term contract. I will help you for a lifetime for free. But if you can’t, I will leave without hesitation.”

“As for the contract, a yuan is good. I am not interested in money.”

Hearing Chen Yu’s words, Lin Yuan smiled lightly. He did not expect such a response.

But it doesn’t matter whether she wants money or not. It would be better to have her work for him in his lifetime for free.

“Well, if that’s the case, then let’s go to Boss Xue.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Soon, Lin Yuan brought Chen Yu and Shi Shengnan to Xue Yufei.

“How did it go? As I said, Chen Yu definitely won’t…” When Xue Yufei came over, she smiled and said this to Lin Yuan.

For the past three years, Chen Yu has proven time and time again that she is no longer interested in money or power.

But what surprised Xue Yufei was that Chen Yu interrupted directly: “I promised to help him.”

“It’s fine if you didn’t agree…Huh? What? Chen Yu, did you agree?” Xue Yufei reacted and was shocked immediately.

Xue Yufei looked at Lin Yuan and Chen Yu in shock.

‘What is going on?’

‘Chen Yu actually agreed? Agreed to this gay young master of the Lin family?’

“Chen Yu, how much money would he pay you?” Xue Yufei asked.

“A Yuan.” Chen Yu faintly replied.

Xue Yufei: “…”

‘What are you playing!?’

‘Are you kidding?’

‘A Yuan?’

‘Didn’t you reject a few hundred million before?’

‘Why did Lin Yuan offered Chen Yu a yuan and then Chen Yu agreed to be sold?’

‘Is it because the young master of the Lin family is handsome?’

’But he is gay!’

Chen Yu has been with Xue Yufei for several years, and Xue Yufei is somewhat reluctant.

At this moment she could not understand Chen Yu’s thoughts at all.

But Chen Yu explained, “He said that he will destroy the Chen family with me.”

Hearing what Chen Yu said, Xue Yufei finally understood.

Under the mask, she raised her eyebrows: “Destroy the Chen family? You? Young Master Lin?”

“What’s the matter? If Boss Xue can’t help Chen Yu, I can’t help her? My relationship with the Chen family is not much better than that between Chen Yu and the Chen family.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Boss Xue gave Lin Yuan a deep look.

She felt that Lin Yuan is getting more and more interesting, and she couldn’t understand him more and more.

Lin Yuan’s father, Lin Jianjun, would not dare say such things as destroying the Chen family.

But Lin Yuan not only dared, but he also looks very confident.

She really couldn’t understand whether Lin Yuan was just young and frivolous, or had some confidence she doesn’t know where it is coming from.

But after all, she had already said it beforehand.

If Chen Yu agrees, then it’s okay.

So, the contract is signed as originally stated.

While still glancing at Chen Yu reluctantly, Xue Yufei looked at Lin Yuan again with much interest.

This handsome and interesting young master.

After signing the contract and transferring the money to Xue Yufei, both Shi Shengnan and Chen Yu belonged to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also asked Long Wu to call some people to drive a car over.

After all, even though the Bugatti Veyron is handsome, this kind of sports car can only accommodate two people.

Lin Yuan was very satisfied with this trip.

Not only did he buy Shi Shengnan, but he also got a surprise from Chen Yu.

What’s more interesting is that both only cost half a million.

Compared with what he got, the pay is almost negligible.

Just when Lin Yuan was about to leave with the two girls, he was suddenly stopped by Xue Yufei in a red cheongsam.

The wealthy businessman Ge Bing, who has also bought bodyguards worth tens of millions, was also stopped by the bartender Xiao Qi.

“Young Master Lin, wait, I have something else to say.” Xue Yufei stopped in front of Lin Yuan. Her slender but plump attractive waist forms an arc.

“Mmm?” Lin Yuan asked in confusion

“There is a rule in our Scarlet Bar. I don’t know if Master Lin has heard of it.” The grimace mask on Xue Yufei’s face looked a bit radiating under the lights of the lobby.

Lin Yuan did not speak.

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