Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 126 Boss Xue has irregular menstruation?

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Xue Yufei was very interested in Lin Yuan.

So, she planned to test him.

She wanted to see for herself whether Young Master Lin is gay or otherwise.

So while shaking hands, she secretly scratched Lin Yuan’s palm.

Because of Xue Yufei’s sudden move, a hint of surprise flashed in Lin Yuan’s eyes.

This enchanting woman’s character is really irritating.

But he doesn’t want to be teased or be taken advantage of.

So, Lin Yuan also welcomed it.

When Xue Yufei was about to withdraw her hand, Lin Yuan directly hold on to her slender white hands.

Xue Yufei was also taken aback, and asked directly: “Young Master Lin, what is the meaning of this?”

Xue Yufei’s tone was a little chilly, no one has ever dared to take advantage of her.

Xue Yufei’s tone frightened the wealthy businessman Ge Bing and AFang, that sense of oppression was beyond words.

But Lin Yuan smiled instead: “Boss Xue, no wonder you just said that you didn’t want to see blood earlier. Have you had some irregular menstruation recently? I am a doctor, so I intuitively diagnosed your condition. No wonder.”

Lin Yuan released Xue Yufei’s hand after speaking.

After hearing what Lin Yuan said, Xue Yufei was taken aback.

She felt some inexplicable embarrassment at first and then laughed.

‘Interesting, really interesting.’

This Young Master Lin turned out to be a good doctor.

Even her recent irregular menstruation he diagnosed instantly.

And grabbing her hand is because of him doing the diagnosis, which is really a good excuse to prevent her from being angry.

Ge Bing originally wanted to seek compensation from Boss Xue.

But looking at the inexplicable atmosphere of Lin Yuan and Boss Xue, he felt that his life would not be guaranteed by staying there.

Although Shi Shengnan’s attack was strong, she did not deliberately kill Ah Hei, so Ge Bing with the help of the bartender Xiao Qi honestly left with the blood-covered Ah Hei.

Xue Yufei stretched out her tender jade white hand to Lin Yuan, and even smiled and said: “I didn’t expect Young Master Lin to be good at medicine. Can you help treat me and see why I have irregular menstruation?”

The action of Xue Yufei, who already looks seductive, was even more sultry.

That jade hand that proactively stretched out, almost no man can hold back.

But Lin Yuan was not moved. Instead, he smiled and said: “Boss Xue, the diagnosis just now was just intuitive. If you need medical treatment, I will charge for it.”

“Eh? Fees? I wonder if Master Lin is asking for money or other forms of payment?” Xue Yufei’s tone was very seductive, giving people a feeling of being charmed.

Lin Yuan was too lazy to play with her.

Now in Xue Yufei’s eyes, Lin Yuan and her are not equal. It is estimated that she just wants to play with him.

Lin Yuan was too lazy to waste time.

He turned around and said: “Boss Xue, your illness is a minor illness. Drink more hot water. When you have a serious illness that is difficult to treat, come to me again.”

Seeing Lin Yuan turn around and leave without hesitation, Xue Yufei raised her eyebrows: “Drink more hot water? Young Master Lin Yuan is really an interesting person. If Young Master Lin Yuan goes to Yan…”

Xue Yufei was interrupted by Lin Yuan before she even finished speaking.

“If I go to Yanjing in the future, I can go to the Xue Family and find you there, boss Xue Yufei, right?”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Xue Yufei’s eyes flashed with shock.

But Lin Yuan left directly.

Looking at Lin Yuan who was going out, Xue Yufei murmured: “It turns out that this Young Master Lin always knew who I was?”

“Interesting… Really interesting… I will remember you… Young Master Lin…”



On the other side,

Lin Yuan has left Scarlet Bar with Shi Shengnan and Chen Yu.

He and Long Wu are the only ones who came but now there are two more.

Fortunately, he asked Long Wu to drive a Rolls Royce over.

Long Wu acted as the driver, and Lin Yuan sat beside Long Wu.

Shi Shengnan and Chen Yu sat in the back seat.

Lin Yuan instructed Long Wu to go to Hope Cake Shop first.

Lin Yuan called Chen Yu out of the car and pointing to Qiu Wanxi who was inside the cake shop, he said to Chen Yu: “You help me protect her.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chen Yu’s eyes were slightly cold, and said: “I won’t do it! I promised you to do things for you, not to be a bodyguard for you, and not to help you by being a bodyguard for others.”

Lin Yuan said indifferently: “You said it yourself, you are doing things for me, so be obedient.”

“But you said, you will help me destroy the Chen family!”

“That’s right, you want to destroy the Chen family, but you want me to take people to the Chen family with you now, and cut the Chen family from the inside out with a knife, right?”

“Do you think this is abroad, or a battlefield? Sometimes, some seemingly peaceful struggles are more terrifying than the battlefield, because at least the flesh and bones can be seen on the battlefield, but here, many people are eating others without spitting out bones!”

“As for the Chen family, I already have a plan. You can just obediently wait for the arrangement, or you can rush to the Chen family with a knife.” Lin Yuan said to Chen Yu coldly.

Unlike the honest and loyal Shi Shengnan, Chen Yu is an arrogant killer. She is a bit unruly, so Lin Yuan doesn’t mind knocking some sense onto her.

True enough, Chen Yu tightened her eyebrows for Lin Yuan’s unceremonious words.

Lin Yuan’s words were cruel, but they are true.

Lim Yuan had only just bought her out of the tavern and could not just take her to the Chen Family.

Chen Yu is too anxious.

But she really did not want to delay the Chen family’s downfall.

“Okay! I’ll help you protect your little girlfriend for a week! Up to seven days, if you make me do this for more than seven days, then I will return to the bloody tavern!” Chen Yu said coldly.

Chen Yu stepped back slightly, so Lin Yuan won’t press her too hard.

Lin Yuan said: “Don’t worry, I will give you the opportunity to let your Piao Xue see blood in less than three days, and it is the blood of the Chen family!” (T/N: 飘雪 = Piao Xue = Falling Snow )

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chen Yu gave Lin Yuan a different look.

Piao Xue is the name of the sword on her waist.

How did Lin Yuan know?

Moreover, didn’t Lin Yuan say that he couldn’t kill the Chen family in a hurry?

She still somewhat believed in Lin Yuan’s ability.

She said for only seven days, but in fact it was just because she was unhappy with Lin Yuan’s tone. After seven days, she also planned to give Lin Yuan more time.

But Lin Yuan said that her sword could taste blood in three days, and it was Chen family’s blood.

This is….

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