Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 125 Xue Yufei’s teasing!

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Xue Yufei continued: “The rule of the bloody tavern is to conduct a baptism on the day when a person is sold. After the baptism, he will vent all his past feelings and emotions and serve the new owner faithfully. As for how the baptism is, it’s very simple. That is, the persons who were bought that day will have a fight amongst them.”

“Of course, if something goes wrong with the person, I will be responsible for compensation or replacement.”

Xue Yufei smiled.

Lin Yuan remembered that the Bloody Tavern did have this rule.

Lin Yuan asked: “Then count Chen Yu and Shi Shengnan today, plus the one over there, there are a total of three people. How do you plan to let them fight?”

Ge Bing, the upstart man also bought a bodyguard, a very strong black man over two meters tall.

Xue Yufei smiled and said: “Chen Yu is not officially sold to you yet, and she has been with me for a long time. And she doesn’t need to be baptized. The other party will die if she shots. I don’t want to see blood spilled here. So, just Shi Shengnan against Ah Hei is good.”

Xue Yufei turned her head to look, Ah Hei seemed to be the name of that tall black bodyguard. Xue Yufei said that she would compensate and replace them if someone gets injured during the baptism.

But Lin Yuan didn’t think that besides Shi Shengnan and Chen Yu, there are others worth buying here.

He didn’t want to buy a wounded bodyguard as well.

Lin Yuan looked at Xue Yufei’s grimace mask and said: “I know the rules of Boss Xue’s tavern, but I don’t want to find any other bodyguard. I don’t want to leave with a half-dead person as well. So… what if I say no?”

Xue Yufei smiled bitterly and said helplessly: “The rules cannot be circumvented. Does Master Lin want to break the rules of the tavern? Our transactions are only valid if within the regulations.

Although Xue Yufei’s tone is helpless, there is a threat to terminate the sale.

The atmosphere was quiet for a while.

Lin Yuan frowned.

But before Lin Yuan could speak, Shi Shengnan spoke first.

“Master, thank you very much for your concern for me, but let me accept this baptism. This is my farewell to my old life, and it is also a way of repaying Boss Xue for raising me in vain over the years. From now on, I will definitely be of loyal service to the young master.” Shi Shengnan said.

Shi Shengnan was very moved by Lin Yuan’s concern.

Looking at Shi Shengnan who bowed her head to petition, Lin Yuan frowned.

And as if feeling Lin Yuan’s dissatisfaction, Shi Shengnan bowed her head even lower.

“All right.” Lin Yuan relaxed his brows, waved his hand, and said lightly.

With Lin Yuan’s consent, Shi Shengnan raised her head happily.

【Ding! Shi Shengnan loyalty +10!】

“This time only.”


Soon under the leadership of Xue Yufei, Lin Yuan, Shi Shengnan, the upstart, and others came to an arena together.

Shi Shengnan and Ah Hei both wore loose fighting clothes and then went on stage.

“I’m sorry Master Lin. Although this is the rule of the tavern, if there will be any loss or injury to the bodyguard you chose, I am willing to compensate.” The rich businessman Ge Bing said while putting his arm around Afang and stood under the broadcast station to apologize to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan glanced at him but did not speak.

Ge Bing’s Ah Hei was bought for a price of more than ten million.

He is two meters tall. The muscles all over his body looked very fierce.

Previously, Ge Bing was forced to bow to Lin Yuan by the name of the Lin family.

Even if he doesn’t show it, he feels a little unhappy with what happened earlier.

So, at this moment, he thought he could save his face if the bodyguard he bought, Ah Fei, can beat Lin Yuan’s purchased bodyguard Shi Shengnan.

When Ge Bing talked about compensating Lin Yuan for any loss, it’s as if he is certain he can smell the fragrance of victory already.

Compensation or replacement is the responsibility of the tavern, not him.

Ah Hei looks a bit taller and stronger than Shi Shengnan. He is still a man anyway. Ge Bing thinks Ah Hei is set to win.

He can’t dare to face Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin Family. But if his chosen bodyguard can beat that of Lin Yuan’s, it would be really cool, plus Lin Yuan could not do anything to him either.

Seeing Lin Yuan ignored him, Ge Bing continued to smile cheerfully as well.

Xue Yufei also looked at Shi Shengnan on stage with interest

She raised a lot of people like Shi Shengnan. But Shi Shengnan has never been sold, even at a low price.

But Lin Yuan seemed very interested and have come to the tavern specifically for Shi Shengnan.

Therefore, she is very curious about what made Lin Yuan like her so much.

‘Why on earth would Lin Yuan, the young master of an influential family, want to buy the unremarkable Shi Shengnan?’

Chen Yu was also curious because like what Lin Yuan said before, she was just incidental, and that Lin Yuan purposely came to buy Shi Shengnan.

Chen Yu has her own pride. And although she doesn’t say it, she still has some dissatisfaction towards Lin Yuan regarding her as an incidental option.

On the stage, both Shi Shengnan and Ah Hei are ready.

Obviously, they know very well and are prepared for the rule of baptism.

The two-meters Ah Hei is a head taller than Shi Shengnan.

Although Shi Shengnan is very strong, her body shape is indeed inferior to Ah Hei.

Almost everyone present thought that Ah Hei would win.

Ah Hei himself is very confident also.

“Little girl, practicing like a man, does not make you a real man.” Ah Hei smiled and his dark face revealed a row of white teeth, being a little contemptuous.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Shi Shengnan ignored Ah Hei’s mockery.

With a loud roar, Ah Hei rushed towards Shi Shengnan.

Although his mouth was a little contemptuous, Ah Hei still went all out swiftly like thunder and was about to punch Shi Shengnan directly to the face.

At first, Shi Shengnan seemed unable to move, but as Ah Hei’s fist was about to land on her face, she moved.

She raised her right arm and pushed Ah Hei’s arm away.

Ah Hei did not even have the time to be shocked by Shi Shengnan’s strength.

Shi Shengnan grabbed Ah Hei’s hand, and with her other hand, she slammed Ah Hei directly to the face repeatedly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With just a few seconds, Shi Shengnan was able to hit several punches. Every punch created a bombarding sound.

During this time, Ah Hei struggled to execute a counterattack against She Shengnan and tried very hard to give her a blow.

But Ah Hei’s other hand seemed to be caught in a death trap.

Ah Hei gave Shi Shengnan a one-handed blow, which Shi Shengnan simply ignored.

Quickly, under Shi Shengnan’s attack, Ah Hei’s face was dyed red and then collapsed with a somewhat distorted face.

As for Shi Shengnan, although she received a direct hit from Ah Hei, she still stood upright.

Seeing Ah Hei losing, the wealthy upstart Ge Bing, who thought his bodyguard would be able to win, had his eyes wide open.

‘How could a bodyguard Lin Yuan purchased casually beat the bodyguard he spent ten million just to buy?’

He thought that with the protection of Ah Hei, he will never get beaten again by Long Wu. But he didn’t expect that if he had Ah Hei by his side and he offends Lin Yuan again, he will get beaten twice?

The wealthy businessman Ge Bing lowered his head in silence and stood farther away from Lin Yuan.

There aren’t any fluctuations in Xue Yufei’s mask, but she also showed a shocked expression under the mask.

Ah Hei’s combat effectiveness is already considered to be above average among the bodyguards she sells.

But this one who was sold more than ten-million-yuan, Ah Hei, was actually beaten by Shi Shengnan who was sold for only five hundred thousand?

Staring closely at Lin Yuan, Xue Yufei found that she couldn’t understand this young master of the Lin family more and more.

She has raised Shi Shengnan for several years, and she doesn’t know that she has this kind of combat power. But how could Lin Yuan know?

And how did Lin Yuan know about Chen Yu and convince Chen Yu to do things for him?

This young master of the Lin family is really mysterious.

And Shi Shengnan was only sold for half a million, which means she lost a lot of money!

Chen Yu also looked at Shi Shengnan with a rather unexpected look, as well as a trace of caution in her eyes.

She is confident of her own strength, but facing Shi Shengnan’s close combat strength, she dares not to say that she will be able to fight back.

Different from everyone’s shocked expression, Lin Yuan remained the same.

She Shengnan is comparable to Ye Feng, the protagonist. So, if she can’t beat Ah Hei, Lin Yuan does not need to come and buy her.

After winning, Shi Shengnan didn’t have much excitement.

Instead, she stepped down and bent over and said to Lin Yuan, “Young Master!”

Lin Yuan was not excited by Shi Shengnan’s victory and said in a calm tone: “This is the first time you have been disobedient, and hopefully it is also the last time. As my bodyguard, I need you to be completely obedient, otherwise, there will only be one end….”

“Death!” The word was picked up by Shi Shengnan.

She could hear the meaning of Lin Yuan’s plain words.

Shi Shengnan is now Lin Yuan’s bodyguard, and the contract has already been signed.

And Lin Yuan was very kind to her, and Shi Shengnan was also very grateful.

She just has to be baptized, which was considered a slight violation of Lin Yuan’s position, so Shi Shengnan was not dissatisfied with Lin Yuan’s warning. Instead, understood him very much.

And just as she said before, after the baptism, she will work faithfully for Lin Yuan.

Looking at Shi Shengnan’s attitude, her loyalty is intact.

Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction, turned around, and prepared to leave.

“Young Master Lin’s eyes are really vicious. I lost a lot when Shi Shengnan was sold for only 500,000. But the person who sold her has no choice but to accept the loss.”

“Happy transaction, Young Master Lin.”

Xue Yufei, who was standing next to Lin Yuan, stretched out her slender white hand to Lin Yuan. The five jade fingers were so white and slender, which made people want to lick them.

“Happy transaction, Boss Xue.” Lin Yuan also stretched out his hand and shook hands with Xue Yufei.

Just when Xue Yufei and Lin Yuan shook hands, Lin Yuan suddenly felt a slight itching in his palm.

Xue Yufei unexpectedly scratched her fingers under Lin Yuan’s palm!

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