Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 128 Close combat with Chi Qian!

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The sudden voice is very nice.

It is as pleasant as the voice of a yellow oriole. (T/N: a kind of bird)

Hearing this beautiful voice, Lin Yuan looked back.

“Chi Qian?” Lin Yuan was quite surprised.

But he was not very surprised because Chi Qian often comes to this club.

This is a famous club that allowed the use of firearms in Jiangbei. Although it is not mentioned in the novel, Chi Qian should have come here a lot.

Chi Qian herself is very interested and very good at fighting and handling firearms.

Chi Qian is dressed very simply today. She wore a pair of loose gray trousers and a white t-shirt with sleeves.

The smooth waist-length hair was tied with a ponytail. She looked simple but vibrant.

Even if only half of her lotus arms are exposed, she still looked glamorous.

After all, her face with full points is already there.

Even if dressed simply, she still looks glamorous.

Almost all of the men in the training room secretly looks at her.

Chi Qian smiled and said, “What a coincidence, Young Master Lin. I just came here, but as soon as I came in, I saw you and her practicing close combat, so I didn’t bother. She seemed to be very capable, but obviously, she couldn’t perform well. “

“I still have some fighting experience. Do you need any help?”

Chi Qian’s arms looked very slender and were far different from Shi Shengnan’s muscles.

Lin Yuan remembered that in terms of close combat, Chi Qian rival the protagonist Ye Feng because Chi Qian’s family has a strong military background.

Don’t look at Chi Qian, a beautiful flower as if she will fell down in a single blow.

In terms of fighting, Chi Qian may not be able to beat Shi Shengnan but Chi Qian is quite versatile. She is not only good at handling all kinds of firearms but is also good at mid to long-range combat.

If it comes to a life and death battle, Chi Qian might have a bigger chance of winning against Shi Shengnan.

So, there is definitely a lot to learn from her.

Lin Yuan nodded, and readily agreed, “Okay, since Miss Chi Qian is willing to teach, I naturally won’t refuse to learn.”

To be honest, although they are both women, being taught by Chi Qian and Shi Shengnan obviously has a huge difference.

After all, Chi Qian is a beautiful coach, while Shi Shengnan is muscular.

After Lin Yuan nodded in agreement, Chi Qian came closer too.

Carrying a subtle scent which can be smelled as she came closer, Chi Qian said: “First of all, your movements should be like this…”

“This way…”

Chi Qian first taught Lin Yuan the proper movements.

Chi Qian taught very well, and Lin Yuan learned very seriously. During the teaching process, there was a lot of physical contacts.

During the teaching process, Lin Yuan asked: “Miss Chi Qian is so beautiful, that powerful skills in combat seemed out of your character, who taught you?”

Chi Qian smiled and replied: “My aunt taught me.”

Lin Yuan said: “Your aunt taught you really well. Also doesn’t Miss Chi Qian hate to have physical contact with the opposite sex? During the teaching, there will be a lot of physical contacts, don’t you mind?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, there was a slight smile on Chi Qian’s perfect pretty face, which made people feel the breeze that spring brings.

She smiled and said, “If it’s Young Master Lin, I don’t mind.”

While talking, Chi Qian’s beautiful eyes were staring closely at Lin Yuan’s eyes.

Under her perfect beauty, coupled with such words and actions, the lethality is simply overwhelming.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect it either, but he reacted very quickly. He just froze for half a second before looking away.

A light cough concealed the lethal effect on Lin Yuan, and then he smiled and said: “Ehem, Oh Miss Chi doesn’t mind.”

Although his face was calm, he cursed secretly in his heart.

It seems that Chi Qian was trying to get her revenge after Lin Yuan sang ‘Blue and White porcelain’ last time.

Still not convinced, Chi Qian wanted to have another round with him again.

Her remarks just now were a little sultry.

It almost got him a little bit.

But a virgin is still a virgin, not worth mentioning.

Mmm yeah, not worth mentioning.

Seeing Lin Yuan almost having no fluctuations. Chi Qian is also a little surprised.

However, she is aware and used to the fact that Lin Yuan has a high resistance to her beauty and charm.

And so, Chi Qian continued to teach Lin Yuan the proper movements, responses, and some other skills.

Soon after half an hour passed.

“Most of the things that needed to be taught were covered. The only way to improve is to apply the learnings directly in a close combat fighting.”

“Human’s reactions and range of actions are always limited. So, knowing how to deal with enemy attacks is the most important thing.”

“Now, let’s try it out.” Chi Qian said to Lin Yuan with a smile.

During Chi Qian’s teaching process, Lin Yuan was teased several times but had no success. Then, she suddenly had an idea.

Since Lin Yuan can’t be teased, then she would not tease him for time being.

She already teased Lin Yuan several times, but he was so resistant to her.

Chi Qian, who didn’t care about a lot of things, was also slightly unhappy.

So, after she finished teaching, she planned to just let Lin Yuan learn what fighting is.

And to make Lin Yuan learn fighting is to let him get beaten a little bit.

Playing the piano so well, singing so well, doing business well, and looking very handsome, if he were to be thrown around, he would definitely cry for a long time, right?

Looking at Chi Qian, who looks beautiful, but with a devilish smile, Lin Yuan understood the meaning behind such a smile.

Chi Qian’s devil’s smile obviously shows her intent to get revenge in the name of actual combat.

She wanted to hit him, a gorgeous and handsome man.

The most important way for him to enhance his strength is not only through practice fighting but through actual combat.

Actual combat is definitely unavoidable.

And as a man, how can he be scared of Chi Qian?

Lin Yuan decided to give it a try first.

“Shen Lan, add fighting skill to the elementary level!” Lin Yuan said in his mind.

“Ding! Fighting skill has been upgraded to elementary level!” The system prompt sounded immediately.

Lin Yuan immediately felt that he had mastered a lot of fighting skills.

“Let’s start actual combat now?” Lin Yuan asked Chi Qian again.

“Well, let’s start now. After all, I taught you, so I will let you come to me first.” Chi Qian said to Lin Yuan with a charming smile on her face.

“Well, then don’t blame me for not showing any mercy.” Lin Yuan said in a low tone.

He rushed towards Chi Qian with a stride.

Lin Yuan slammed a straight punch trying to hit Chi Qian’s face as if he was about to hit Chi Qian’s face severely.

Her face is so vivid and beautiful.

Lin Yuan’s punch looks so heavy, but he didn’t use any force at all.

While his punch was about to land on her face, his foot moved and kicked directly Chi Qian’s knee.

This is Lin Yuan’s true intention!

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