Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 129 Close combat with Chi Qian 2!

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Facing Lin Yuan’s fierce offense, Chi Qian had a calm face.

She smiled and said: “Make a sound in the east but strike in the west? Good strategy, but the intention is too obvious.” (T/N: one of the thirty-six stratagems, a tactic to make the opponent see and feel an illusion and win by surprise)

Chi Qian raised her arm and gently blocked Lin Yuan’s fist. At the same time, she moved away her knee and avoided Lin Yuan’s kick.

And her reaction was more than just to avoid, Chi Qian moved around holding Lin Yuan’s arms.

Then, she threw Lin Yuan directly to the ground.

This was the first time Lin Yuan was ever thrown to the ground.

And it was done by a woman!

Seeing what happened to Lin Yuan, the men around applauded secretly.

Just earlier, Lin Yuan had close physical contact with the perfect goddess Chi Qian which made them all jealous.

But now that they saw that Lin Yuan was thrown away, they naturally felt happy.

Lin Yuan, who was just thrown to the ground, was fine, and Chi Qian didn’t exert too much effort.

But he was still upset.

Especially looking at Chi Qian’s devilish smile, Lin Yuan silently consumed counterattack points to upgrade his fighting skills to the intermediate-level.

Lin Yuan shouted: “Continue.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian smiled again then gently hooked her finger at Lin Yuan.

This time Lin Yuan passed a few rounds with Chi Qian.

But after five seconds, Lin Yuan was thrown again to the ground.

“It’s progressing very quickly.” Chi Qian still smiled.

Lin Yuan intended to try the difference between each level of fighting.

So, he endured his urge to upgrade his skills directly to divine-level.

After upgrading to advanced-level, Lin Yuan felt that a lot of fighting knowledge coming into his mind, and he became much more proficient in fighting than he was before.

The improvements in his skills brought some confidence.

“Continue!” Lin Yuan shouted.

Of course, Chi Qian didn’t object, and even happily smiled at Lin Yuan.

The man who has played her heartstrings for the first time, with perfect piano skills, perfect singing skills, and superior family background as the Young Master of the Lin Family, was knocked down by her again and again.

It’s pretty cool!

The frustration of being teased before has been vented greatly.

But Lin Yuan’s attack this time around, made Chi Qian feel some pressure.

The progress is so fast!

Facing Lin Yuan’s tricky attack, and the connection of the proficient movements, Chi Qian was very surprised.

However, Chi Qian’s fighting skill is probably at the master-level.

So, Lin Yuan’s advanced-level fighting skill is still not enough.

One minute later, Lin Yuan was thrown to the ground again.

But this time, Chi Qian sweated a little.

It’s not as easy as before.

“The speed of Master Lin’s progress is amazing.” Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Chi Qian reached out and pulled Lin Yuan up.

“I was still easily thrown by Miss Chi Qian to the ground.” Lin Yuan shrugged.

“No, your progress is really fast. Maybe you also have a good talent in fighting.” Chi Qian smiled.

“With a talent like yours Young Master Lin, I am afraid that within two or three years, you will be able to win over and surpass me.”

Chi Qian praised Lin Yuan.

But Lin Yuan understood the meaning behind Chi Qian’s words.

She meant that she can be able to throw Lin Yuan again to the ground for at least two to three years.

Without hesitation, Lin Yuan raised his fighting level again!

This time, Lin Yuan raised his fighting skills to the master-level.

In fighting skills, there is a master-level before the divine-level. (T/N: first mention of Master-Level if I’m not mistaken. Elementary <>

Upgrading the fighting skills to the master level consumed Lin Yuan’s 1,000 counterattack points.

All the counterattack points that Lin Yuan had accumulated were exhausted.

After his fighting skill was promoted to master level, Lin Yuan felt that he had doubled his mastery of the previous fighting skills and movements.

And almost all the connections between movements are well understood.

This is the master-level fighting skill!

Of course, it’s hard to determine whether he can now win against Chi Qian.

Based on Lin Yuan’s observations, Chi Qian’s fighting skills may also not just be at master level!

To tell whether they are on the same level depends on actual combat.

In terms of strength, Lin Yuan has a slight advantage as a male.

But Lin Yuan’s speed and reaction is only at 125. He felt that Chi Qian is faster than him.

Seeing that Chi Qian was already sweating a lot, Lin Yuan said, “Let us find a training room to practice. There are a lot of people around.”

Because Chi Qian, a very beautiful lady, and Lin Yuan, a handsome guy, are fighting hand-to-hand combat, they attracted a lot of people in the training ground.

There are already some people standing by and watching, and most of them are stealing glances.

Neither Lin Yuan nor Chi Qian likes to be watched like this.

And Chi Qian thought for a while, probably Lin Yuan suggested this because he had been thrown around for a number of times already, and he couldn’t keep his face.

So, Chi Qian nodded and agreed.

There are lots of spaces in WuShi Fighting Club, and there are several private rooms where you can enter and train by yourself.

But they need to be diamond members, the highest level of membership.

Lin Yuan directly swiped his card to enter.

Chi Qian followed behind.

Seeing that Chi Qian entered the small private room with Lin Yuan with the doors closed, the men outside all shook their heads and sighed.

Although Chi Qian was dressed very tightly, and she has completely beaten Lin Yuan, there was nothing to benefit from watching.

But seeing such a beautiful lady do it is a feast to their eyes.

But not for long, the beautiful lady was brought into a private room by a rich second-generation man.

Who knows what they’ll do inside it?

Although they know that it is impossible to do those things in a private room in a fighting club, the men still couldn’t help but imagine things.

After all, a man and a woman are confined inside a room.

The more they think about it, the more sour they become.


They could only exercise vigorously to release their bitterness.

The men were envious of Lin Yuan.

While those beautiful women who are also present were envious of Chi Qian.

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