Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 130 The Shy Chi Qian!

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Diamond membership card!

And that outfit, one can definitely point that he is not only handsome but is also rich.

If he is willing to bring them to the private room, they are very willing!

But they can only look through from the outside.

After entering a private room, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian did not act like they thought they would.

The private rooms in the fighting club are provided to senior members and these are very spacious.

Let alone two people, approximately twenty people can fight inside.

Chi Qian smiled and wiped the sweat on her forehead and then said: “The reason why Young Master Lin wanted to come to a private room is not because he was thrown to the ground several times, are you afraid that it would affect your image?”

As soon as they entered a single room,

Chi Qian thinks that the reason why Lin Yuan wanted to come to a single room is probably because he was always thrown by her to the ground and that he felt embarrassed.

Lin Yuan shook his head and smiled: “The main reason is that more and more people are watching. It is not very comfortable to be surrounded by so many people. I am okay but Miss Chi Qian doesn’t like being stared at, right?”

Chi Qian smiled and said, “Although I don’t like it, but they are just staring. Just like Young Master Lin, I’m fine.”

Neither of them likes being stared at by others, but both are insisted it didn’t matter.

Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan with a smile, still thinking that Lin Yuan was mainly afraid of being thrown too much and that his image would be damaged.

Lin Yuan could see through Chi Qian’s thoughts.

Lin Yuan, who is looking at Chi Qian immediately smiled and said: “Really Miss Chi?”

Listening to what Lin Yuan said and what it meant, and seeing Lin Yuan’s strange gaze, Chi Qian looked down immediately.

With Lin Yuan’s gaze, Chi Qian’s pretty face turned red in an instant.

A layer of light gray appeared under her white T-shirt because of too much sweating.

Fighting can be regarded as an intense sport.

Moreover, after Lin Yuan’s fighting skills rose to a higher level every time, Chi Qian did struggle a little and sweated a lot.

In fighting, you need to tighten your muscles, contract body heat, and control your breathing, so you won’t sweat too much.

But after entering the single room, her body relaxed, and soon her sweat started dripping.

She went originally to the fighting club just to do some basic exercise and practice gun shooting, then go back home.

She didn’t plan to fight with Lin Yuan there which is why she only wore a thin white T-shirt with a gray sport’s inner undershirt.

After fighting with Lin Yuan, her body sweated a lot, and so her white T-shirt is all wet.

It revealed her gray undershirt and slight bulges.

Actually, this is not a big deal. Since undershirts are wider than ordinary inner garments and can basically be worn as it is.

Many girls go to the gym or the club to exercise and only wear sports undershirt.

But Chi Qian is relatively conservative, and she doesn’t like showing off nor be exposed and is quite strict with the way she dresses.

Unexpectedly, she almost exposed herself without paying attention today.

At this time, Chi Qian’s white T-shirt was already translucent. The two white lotus arms outside the sports undershirt were very dazzling.

For many girls, showing this bit of skin is nothing. But Chi Qian blushed.

This has already revealed a lot for her from the way she is normally dressed.

“Thank… Thank you…” Chi Qian finally understood and knew why Lin Yuan suggested going to a single room, and he said that he didn’t care about being stared at.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yuan was not ashamed of being thrown but noticed that Chi Qian was about to expose a bit of her skin.

【Ding! Chi Qian’s favorability +2! Reward 1000 counterattack points! 】

After realizing Lin Yuan’s good intentions, while Chi Qian was a little embarrassed, her favorability to Lin Yuan naturally improved.

Although she is now very embarrassed to be looked at by Lin Yuan in this way, however, Lin Yuan gave her a good feeling.

Compared to being seen like this by so many people outside, it is better to be seen by Lin Yuan alone.

And the careful actions of Lin Yuan also increased her favorability towards him.

Hearing the prompt of the system, Lin Yuan is also very happy.

Compared to Yan Ruyue, the original first heroine, Chi Qian seems to give more counterattack points except for the lack of rewards from the system option!

Although it is difficult to improve favorability, but every time it improves, he gets a lot of counterattack points.

And to say that Lin Yuan is not interested in a perfect girl like Chi Qian, Lin Yuan himself can’t deny himself.

Even if you look at the perfect face every day, it is very pleasing to the eyes.

Lin Yuan looking at the rare Chi Qian made Chi Qian feel shy and lower her head.

And smelling the dripping sweat, Lin Yuan prepared to tease Chi Qian a little bit.

Chi Qian raised her head.

“Thank you…” She blushed while earnestly thanking Lin Yuan.

Seeing that Chi Qian’s complexion was red at this time and that perfect and pretty face looked like blood could drip from there, Lin Yuan was stunned.

It’s not that he can’t stand looking at beautiful women. Lin Yuan has seen many beautiful women.

Yan Ruyue, Qiu Wanxi, Qiao Siying, and Gui Qingtong, who is a little bit young.

Each is a stunningly beautiful girl.

But the scene before him is still too beautiful and breathtaking to him.

Ordinarily, Chi Qian’s face has always been covered with a simple smile, both elegant and graceful. It gives people an ethereal feeling.

It is the kind of picturesque look, like a fairy descending to the earth, making people unable to bear the slightest blasphemy.

But at this time, Chi Qian’s is blushing, and the whole pretty face is red, like the kind of young girl who just held hands or kissed with her boyfriend for the first time.

Although it didn’t have the ethereal aura like before it still has a natural feeling, which makes people feel more real.

This natural feeling did not affect the perfect appearance, but it also gave it a different charm.

And there was a trace of shyness on the pretty face as white as porcelain.

People can’t help but feel an inexplicable feeling in their hearts.

In contrast to the red face, the other parts of her body are white and crystal clear.

Lin Yuan has encountered a lot of women, but he has never seen one whose skin is as good as Chi Qian.

It’s like made by Nuwa molding the most exquisite yellow clay together refining to make it white, tender, and translucent. (T/N: Nuwa is the mother goddess of Chinese Mythology)

At this time, a bit of sweaty white jade skin appeared, and it was amazingly elastic.

It makes people want to take a bite of it.

The woman with wet sticky clothes covered by sweat, the perfect and red shameful face, and crystal-clear white jade skin constitute a scroll like a piece of art.

Not to mention that even if Lin Yuan is a girl, he will be caught in it and make a dazed look.

Seeing that Lin Yuan’s slightly burning eyes fell upon her, Chi Qian was very uncomfortable.

Other men seldom dare to look at her this way.

A small part of her also turned a blind eye.

However, Lin Yuan’s eyes seemed to pierce through her jade skin making a slightly burning sensation.

And now she is not the same as usual…

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