Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 131 Overwhelmed Chi Qian!

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The two remained in this awkward state for about three or four seconds.

Until Chi Qian couldn’t help but cough slightly.


After coughing, Chi Qian turned and tilted her head.

Lin Yuan also looked away.

Chi Qian knew that Lin Yuan had just stared at her for a while, but she didn’t have the joy that she had when she was successful in gaining his attention when she had her hair tied in front of him. Instead, she felt a little burning sensation on her face. (T/N: hair tying at chapter 75)

Although Chi Qian always wanted to tease Lin Yuan and make his heartstrings fluctuate, that was all her provocation.

Instead of being passive like this; she is not prepared for it herself.

And did she reveal too much?

She was shy just now, and she was really embarrassed.

So, Chi Qian doesn’t think that she had won something.

There is a slight burning feeling on her cheeks.

And Lin Yuan was also a little embarrassed.

After all, he has been staring at a girl’s body.

And he looked at it for a long time.

Although he is a self-proclaimed scumbag, there is still a bit of embarrassment from what he did.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward for a while.

But it’s okay.

Lin Yuan is not too ashamed.

And Chi Qian is fairly open-minded.

Both of them adjusted quickly.

After half a minute, they turned back together again and looked at each other, both showing a polite smile.

Chi Qian spoke first, and said, “Thanks for Young Master Lin’s reminder, let’s go on. It’s nothing, it’s just a sports undershirt.”

Chi Qian slightly straightened her chest and her white shirt showed a little bulging.

The fragrant sweat on Chi Qian’s body dried up a lot, but there was still some stickiness. After standing up, Chi Qian’s pretty face was still slightly red, obviously not so comfortable.

But Chi Qian is still a bit reluctant to lose. She was too shy just now but does not think about it anymore.

Lin Yuan didn’t stare at her body as before, he smiled and said: “Well, this is really nothing. Go ahead, but I still have to say that when I suggested coming to the single room, it was not just to take care of your sports undershirt, Miss Chi. “

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chi Qian smiled slightly: “Oh? Then I’m right? In fact, Young Master Lin, you still care about your image, and fear that you will be thrown many more times.” Chi Qian said with a smile.

Chi Qian has lost several times to Lin Yuan. For example, Lin Yuan is very good at piano, singing and she has also been provoked several times.

So, Chi Qian is very happy to beat Lin Yuan in combat.

But what Chi Qian didn’t expect was that Lin Yuan even smiled and said: “The other reason why I suggested we look for a room is because of you, Miss Chi. Miss Chi is such a delicate and beautiful goddess, in front of so many people, if you were to be beaten you would be embarrassed. It was to save your face.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chi Qian smiled immediately, and the corners of her mouth were higher than before.

“Young Master Lin is quite confident, regardless of your two consecutive losses, I’m still your half master. Isn’t it that we have been practicing for only an hour?”

“Does Young Master Lin want to deceive his master and ancestors?” Chi Qian smiled.

Chi Qian didn’t believe Lin Yuan’s words at all.

She has learned and acquired her fighting skills for a long time, ever since she was a child, and she is very good at it.

How long has Lin Yuan been practicing that he says he can beat her?

How will it be possible?

Chi Qian thinks that Lin Yuan said this just to ease his embarrassment from before.

That is why she thinks he is making a joke.

Lin Yuan’s fighting skill at this time was already at the master level, so he is slightly confident.

He could also tell Chi Qian’s disbelief.

Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head and said: “Practice brings true knowledge. Since you don’t believe Master Chi, then let us just start.”

Lin Yuan smiled and called Chi Qian, Master Chi, but Chi Qian didn’t mind.

Chi Qian gently hooked her finger at Lin Yuan.

“Come on.”

This time, Chi Qian made up her mind and planned to throw Lin Yuan a little bit harder and teach him a lesson for trying to deceive his master.

Also, to take her revenge on him for watching her and making her shy and uncomfortable.

Looking at Chi Qian’s face again with the devil’s smile, Lin Yuan already knew Chi Qian’s thoughts.

Lin Yuan smiled and immediately rushed towards Chi Qian, but this time he did not punch or kick.

Instead, he opened his arms and squatted slightly, as if going to do a cuddle.

This is intended for him to take advantage of his height, weight, and strength.

He lifted Chi Qian up.

Chi Qian won’t have any strength while in the air and Lin Yuan can easily win.

But Chi Qian’s reflex is faster than Lin Yuan’s.

How could it be possible for Lin Yuan to hold her?

Chi Qian was able to take a step back first.

Then she put one hand on Lin Yuan’s shoulder and the other hand on his waist.

At the same time, she spread her feet as if going to take a leap.

She immediately wanted to throw Lin Yuan to the ground again.

But Lin Yuan had a master-level fighting skill at this time.

When Chi Qian started to move, he could already see through Chi Qian’s thoughts.

Because his reaction is not as fast as Chi Qian, Lin Yuan could not directly counteract.

But with his master-level fighting skill, he can definitely respond to it.

Lin Yuan put his hand on Chi Qian’s shoulder making part of the force put on him by Chi Qian return to her.

Due to the difference in height and weight, Chi Qian could not really throw Lin Yuan to the ground at once.

Feeling that Lin Yuan has put his hand on her shoulder, Chi Qian immediately tried to use her strength to overthrow him, but Lin Yuan’s strength is much superior.

Chi Qian naturally still couldn’t shake Lin Yuan.

However, since Chi Qian’s feet are open at this time, her lower body is more stable and can borrow more force.

Lin Yuan also failed to exert his strength completely.

The two fell into a deadlock.

Both of them almost exhausted all their strength.

So, their bodies in contact are a bit painful.

For example, Lin Yuan’s waist was pinched by Chi Qian, and Chi Qian’s shoulder was grasped by Lin Yuan.

Feeling the pain in his waist.

And seeing Chi Qian’s crossed eyebrows, Lin Yuan let go first.


Lin Yuan was thrown to the ground again by Chi Qian.

Seeing Lin Yuan who was thrown to the ground, Chi Qian was not happy.

Instead, she hurriedly pulled up Lin Yuan.

“Ah, I’m sorry! I just thought about fighting, but I didn’t expect you to suddenly relax and let me go!” Chi Qian’s tone was full of apologies, and she hurriedly pulled Lin Yuan from the ground.

In the previous deadlock, Chi Qian’s advantage is that her footing is more stable, and Lin Yuan’s advantage is that he is a male, specifically his strength and physique.

The outcome of their fight is hard to predict.

It may not be known up to the last minute.

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