Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 132 Chi Qian concedes defeat! Divine-level fighting skill!

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However, Lin Yuan’s waist and Chi Qian’s shoulders will continue to suffer more and more injuries and pain.

After all, Lin Yuan is a person who has just learned to fight.

Chi Qian didn’t want to lose.

And she doesn’t think she will lose.

So, just now, she already used her full strength.

She felt a slight pain in her shoulder which was not caused by a long duration of fighting with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan reacted quickly.

Before she could no longer bear the pain on her shoulder, Lin Yuan gave up first.

It’s not that Lin Yuan lost because of her skills. She won because Lin Yuan let her go first.

But she didn’t anticipate Lin Yuan letting go, so she directly threw Lin Yuan to the ground.

It’s like a scenario of two cars stuck on a narrow road where only one is allowed to pass.

She rushed, and Lin Yuan gave up and let her pass first.

This made Chi Qian very embarrassed.

Especially that Lin Yuan fell hard to the ground.

This made her feel a little guilty.

“It’s okay, I lost.” Grabbing Chi Qian’s bare hand, Lin Yuan said this and stood up again.

Because the cushions in the private room are very soft and resistant to falling, Lin Yuan didn’t hurt too much.

Lin Yuan got up and smiled at Chi Qian.

Originally, for Lin Yuan’s 200 points charm, Chi Qian just didn’t hate it.

At this time, she was really guilty in her heart looking at how Lin Yuan looked and that he took the initiative to let her go before. She felt that Lin Yuan’s smile was unusually bright and sunny at this time.

From Chi Qian’s point of view, Lin Yuan is so different from her, he could have almost won against her if he had the opportunity.

At a critical moment, Lin Yuan took the initiative to let go of her in order to prevent her from being injured, completely disregarding the outcome.

A strange feeling surged in Chi Qian’s heart.

Seeing Lin Yuan right in front of her, with a seemingly relieved and open-minded smile, Chi Qian’s feeling of strangeness in her heart became stronger, and her heart beat a few times.

“No…No, I lost~..” Chi Qian said with some shame.

Sometimes, the person who concedes first is the winner.

【Ding! Chi Qian’s Favorability +2! Reward 1000 counterattack points!】

A system prompt came into Lin Yuan’s mind.

Looking at Chi Qian’s expression, Lin Yuan also understood Chi Qian’s thoughts.

He immediately smiled and said: “Since you have said so, then you lose Master Chi. Ooh, it is not right, the expert is the master. Miss Chi, I won.”

“Puff!” A smile appeared on Chi Qian’s pretty face when he heard Lin Yuan’s words.

“You don’t recognize the master so soon? It’s a draw this time, or I’m afraid you are too arrogant.” Chi Qian smiled.

Because of the direct contact before, the fight turned into a power competition.

Chi Qian didn’t feel that Lin Yuan’s fighting skills are of the same level as her. She thought that what Lin Yuan did was just a coincidence.

“Let it be a tie.” Lin Yuan smiled. As expected, Chi Qian can’t accept defeat.

However, Lin Yuan has almost mastered the fighting techniques.

Chi Qian’s level is very good.

Even if her fighting skill is also at a master level fighting skill, Chi Qian relies on speed and reaction to add to her experience.

Lin Yuan seemed to see how Chi Qian believes that he is more likely to lose.

So, Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate anymore.

Lin Yuan directly upgraded his fighting skill to the divine-level.

Of course, not only to win Chi Qian.

He did this also to win against Ye Feng.

Chi Qian is very powerful and maybe about the same level as Ye Feng, but Chi Qian’s physique is estimated to be inferior to Ye Feng.

So, Lin Yuan had to win against Chi Qian in order to win against Ye Feng.

Upgrading the fighting skill to divine-level made Lin Yuan feel a little painful because it required 5,000 counterattack points.

Using the 2,000 counterattack points that he just got from Chi Qian, he will need 3,000 counterattack points more.

Lin Yuan had to recharge 300 million yuan in exchange for 3,000 counterattack points.

But after upgrading his fighting skills to the divine-level, Lin Yuan felt that his knowledge of fighting skills had gone up several levels.

His fighting skills have directly undergone a qualitative change.

Lin Yuan had mastered all the previous fighting techniques and fighting movements.

Now he is very confident that no matter what tricks the opponent makes, he can find the best way to cope with it.

He is completely knowledgeable and does not need to rely on tricks anymore.

His punches and kicks right now are absolutely simple, but it also contains the culmination of all of the martial arts.

Lin Yuan believes that Chi Qian couldn’t reach this realm.

Ye Feng, the protagonist, the King of Soldiers, was at best a bit more powerful than Chi Qian, and he definitely hasn’t reached this state yet.

Chi Qian doesn’t know about this yet.

Lin Yuan had just been reborn with divine-level fighting skill.

Chi Qian still explained carefully: “The fundamental purpose of fighting is victory, that is to control the opponent’s life in his own hands.”

“Although I have learned fighting techniques for many years, my skills are not the most powerful. I can barely be regarded as a Grand Master at best. After the Grand Master level, there is still a stage of Great Perfection.”

“I’ve only heard about the fighting skills at the stage of Great Perfection. One punch and one kick look ordinary, but it is as fast as thunder, as swift as the wind, and as heavy as a mountain. Every punch and every kick make people unavoidable and can make people instantly lose combat power and fall to the ground.”

“Although there are many ways of fighting, such as Sanda, Judo, Taekwondo…

“But I heard that when you reached the stage of Great Perfection, you don’t need so many skills, because the skills are all integrated into single punch and kick.”

“Maybe, it’s the legendary victory without moving a lot, right?”

“I don’t know if I can reach that stage in my life, Chi Qian said.”

After listening to Chi Qian’s explanation, Lin Yuan understood the stage of Great Perfection that Chi Qian said.

It is exactly the same as his divine-level fighting skill.

Whether it is Sanda, Judo, Taekwondo, etc., all fighting skills are integrated into his mind and can be used easily.

Hearing Chi Qian’s sigh after saying that she cannot reach that level in her lifetime, Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said: “I feel that after I just defeated you, my meridians suddenly opened up.”

“I have reached the stage of Great Perfection you mentioned.”

“Puff!” Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chi Qian immediately covered her mouth and laughed.

“If you have already learned that, then you are Master Lin” Chi Qian smiled. (T/N: Master = shifu)

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