Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 133 A bet with Chi Qian!

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Chi Qian felt that Lin Yuan was getting more and more dishonest.

He kept talking nonsense and daydreaming. It’s not even that long since he started learning to fight, and he is already talking about having reached the legendary stage of great perfection.

Chi Qian naturally does not like people with flowery mouth. (T/N: Flowery mouth – The derogatory statement is glib, and the commendatory statement is eloquent.)

But Lin Yuan is usually very serious and even took the initiative to concede defeat earlier, and occasionally such a sloppy mouth she doesn’t like at all.

It even feels interesting.

It would be even more interesting to expose how nonsense Lin Yuan’s words are.

Chi Qian didn’t believe that Lin Yuan has already reached the stage of Great Perfection.

Chi Qian smiled and said, “I believe you are really at the stage of Great Perfection, but you have to show it to me. Use your stage of Great Perfection fighting skills to defeat me. If you beat me, when we battle again in the future, I shall call you Master Lin, okay?” (T/N: Master = shifu)

Chi Qian’s tone was full of ridicule.

As expected, Lin Yuan could understand what is currently going on in Chi Qian’s mind.

Chi Qian did not believe him at all and thought that he was just joking.

But if the master herself wants to become an apprentice, then Lin Yuan would naturally accept it.

Lin Yuan smiled immediately and said: “Okay. What you said, counts.”

Chi Qian smiled and said: “Of course, You have my word.”

Chi Qian didn’t believe that Lin Yuan, who had just been taught by her, could beat her now.

Finally, the two of them are ready and so immediately began the combat once again.

Chi Qian still let Lin Yuan attack first.

And so, this time Lin Yuan didn’t play any tricks.

He took a step forward and then posed to throw a fist directly at Chi Qian’s face.

The attack was very similar to when they did their first fight.

There was this straightforward and simple punch.

Chi Qian’s eyes narrowed.

At first, Chi Qian thought that the punch was just for diversion, but Lin Yuan seemed not planning on anything else but to punch her in the face.

Moreover, Lin Yuan did not do anything else.

It seems that what she was thinking was wrong.

Thinking and admitting that she might be wrong, Chi Qian was able to react a bit slower but still found the perfect timing to raise her hand in order to block Lin Yuan’s fist.

For as long as she can block Lin Yuan’s attacks, she can definitely fight back.

But what Chi Qian did not expect was that just when Lin Yuan was about to hit her, Lin Yuan opened his fist and grabbed her arm immediately.

Then Lin Yuan put his hand on Chi Qian’s slender waist.

At the same time, Lin Yuan positioned his feet just like how Chi Qian did when she was able to throw Lin Yuan to the ground.

Lin Yuan will use the same tactic to throw Chi Qian this time.

Chi Qian did not expect the same.

Lin Yuan immediately threw her into the air and now was about to fall to the ground.

But this tactic is normally used by her so she naturally has countermeasures.

When she was about to fall, she clasped Lin Yuan’s shoulders forcefully, wanting to use Lin Yuan’s strength to stabilize her body.

But again, what Chi Qian did not expect was that as soon as he grabbed on to Lin Yuan’s shoulders, Lin Yuan also rolled down to the ground with her.

Chi Qian wanted to use Lin Yuan’s strength to counter from falling but Lin Yuan made himself fall deliberately together with her to the ground.

In many fighting competitions where opponents are of the same strength, the outcome will be determined through struggle.

Chi Qian who just fell to the ground immediately wanted to restrain Lin Yuan’s limbs or entangle him.

But just when she moved, Lin Yuan pulled her hand in between his legs.

Afterward, Lin Yuan coursed through his legs to Chi Qian’s upper body, and then pressed them against her chest.

The speed is extremely fast, it happened all in one go.

This is the move that Lin Yuan thought of from grabbing Chi Qian’s hand…

So even if Chi Qian’s reaction is fast, she didn’t have the time to respond.

At this time, Lin Yuan clamped Chi Qian’s hand tightly between his legs.

And then pressed his legs against Chi Qian’s chest.

This move,’ armlock’, is the most practical, powerful, and which counterattack is almost impossible.

The person captivated is almost impossible to break free.

The arm has to be broken before one can break free.

Chi Qian also felt a sharp pain in her arm at this time.

At the same time, her face was blushing.

But it is not simply because of the severe pain, more so because Lin Yuan was pressing his thighs against her chest, and her right hand tightly clamped between Lin Yuan’s legs.

Lin Yuan did not really do it for long.

After Chi Qian’s face blushed, he let go and got up.

Lin Yuan asked: “Are you hurt?”

This time, he went and pulled Chi Qian up.

Chi Qian was still red as if blood could drip from her face.

“No… It’s okay…” Chi Qian said in a low voice, her voice a little lower than usual.

Although Lin Yuan just arm locked her to deal with her and did not use much force.

She used to practice with her aunt.

And her aunt also taught her how to do these tricks.

So, she was not so surprised, nor does it hurt too much.

But when Lin Yuan did the same to her, she realized the difference.

Her aunt is a female while Lin Yuan, a male.

Lin Yuan is the first person of the opposite sex with whom she had physical contact.

In fighting, it is almost natural to have a lot of physical contact with the opponent.

Although Chi Qian is not really disgusted or does not really feel bad that it was Lin Yuan.

But she intends to avoid physical contact if possible.

After all, men and women are different.

The reason for the actual combat was for Chi Qian to help Lin Yuan practice, but it has turned into a competition in order to prove who is better, the beginner Lin Yuan, or the confident Chi Qian.

Chi Qian did not really expect to be defeated by Lin Yuan, more so the armlock move.

She felt a little numbness and pain in her chest.

Her face became red more and more.

In addition to alienating her chest, Chi Qian also thought about that time when her hand was held by Lin Yuan.


Chi Qian shook her head.

She had a lot of things going on in her head.

Can’t think. Can’t think. Can’t think!

She blushed when she thought of these.

Lin Yuan on the side smiled slightly when he saw Chi Qian’s reaction.

Although not intentional, Lin Yuan knew Chi Qian’s thoughts

In fact, the arm lock is one of the ways to take a hold of the opponent.

There will always be contact.

It’s just that Chi Qian didn’t expect Lin Yuan to take her down to the point where she was unable to fight.

Even though she has a lot of skills, and has a perfect appearance and a perfect body, she is still a delicate girl.

Looking at Chi Qian, who was blushing at this time, Lin Yuan decided to be considerate.

He spoke proactively in order to ease the embarrassment.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Miss Chi, you lose. Isn’t it time to call and decide on who is the master?”

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