Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 134 An agreement with Chi Qian!

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Call him master?


Chi Qian’s face became stiff, and she didn’t care about being shy anymore.

She realized that although she didn’t surrender just now, being unable to break free from Lin Yuan’s armlock is equivalent to losing.

Earlier, she was only thinking about the physical contact and discomfort she felt. But now, she has to think carefully.

Chi Qian thought that Lin Yuan’s actions were unexpectedly fast and concise.

She was fully prepared for her counterattack when Lin Yuan suddenly changed his actions.

It really felt like the Great Perfection stage like in the legends.

But Chi Qian quickly abandoned the idea.

Lin Yuan is indeed very smart and learns very fast.

But to immediately reach the stage of great perfection? It’s impossible.

Chi Qian believed that the reason she had just lost, was because she had been careless.

And Lin Yuan does have an advantage in strength.

Maybe, she can break free from the armlock just now if only Lin Yuan did not let go.

But in that situation…

Chi Qian shook her head and still shouted: “Master… Master Lin…”

Hearing Chi Qian’s shout, Lin Yuan was not happy because…

“How do I feel like you are calling the footwasher…” Lin Yuan looked strange. (T/N: Chi Qian called Lin Yuan 师傳/Shi Chuan which almost sounded like 洗脚师傳/footwasher.)

“Puff!” Chi Qian smiled, covering her mouth.

Indeed, the ‘master’ she reluctantly shouted indeed sounded like ‘footwasher’, but Lin Yuan said it was a little funny.

Chi Qian smiled and said: “In this case, then don’t persuade me to call you ‘master’. Moreover, I was a little careless which is why you were able to win just now. If you really fight with others, you have to be careful not to get too arrogant.

Chi Qian thinks there is a certain element of luck on Lin Yuan’s side for him to be able to beat her.

Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said, “Or Miss Chi, let’s try again.”

Of course, Lin Yuan knew Chi Qian’s thoughts.

Although he did not practice getting to his level now, but it was not hard to win again After all, he has a divine level fighting skill now.

Chi Qian is indeed great, but Lin Yuan can win 100% now.

However, Chi Qian shook her head and said, “Forget it. Let’s not fight for now. I’m a little bit not feeling well…”

“Come back in three days, and I will accompany you in serious combat.”

Chi Qian still felt a little pain and numbness on her chest and thought of the weird feeling on her right hand that was just pulled by Lin Yuan. She felt strange which Lin Yuan probably understood and immediately smiled: “Okay. After those three days, we will come back to the actual serious combat.”

Since Chi Qian still refused to accept defeat, then they will come back again in three days.

He still has a lot of fighting skills and techniques to unfold.

An armlock made Chi Qian’s porcelain face red, which is not known until she does physical combat.

“I wanted to go to the shooting range to practice gun shooting this time. How about you?” Chi Qian asked.

One of the privileges offered by this fighting club is that you can also practice the use of firearms. There are special shooting ranges and a collection of firearms.

People came here mainly to practice firearms, on the other hand, there are many options for fighting clubs.

So, Chi Qian asked.

And Lin Yuan apart from learning how to fight is indeed interested to learn the handling of firearms.

In close combat, strength and physique are important, but in this era, deadly weapons are the key.

There is a saying that, no matter how advanced your martial arts skills are, with one gunshot you will fall down.

So, Lin Yuan nodded and said, “Well, I will go too. But I don’t know much about guns, so if I can trouble you to teach me.”

“No problem.” Chi Qian smiled.

In fact, Chi Qian doesn’t like it very much and rarely has contact with others.

But being with Lin Yuan gave her a very comfortable feeling.

Therefore, she didn’t refuse at all about teaching Lin Yuan and was even happy.

Regrettably, if it will be the use of guns, she would not be able to beat Lin Yuan like in fighting.

Well, there will be a lot of chance to beat Young Master Lin anyway.

Chi Qian already regarded Lin Yuan as an opponent and was very happy every time she won.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian walked out of the small single room together. Because the last was inconclusive although he was at an advantage during the armlock.

This time, their clothes and hair were a little messy.

And because of the intensive exercise thru fighting, Chi Qian’s porcelain skin is still flushed at this time.

Lin Yuan ignored their appearance and called Shi Shengnan who was guarding the door before.

Then they went to the shooting range of the WuShi Fighting Club with Chi Qian.

The shooting range in the club is very large and is fully equipped with all kinds of firearms and weapons.

Compared with close combat, Shi Shengnan can only be regarded as having average skills for firearms.

So, Lin Yuan told Shi Shengnan to practice by herself.

Then he and Chi Qian came to a shooting platform.

Chi Qian picked up a pistol casually, and then asked Lin Yuan, “Did Young Master Lin had the chance to handle guns before?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “No, but I used a slingshot to hit birds when I was young.”

“Puff.” Chi Qian couldn’t help but smile, and then gave Lin Yuan a little introduction to guns and how to use them.

“This is a Beretta pistol. It can fire quickly and be carried safely. The magazine can hold 15 bullets…”

While Chi Qian was introducing guns to Lin Yuan, behind them was a man who seemed looking for someone, then his eyes lit up upon seeing Chi Qian.

This man walked quickly towards Lin Yuan and Chi Qian.

“Hey! What a coincidence, classmate Chi Qian!” Gao Feiyang greeted Chi Qian excitedly and enthusiastically after walking over.

He was very happy and enthusiastic about Chi Qian, that he didn’t seem to see Lin Yuan, but there was a hint of alert in his eyes.

Chi Qian, who was teaching Lin Yuan and was interrupted, gave Gao Feiyang a faint glance, and then politely replied: “Oh, what a coincidence.”

After saying this sentence, he ignored Gao Feiyang.

She turned her head and continued to introduce the gun to Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian also taught Lin Yuan how to use the pistol on her hand.

She taught him how to hold it, aim it, and so on. When his movements were not as per standards, Chi Qian voluntarily raised her jade hand to correct him.

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