Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 135 Miss Chi’s Perfect Boyfriend!

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Chi Qian didn’t hate physical contact with Lin Yuan. After all, there was a lot of physical contact in the recently concluded fight just compared to the contact while teaching him how to handle a gun.

But Gao Feiyang, seeing Chi Qian standing beside Lin Yuan whom she was teaching very carefully and intimately just received a few words from Chi Qian, ‘Oh what a coincidence’.

Gao Feiyang immediately surged in anger and jealousy.

So, Gao Feiyang pointed to Lin Yuan and asked Chi Qian: “Who is he?”

Hearing Gao Feiyang’s questioning tone, Chi Qian frowned, and said: “It has nothing to do with you. Don’t bother as I am teaching someone here.”

After talking, Chi Qian never looked at Gao Feiyang again.

Gao Feiyang was furious for a while, and when he saw Chi Qian ignoring him, he then left.

While this was happening, Lin Yuan just smiled and watched.

Without saying anything, he listened intently and attentively to Chi Qian’s introduction of firearms.

After all, he didn’t know the relationship between Chi Qian and Gao Feiyang.

It is not something he would interrupt.

It was Chi Qian who took the initiative to explain to Lin Yuan: “That was a classmate from the same school, named Gao Feiyang. I ran into him in the club before and then he often pestered me. Almost every day, he inquired through my friends or classmates whether I would come to the club and which specific time.”

“Once, twice is fine, but too many times can be very annoying.”

After hearing Chi Qian’s words, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Doesn’t he know that Miss Chi has a perfect boyfriend?

Lin Yuan was joking.

The last time Lin Yuan pretended to be Chi Qian’s boyfriend, in addition to helping Chi Qian support the scene and preventing his cousin Yu Shanshan from being embarrassed, he also helped Chi Qian isolate a large number of suitors.

Chi Qian knew that Lin Yuan was joking, and she also laughed and said: “You did help me a lot last time. In the past, Shanshan had to read love letters for a day, but now Shanshan takes them to her harem and reads them in just a few hours.”

“In addition, Gao Feiyang doesn’t know about you because he was not present last time. He thought he is better than you. He still boasted and compares his piano skills with you all day long. Of course, no one paid any attention to him. He was scolded several times by Shanshan.”

“Human memory is limited. As the music exhibition passes, everyone who hasn’t seen you for too long will forget everything.”

Chi Qian smiled.

Lin Yuan understood that Chi Qian is too perfect. Unless he stays with Chi Qian every day, pursuers will be in an endless stream.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “It looks like you need actors again, Miss Chi. As long as the salary is high enough, I can act for you again.”

“Okay, but I’m poor. I don’t know if I can afford Young Master Lin.” Chi Qian smiled.

Lin Yuan also smiled.

Lin Yuan also remembered the person Gao Feiyang.

In the original novel, he seems to be one of the licking dogs that Ye Feng slapped on the face.

Chi Qian has such a perfect appearance; it will be strange if there won’t be a few licking dogs around her.

But with Chi Qian’s background and personality, these people have no chance.

Lin Yuan didn’t think too much.

Under the guidance of Chi Qian, Lin Yuan signified his readiness to start practice shooting.

Chi Qian fired a few shots first.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three in a row.

All three shots hit the bullseye, although it is a fixed target, the distance is not too far, only 25 meters.

But it is also very powerful. After all, Chi Qian fired three shots in a row, and she shot casually.

“Miss Chi is very accurate.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“I was just lucky.” Chi Qian smiled slightly.

Gao Feiyang, who pretended to be practicing his gun next to them, actually wanted to observe Chi Qian. He clapped his hands and said: “Sharp! Chi Qian, your marksmanship is getting better and better!”

Hearing Gao Feiyang’s familiar compliments, Chi Qian didn’t even care, leaving him embarrassed again.

Taking the gun from Chi Qian, Lin Yuan also fired his first shot.


He couldn’t hit the bullseye like Chi Qian, but Lin Yuan also hit the target, like Chi Qian.

Directly consuming counter-attack points, Lin Yuan upgraded his shooting skill to the intermediate-level.

When Lin Yuan was about to shoot again, Chi Qian stopped him.

“You have to adjust your movements first. You have to swing your arms like this, otherwise, it would be possible to get injured anytime.”

Chi Qian stood behind Lin Yuan raised his hand to correct some of his small movements, supported Lin Yuan’s arm, and then signaled Lin Yuan to shoot.

“Okay, shoot.” Chi Qian said.

Being told how to correct his movements, Lin Yuan aimed at the bullseye and fired three shots in a row.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three shots in a row, two of them were nine rings, one shot hit the bullseye.

Obviously, Chi Qian noticed that he has improved a lot in a small amount of time but wasn’t able to react. Instead, she quickly let go of Lin Yuan’s hand and blushed.

Chi Qian realized that how she taught Lin Yuan and corrected his movements was the same way she was taught by her aunt.

She subconsciously corrected Lin Yuan in the same manner.

She and her aunt are both women, so It’s okay.

But when Lin Yuan fired the shot, his body shook slightly and then hit her front body from behind…

Her chest was bumped and so felt a slight pain.

But since she took the initiative to teach Lin Yuan, and it was just an accident, she didn’t say anything.

Lin Yuan also felt the softness from behind, which if it weren’t for it, he thought he would have been more accurate.

Although blushing a bit, Chi Qian said nonchalantly: “You have learned well. You have made rapid progress, and you can shoot the gun quite accurately.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I used to play with a slingshot to catch birds when I was young.”

“Puff. What about fighting? Young Master Lin, you also learned fighting very quickly.” Chi Qian smiled.

“Fighting, I learned fighting with the children next door when I was young, and I was taught martial arts moves with a master before…” Lin Yuan smiled casually.

“Oh, so that must be why…” Chi Qian smiled and nodded.

Gao Feiyang next to them saw Chi Qian and Lin Yuan making a happy conversation, and Chi Qian was amused and laughing over and over. He felt as though he had eaten a few lemons and felt very jealous.

“The shooting technique is so rubbish and he kept pretending in front of Qian Qian. I don’t know what is so special about him! I will see how good you are myself!” Gao Feiyang cursed in a low voice.

He knew that Chi Qian would come today because today is the annual shooting game of the WuShi Fighting Club.

Chi Qian will surely come at this time of the year.

But he did not expect that this year, Chi Qian will be accompanied by a man!

He decided that he must slap Lin Yuan through the shooting contest.

At this time, a beautiful lady in the attire of a club staff walked onto the stage.

“Hello everyone, excuse me. In order to give back and entertain the members, today is the annual shooting competition…”

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